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Care kids deserve.
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On the cover: Five year old Rebecca Redman was born at only 24-1/2 weeks and soon after
admitted to Connecticut Children’s NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). The NICU, one of
Connecticut Children’s premier programs, admits approximately 500 babies each year, offering
intensive medical, surgical, and nursing care, comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, and state-ofthe-art bedside electronic monitoring, respiratory support, and radiology services.
Care kids deserve.
Each day across Connecticut, children and
their families are faced with a wide range of
medical illnesses and issues. Whether it’s setting
a cast or treating cancer, Connecticut Children’s
provides kids, from newborns to teenagers, the
highly-specialized care they deserve. In fact,
we are at the forefront of the latest pediatric
research and surgical advances. Each day
Connecticut Children’s doctors and medical
staff work tirelessly to deliver the kind of
medical care we expect for our kids and our
communities. Care that makes kids better —
care they deserve.
In 2008 Connecticut Children’s and Hartford Hospital’s integrated pediatric and adult trauma
center, The Trauma Institute, received Level I trauma verification and designation from the
American College of Surgeons and the Connecticut Department of Public Health. Pictured
from left to right are Lenworth Jacobs, MD, Director of Trauma for Hartford Hospital and the
Trauma Institute; Scott James, RN, MBA, Administrations Director for Trauma and Emergency
Care Services at Connecticut Children’s; Martin J.Gavin, President of Connecticut Children’s;
and Brendan Campbell, MD, MPH, Director of Pediatric Trauma at Connecticut Children’s.
“I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with
Connecticut Children’s. I can’t say enough good
things about it. Thank you for saving my son’s life.”
s the President and Chief Executive Officer at
Connecticut Children’s, I get to hear stories.
Lots of stories, from parents to grandparents to
friends of the many children we care for each year
at the Medical Center. These heartfelt stories, from
people who could not be more warm and gracious
with their own personal experiences, confirm
what I believe every day — Connecticut Children’s
is truly, one of a kind.
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is the
only academic medical center in western New
England that exists for one purpose only — to
provide the highest level of care to as many children
as possible. We do this with doctors and nurses
who understand children best, because they treat
only children. We do this by providing comprehensive care, ranging from pioneering advances
in research to complicated surgical procedures.
“So I just wanted to send you a personal note telling
you that we are completely and truly satisfied with
all we have endured in your hospital and have
seen a lot of miracles happen.”
In the past year, Connecticut Children’s
provided care to a child over 240,000 times. Once
again, the past twelve months were the busiest
yet in the history of the Medical Center. We also
celebrated providing care to a child for the
2,000,000th time in our short history.
As the number of patients we care for each
year continues to increase, we know that we have
no choice but to continue to expand and broaden
our capabilities to care for them as well. In 2008,
we increased our capacity in a number of new
ways, including the following:
• Connecticut Children’s performed the State’s
first Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium
Rib surgery, a new technological procedure
to treat severe scoliosis in children;
• The Medical Center is now one of only two
hospitals in the State who have performed a
relatively new, minimally invasive procedure
known as endoscopic third ventriculostomy
(ETV) for children with hydrocephalus;
• Twenty-three new physicians joined the Medical
Center in thirteen different disciplines. This
includes the hiring of a second neurosurgeon
on staff, assuring that children referred to
Connecticut Children’s will receive the most
advanced treatment available; and most recently
• Connecticut Children’s and Hartford Hospital’s
integrated pediatric and adult trauma center,
The Trauma Institute, received Level I trauma
verification and designation from the
American College of Surgeons and the
Connecticut Department of Health.
While these achievements represent only a
small sample of the steps we took in the past year,
they are a clear indication of our commitment to
continue forward as a leader in advancing pediatric
care at the highest level.
“We do not know how long we will be on this
journey with our baby, but from day one, everyone
has been actively working to cure our little boy and
for that mindset alone, I will be forever grateful.”
The mission that Connecticut Children’s has
embarked upon for the past twelve years will march
on as well. As we look forward, we realize that
there are challenges ahead. We are currently facing
an uncertain economy that presents circumstances
that have not been encountered before.
Yet the demand for pediatric health care is
blind to these challenges. The reality is that in
2009, we expect to provide more care for more
kids, in more ways than ever before and we
expect to do the same each year thereafter. Last
year, in anticipation of this growing demand and
facing a constantly-changing environment, we
developed a Strategic Plan to guide us through
what we expect to be the next few tumultuous years.
