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Reclaimed Rags
Reclaimed Rags Multi-Colored Flannel - 50 lb box
Made in the USA
Contains recycled flannel material from
pajamas, shirts, sheets or similar flannel
Often preferred for heavy duty industrial,
shop and auto applications
Economical solution for polishing
automotive finishes, metals, and delicate
surfaces, also ideal for lubricant clean up
All-purpose thick, soft (non-abrasive)
woven fabric rag; very absorbent
Multi-Colored Flannel - 50 lb box
Light weight: you receive more pieces per
weight than with heavier weight rags
Rags are cut to wiper size with zippers
and buttons removed
Boxes contain rags of varying sizes, type
and composition within each fabric family
Less expensive than rental rags or paper
Product Number:
Quantity Per Case:
Sold by weight
4 Cases/Layer
4 Layers/Pallet
Case Dimensions:
Length: 24”
Width: 20”
Height: 18”
Cases Per Pallet :
16 Cases/Pallet LTL
16 Cases/Pallet TL
To order, contact your Authorized Sellars® Distributor
Case Weight:
50 lbs. (gross)
Pallets Per Truck:
30 Pallets/Truck
Less Than Truckload (LTL) Truckload (TL)
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Introducing Sellars® All-New Reclaimed Rags
Another way of giving back
With our NEW Reclaimed Rags line, Sellars is proud to
introduce an old favorite to our recycled wiper selection.
Reclaimed rags have been around for over 100 years in one
form or another. These inexpensive rags still provide a tough,
versatile wiping cloth.
Our final twist is the use of Job Corps, a no-cost
education and career technical training program
administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, in
the creation of our Reclaimed Rags. Job Corps is the
nation’s largest career technical training and education
program for young people age 16 years thru 24 that
qualify as low income.
At Sellars®, we’re adding a few twists to freshen up a tried
and true idea. First of all, we work hard to make sure that the
weight and fabric type listed on the box is actually what is
IN the box.
Second, we remove rags found in poor condition at both
the grading and conversion stages. These measures are
especially important to customers who’ve experienced
reclaimed rags that were poorly sorted, improperly weighed
or of an inferior quality in the past.
Sellars® All-New Reclaimed Rags
are available in a variety of fabrics
The process of recycling clothing already avoids
wasted textiles, creates a significant revenue source
for non-profits, provides low cost clothing for
third world countries and reduces industrial activity
normally associated with such processes as the creation
and washing of rental rags.
We work with
Involving Job Corps is just one
more way that Sellars , and by
extension you as a customer,
in the making of our
Reclaimed Rags!
give something back.
Job Corps