Canine Initial Consult

 Fit-­‐for-­‐Life Calorie Intake Menu Did you know that fruits and vegetables could be used as a part of your pet’s diet to help limit calories from treats? By slowly adding in some of these items to your pets diet, you can still reward your pet with treats while helping them on their weight loss journey. Raw Fruits and Vegetables: Apple: 80 calories/medium apple Cucumber: 14 calories/cup Asparagus: 5 calories/average spear Green Beans: 34 calories/cup Banana: 112 calories/banana Lettuce (iceberg): 8 calories/cup Broccoli: 31 calories/cup Mushrooms: 21 calories/cup Brussels Sprouts: 15 calories/2 sprouts Peas: 26 calories/cup Carrots: 50 calories/cup Pepper (red or green): 31 calories/ 1 calorie/ small carrot medium pepper Cauliflower: 25 calories/cup Pumpkin (canned): 83 calories/cup Celery: 6 calories/medium stalk Spinach: 7 calories/cup Cherry Tomato: 5 calories/tomato Tomato: 22 calories/medium tomato Corn: 83 calories/ half cup Zucchini: 18 calories/cup Protein: Beef (ground 80% fat-­‐free lean): 231 calories/3 oz. Chicken (boiled): 130 calories/half of a breast (no skin) Chicken (canned in water): 60 calories/2 oz. Egg: 78 calories/large egg (.8oz.) Salmon: 185 calories/half of fillet (4.4 oz.) Tuna (canned in water): 191 calories/5.8 oz. Turkey (ground): 193 calories/ 2.9 oz. Turkey (roasted, no skin, boneless): 220 calories/cup Venison (boneless, roasted): 134 calories/3 oz. 6225 North Broadway, Indianapolis, IN 46220 (317) 257-­‐5334