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We are a fully integrated art & design company that works with its clients to provide
state of the art products and services. We believe in the power of the arts to express,
communicate, inspire and change, so we strive for beauty and inspiration in everything
we do.
We want the world to be as beautiful and inspiring as art is. So, our dream is that every
body, regardless of their social or economic situation, can be part of unique, disruptive
and amazing experiences.
We exist to give ART TO THE PEOPLE.
The main objective of this project is to promote the urban art scene, promoting new talent and placing us
as major players in the street art world. We want to create a true urban art industry.
We work with the best artists around the World and we also sell their works.
The Antique Toy Museum of Mexico (MUJAM) holds one of the most important popular culture collections in Mexico. Considered the biggest toy collection of the world, it has been an inspiration to many intellectuals, historians, archeologists,
artists all over the world. In a short period of time, the museum has become a renown spot in Mexico City.
Two years ago the museum opened its doors to emerging artists of different disciplines through the Cultural Forum MUJAM,
creating a significant movement in the neigborhood where the museum is located, by supporting urban art/graffiti/murals
in overlooked public spaces.
"Is an urban contemporary art festival which is now considered
one of the most important in the world.
A reference for the movement at the international level."
Festival Attributes
*Unforgettable experience
*The best Urban Contemporary Artists
*Historic conecction between
muralism and urban contemporary art
*Art for everybody, without
*International presence
*Respect inthe Industry
*Commitment with SF
City attributes
*One of the most important
cities on the US & the World
*Solid reputation as
a cultural center
*Benchmark worldwide
How we make ALL CITY CANVAS the best
urban contemporary art festival in the world?
Unifying sectors to consolidate an organizational message
1. ALL CITY CANVAS position as a festival of world-class art
2. Communicate the unique experience that offers ALL CITY
CANVAS, both the city, as artists, academics and art collectors.
3. Link to ALL CITY CANVAS with brands interested in the industry
and position as a symbol of lifestyle and creativity.
4. Set to ALL CITY CANVAS as an event that manages to weave edgy
the history of the city with the new trends in international art, obtaining therefore offer a unique cultural experience that encourages and
strengthens the tourism and cultural development of the city.
How it works
Unique & Historic Walls + Best
Artists = Unique City Experience
Experts + Knowledge = Unique
City Experience
City Galleries + International
Artists= Unique City Experience
NU ART – NORWAY - http://www.nuart.no/
KATOWICE STREET ART FESTIVAL – POLAND - http://katowicestreetartfestival.pl/
SEE NO EVIL – BRISTOL, UK - http://www.seenoevilbristol.co.uk/
ESTILO LIBRE – ARGENTINA – http://estilolibrearg.com.ar/
LIVING WALLS ATLANTA, USA - http://livingwallsconference.com/
LATIR LATINO – PERU - http://www.latirlatino.com/
LOS MUROS HABLAN – PUERTO RICO - http://www.losmuroshablan.com/
FAME FESTIVAL – ITALY - http://www.famefestival.it/
PRIMARY FLIGHT- MIAMI, USA- http://www.primaryflight.com/
WYNWOOD WALLS – MIAMI, USA- http://thewynwoodwalls.com/
PIC-TURIN FESTVAL – ITALY - http://www.picturin-festival.com/
INFART – ITALY - http://www.infartcollective.com/infart6/
OPEN WALLS – BALTIMORE, USA - http://openwallsbaltimore.com/
Importance of Art for
the city of SF
1. Arts are vital to the economic health and well-being of SF today and in the future.
2. Arts help to encourage the local community in SF and draw new audiences.
3. SF has history in public art integration into constructions (i.e. Airports Terminal 2)
4. From 1930 to 1940, prominent Mexican artist Diego Rivera painted “Making a Fresco,” one of his most
important artworks for what is now the Diego Rivera Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute. In addition,
Rivera was commissioned by San Francisco entrepreneurs to develop "Allegory of California" in The City
Club and "Pan American Unity," found nowadays in the Diego Rivera Theatre at City College of
San Francisco.
5. In the years 1933 and 1934, 25 students of the California School of Fine Arts who had previously worked
with or assisted Diego Rivera, painted the Coit Tower murals, one of the oldest city landmarks and the
largest public work of its time, which began a pictorial link between Mexico and San Francisco, using
Rivera’s style and topics.
6. San Francisco’s urban art tradition is a result of pictorial influence from 1930s Mexican muralistas, as well
as graffiti, skater graphics and alternative comics from 1960s and 1970s, which, together with the diversity
of demography, has built an important mural history.
7. During the last 5 years San Francisco murals have been painted by some of the most iconic
international street artists placing the city at the forefront in terms of contemporary urban art.
8. Due to its importance, San Francisco has become an obligated reference for researchers and artists
interested in urban art.
The city’s cultural sector serves as the core asset of the tourism and
hospi- tality industry. Which is also the city’s largest employment sector.
Millions come to see each year
Golden Gate
Step Hills
Tourism has increased from 14 million to 16 millions in the last 8 years.
Tourism spending has increased from 5.9 billion to 8.3 billion in the last 8
years (2% of BA GDP).
Tourism generated 1 billion in local economic activity and in 2011 final
year contributed 133.3 million to City’s General Fund via the Hotel Tax.
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