Our Strategic Plan was built to position the
Medical Center to best meet the increasing
medical needs of the children and families we
care for. We remain committed to our plan and
steadfast on meeting the demand for world-class
pediatric care the same way we have been doing
so since our inception — with a focus on familycentered care, clinical quality, research and our
ability to perform the most advanced technological
and surgical procedures.
Connecticut Children’s is
proud to be the region’s only
hospital to provide care exclusively
for children. As such, our mission
is really quite simple – to ensure
that every child receives the care
they need to secure a bright
and healthy future – the care
they deserve.
Martin J. Gavin
President and Chief Executive Officer
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
As the region’s only academic
medical center dedicated exclusively to children, Connecticut
Children’s is unique. It is this
uniqueness that leads more
and more families to turn to
Connecticut Children’s each
year for care. We know that in
the future we can expect this increased demand
for care to continue to grow. We accept this readily,
because we know the responsibility of caring for
children is neither small nor easy.
This is why, though we now face a struggling
and uncertain economy, we move ahead boldly.
We move ahead, riding a sea of momentum that
has Connecticut Children’s uniquely positioned
to continue to be the leading provider of pediatric
care for the children and families of our region.
We have thought very thoroughly and
deliberately about what it will take to compete
and succeed in the future of health care, and we
have shaped Connecticut Children’s in recent years
to meet these needs.
Continued new advances in technology and
innovation will be needed to meet the changing
requirements of providing pediatric health care in
today’s sophisticated world. In addition, we must
continue to employ a high performing workforce
that is built from the best and the brightest, from
the surgeons in our operating suites to our facilities
staff, who keep our patients’ rooms warm and
friendly. Finally, it will also take the continued
support of our partners in government, business
and the communities we have come to count on
and appreciate so richly.
While we must evolve in these and other ways,
we will never lose sight of our single mission —
to provide the highest level of care to as many
children as possible. This is the fundamental
principle of everything we do. We all share the
belief that the children we care for are the
foundation for how everyone at Connecticut
Children’s thinks about their work, each and
every day.
Connecticut Children’s has a clear vision for
success. Executing this vision will not only help
the Medical Center prosper, but more importantly,
it will improve our ability to excel at providing
great care and service for children and families in
our region.
In a recent survey conducted on behalf of the
Medical Center, eighty-four percent of respondents
believed that a child receives superior care at a
hospital that only cares for children, when compared
to one that treats patients of all ages. We couldn’t
agree more.
On behalf of the Boards of Directors of the
Medical Center, it is our privilege to play a role in
leading the future of Connecticut Children’s. We
are grateful for the opportunity to share in the
successes of today, and more importantly, the
successes yet to come.
Thomas O. Barnes
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Board of Directors
Care that saves.
Rebecca Redman, 2009 Connecticut Children’s
Miracle Network Champion Child
it’s something that our families are very familiar
ebecca “Becca” Redman is a feisty and
with as well,” said Dr. Victor Herson, Director
remarkable little girl — full of energy and
of Neonatology.
life. But life didn’t begin that way for Becca.
For the next several months Becca went through
Dory Redman, Becca’s mother, became very
a series of highly-advanced
sick with HELLP syndrome
treatments to help her body
(Haemolysis, Elevated Liver
function normally. On August
Enzymes & Lowered Platelet
18th, Dory and her husband,
Count) during her 24th week of
Gary were able to hold and kiss
pregnancy. Dory’s kidneys and
their baby girl for the very first
liver were beginning to shut
Victor Herson, MD
time. And the good news kept
down. An emergency c-section
Director of Neonatology
coming. On September 29th
was their only option. Becca was
“One of the challenges for parents is
Becca nursed off of the feeding
admitted to Connecticut Children’s
that in addition to the stress of having
tube; on October 29th the feeding
Medical Center’s Neonatal
a premature baby, they want to be
tube was removed, and on
Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
the primary caregiver. But they can
end up feeling disenfranchised or
November 7, 2003 Rebecca
shortly after she was born on July
helpless once they see that their
Morgan Redman was released
30, 2003. At birth, she weighed
child is being cared for in a incubator.
from Connecticut Children’s
only one pound, her tiny body
That’s why we include Mom and
NICU weighing a healthy 4lb,
no longer than a ruler.
