Water Treatment Experiment Aim-‐ To filter and treat the dirty water

Water Treatment Experiment Aim-­‐ To filter and treat the dirty water mixture. Apparatus-­‐ • 250ml of water mixed with dirt. • 2x 250ml beaker • Stirring rod • Tripod • Plastic container • Bleach • Sand • Gravel • Limewater • Alum Method-­‐ 1. Pour 150ml dirty water into beaker 2. Add half a teaspoon of alum and 10 drops of limewater 3. Stir the water to mix the chemicals and allow the floc to form 4. Once you can see the floc forming, allow the water to stand and the floc to settle at the bottom 5. Add gravel and sand to the plastic container to make the water filter 6. Decant the water from the beaker into your water filter. Collect the filtrate in a clean beaker. Discussion-­‐ Treatment Stage Description of water Untreated water Dirty Water after flocculation Top clean bottom dirty Water after filtering Partly clean but blurry Water after chlorination Clear The technique we used for separating the dirt from the water was filtration. This is the dirty water before filtration. This is the water after limewater and bleach have been added. This is when I am about to pour the mixture into the gravel and sand. And these are the two water testings.