NSSLHA Meeting Minutes Meeting Times: 9/11 @ 9:30AM, 9/12 @ 3

NSSLHA Meeting Minutes
Meeting Times: 9/11 @ 9:30AM, 9/12 @ 3:30PM
Welcome to EMU NSSLHA!
o Cate Crowley-President
o Adrienne Reed-Vice-President
o Emily Grekin-Treasurer
o Amber Clark-Secretary
o Angela Reinke-Service Coordinator
o Samantha Ramirez-Undergraduate Liaison
o Lizzie Podolsky-Fundraising Coordinator
o Kathryn Orlando-Public Relations
o What is NSSLHA?
 It’s a great way to meet classmates, support one another, and be part of the
EMU community
 Possible mentorship program in the future
 Benefits: professional development, resume builder, volunteer opportunities,
networking opportunities, etc.
 Membership dues (full year-$10): receive a pin upon payment!
 Checks made payable to NSSLHA
 Member of EMU NSSLHA vs. National NSSLHA
 Dues for National NSSLHA ($60) can register at:
 Perks of National NSSLHA: Discounted rates for conferences, ASHA
Leader journal, NSSLHA Now, and much more
First Speaker for Fall
o Speaker Thursday, 9/26 @ 4pm, Dr. Winters professional development—personal
o This will be right after the NSSLHA meeting in the clinic classroom.
o Get to know your faculty members!
Volunteer Opportunities & Trainings
o Aphasia Community Friendship Center; meets in Ann Arbor on Fridays 10AM-4PM
 Don’t have to go the entire time (drop in whenever you are available)
 Great opportunity to get experience with people with aphasia
 ACFC is selling T-shirts for $10: more information with Angela
 In order to volunteer, you must complete training:
First Training this Sunday, September 15, 1-3PM @ Halle Library Room
 Register ahead of time with Angela
Autism Collaborative Center (ACC)
 Needs volunteers for babysitting and extra help on the weekdays
 Must also attend a training in order to volunteer (see flyer)
 Will need: recent TB test, background check, application
 Can fill out application here: http://www.emich.edu/acc/
o Wednesday, September 25 @ Mongolian BBQ in Downtown Ann Arbor-ALL DAY!
o Under 50 people-NSSLHA receives 10% of proceeds
o Above 50 people-NSSLHA receives20% of proceeds
o Bring flyers (or possibly show on your phone)!
o Bring your friends and family!
o Fundraising is important to give back to the community (previous donations have been
given to ACC, ACFC, Adopt-A-Family, EMU’s Clinic)
o Water bottle or coffee mug
o Wednesday winner: Gina Mann
o Thursday winner: Amanda Schreiber
Other Announcements
o SLP Speaker: Toby Stephan
 Halle Rm G03 on Wednesday, September 25 @ 3-5pm
 “Hanen Approach” on early childhood intervention
o NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 25 @
9:30AM or Thursday, September 26 @ 3:30PM