Dad in day-to-day parenting activities
— changing a diaper, checking a
Born struggling to breathe,
temperature — it means the world
Now Becca Redman is a
the NICU team put Becca on an
to them.”
strong, healthy five-year-old.
oscillator respirator and developed
She is making big plans for her
a comprehensive treatment plan.
future which include becoming a cheerleader,
Becca was in the right hands. As a Level III
premier medical provider, Connecticut Children’s ballerina and scientist.
Becca and her family’s story is best summed
NICU cares for approximately 500 infants per
up by her mother, Dory, as she reflects on their
year. The NICU is nationally recognized for its
amazing journey, “At the time we were not nearly
low patient infection rates and its high marks in
as scared as we should have been. Now when I
patient care, quality of environment and familylook at Becca and think back, we are terrified of
patient satisfaction. “The quality of care that
what could have been without a place like
exists in our NICU is not only noticed by the
Connecticut Children’s.”
staff and our counterparts across the country,
C L I N I C A L R E S E A R C H , T R A I N I N G A N D E D U C AT I O N
pediatric surgery. Dr. Dworkin continued, “We are
hether it is teaching the next generation
of pediatricians and surgeons or developing proud of our training program, which provides
the next medical protocol for treatment of serious clinical and educational experiences that promote
the development of knowledgeable, skilled, comchildhood diseases or basic laboratory research
passionate and ethical pediatricians
looking for hidden connections
dedicated to the care of children.”
that will lead to the next leaps
But the relationship between
forward — we are always looking
the hospital and the university
ahead,” said Paul H. Dworkin, MD,
goes much deeper. Many of the
Professor and Chairman,
clinicians from Connecticut
Department of Pediatrics,
Paul Dworkin, MD
Children’s are also looking at the
University of Connecticut School
fundamental causes and cures for
of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief,
“Connecticut Children’s is committed
childhood diseases. “I am lucky. I
Connecticut Children’s Medical
to providing the highest quality of
get to work with some amazing
Center. “Our relationship with
care, characterized by excellence in
researchers at the UConn facility,”
the University of Connecticut
clinical service delivery, education and
training and the advancement of
adds Fernando Ferrer, MD, SurgeonSchool of Medicine is critical to
knowledge through research. Our
in-Chief, Connecticut Children’s
our efforts to advance care for
relationship with the University of
Medical Center. Dr. Ferrer has been
children. This partnership is also
Connecticut School of Medicine affirms
working closely with Timothy Hla,
integral to the medical school’s
this commitment and helps both
institutions provide extraordinary opporPh.D., Director of UConn Center for
vision of being nationally
tunities for growth and advancement.”
Vascular Biology. They have been
recognized and admired for the
students they train. Currently all
working with a team of UConn’s
of the physicians on staff at Connecticut
medical research staff to better understand, at a
Children’s have faculty appointments at the
molecular level, the role of bioactive lipids on
UConn Medical School.”
pediatric kidney tumors. “So much progress has
The University of Connecticut Pediatrics
been made in the last twenty years in the treatment
Program is based at Connecticut Children’s. The
of childhood cancers. And the research we are
hospital is home to a strong pediatrics residency
engaged in now has tremendous potential to
program, with medical students rotating through
control and perhaps cure cancer in the future.”
the hospital’s departments of pediatrics, pediatric
With every year that passes, UConn School of
surgical specialties, and radiology, as well as other
Medicine and Connecticut Children’s are gaining
specialty departments for elective course work.
critical recognition nationally and internationally.
The hospital also trains the UConn surgical
These bright minds are collaborating to create a
residents in all surgical subspecialty areas of
brighter future for children everywhere.
Care that advances.
Fernando Ferrer, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, Connecticut Children’s
Timothy Hla, PhD, Director, UConn Center for Vascular Biology
Care that protects.
