Hynds Lodge Cleanup List

Curt Gowdy State Park
Hynds Lodge Cleanup List
Upstairs sleeping area
1. Brush off and /or wipe mattresses
2. Check for personal items
3. Vacuum floor
1. Sweep and mop floor
2. Store all recreational equipment
1. Clean sinks and counters
2. Clean and store all cooking equipment including coffee pot and microwave if used
3. Clean stove: (leave pilot lights on)
A. remove and wash drip pans and clean under burners
B. clean range hood inside and out
C. clean oven
D. clean under stove
4. Remove all food and clean refrigerator, inside, outside and on top
5. Sweep and mop floor (do not use same cleaning water used to mop in the restrooms)
1. Clean sinks, countertops, and mirrors
2. Clean toilet bowls, seats, and urinals
3. Sweep and mop floor (do not use same cleaning water used to mop in the kitchen)
4. Turn out lights
5. Dispose of all trash, including feminine products bin (replace bin liners)
The Great Room
1. Clean tables, chairs, and sofas. Fold tables, chairs and stack or return to storage building
2. Clean fireplace if used. DO NOT DUMP HOT ASHES IN TRASH! Put in provided ash container
3. Dust windowsills and mantle as needed
3. Sweep and mop floor
1. Sweep off porch and steps, mop or hose down as needed
2. Wash benches and picnic tables and put back in place
3. Pick up all trash and put into outside trash receptacle. DO NOT BURN!
1. Dump all garbage cans from inside building into trash receptacles outside
2. Leave heaters ON at lowest setting during cold winter months, and off during summer months
3. Dump mop buckets, clean mops, clean sink and stand mops head up in the closet to dry
4. Check for personal items throughout the entire building and outside
5. Lock all doors and window when leaving
6. Return key to mailbox or put in canister by door. If possible, have Lodge inspected by Staff prior
to departure.