Sherry Chapman, Co-founder,
Mourning Parents Act, Inc. (!MPACT)
why the Connecticut Teen Driving Safety Partnership
herry Chapman does not want any new
was created, on which Ms. Chapman serves as
members to join the organization she coa member. Funded by a grant from the Allstate
founded four years ago known as Mourning
Foundation, the Partnership’s overriding mission
Parents Act, Inc. (!MPACT).
is to prevent teenage car crashes
!MPACT is comprised primarily
through research, education and
of parents whose teenage children
have been killed in an automobile
Brendan Campbell, MD, MPH
crash. !MPACT is a nonprofit group
is the Director of Pediatric Trauma
whose mission is to prevent
at Connecticut Children’s and the
tragedies caused by inexperienced
Brendan Campbell, MD
principle investigator for the grant
drivers through awareness, education
Director of Pediatric Trauma
which funds the CT Teen Driving
and legislation. Chapman’s 19-year“While all of us have been
Safety Partnership. From both his
old son, Ryan, was killed by an
drawn to this issue from different
experience as a surgeon and a
inexperienced teen driver on
circumstances, we share a common
scientist, Dr. Campbell is well aware
Dec. 7, 2002.
goal of keeping Connecticut’s
teenagers alive,” said Dr. Campbell.
that it is much easier to prevent
“There have been a number of
“This Partnership is an excellent
car-crash related injuries than to
high-profile car accidents recently
example of how dedicated individuals
treat them.
in which a young driver was killed,”
can work together and produce
“Traumatic injury is the leading
Chapman said. “We’ve had many of
meaningful change.”
cause of death for children and teens
these victims’ parents join us in an
in Connecticut and motor vehicles
effort to get the message out.
crashes are the most common cause of traumatic
Unfortunately our increasing roster is a tragic
injury,” said Dr. Campbell. “We are strong believers
reminder of the number of inexperienced teen
that community education and advocacy activities are
drivers on the road.”
the most effective way to reduce the injuries and deaths
Chapman co-founded !MPACT with Janice
that result from inexperienced teens driving cars.”
Palmer whose 17-year-old son, Dan, was killed in
The work of !MPACT and Connecticut Children’s
a driving accident in 2002, and Connie and Tom
Jascowski who lost their 16-year-old son, Joey, in an Teen Driving Safety Partnership was so compelling
accident on Dec. 17, 2002. Chapman said !MPACT that both Dr. Campbell and Ms. Chapman were
asked by Governor M. Jodi Rell to sit on the Teen
members share their experiences in powerful
presentations to high school students across the state. Driving Task Force which was formed last year.
And like Sherry Chapman, the staff at Connecticut The Task Force was instrumental in helping draft
Children’s would like to not treat as many victims of new legislation, which strengthened the state’s
teen driving laws.
teen-driving crashes as they currently do. That is
than 2000 people throughout the State, having
s the number of children who come to the
Medical Center increases each year, Connecticut hundreds of affiliated physicians and hosting
hundreds of thousands of patients, family members
Children’s continues to grow along with it. In
and visitors in a number of towns and cities each
addition to opening outpatient care centers in
year. In addition, each time the
Glastonbury and Farmington,
Medical Center expands by opening
this growth will continue in
a new office, construction is
2009 with the opening of
needed and jobs are created.
Connecticut Children’s
“Any time we interview for a
Waterbury inpatient unit in
position at Northeast Utilities
January and the opening of a
Charles W. Shivery
with candidates from outside the
new outpatient care center in
Northeast Utilities Chairman
area, one of the first things they
Trumbull later in the year.
of the Board, President, and
ask is: ‘How is the quality of
In addition to enhancing the
Chief Executive Officer
health care in the area for my
pediatric health care infrastructure
Connecticut Children’s is exciting at
family?’” Mr. Shivery added.
across the State, this growth allows
many levels. From the jobs that are
“To be able to say that in
Connecticut Children’s to continue
created each time the Medical
Connecticut Children’s, we have
its role as an important contributor
Center expands to the easier
a leading pediatric care provider,
to the local communities and
access for families and our
increased capacity to care for more
is very reassuring.”
economies in the towns and cities
children, Connecticut Children’s is
It is the growing access to
from which it operates.
making a difference in numerous
pediatric care, along with the
“I think because Connecticut
communities throughout the region.”
high quality of care that connects
Children’s is so skilled at their
Connecticut Children’s with
primary function of providing
children and families throughout the region.
high-level pediatric care, some of the other
For years now, the Medical Center has annually
benefits they bring to a community are often
treated children from every one of the 169 towns
overlooked,” said Charles W. Shivery, Northeast
and cities in Connecticut. As we continue to grow,
Utilities Chairman of the Board, President, and
Connecticut Children’s is committed to providing
Chief Executive Officer and a member of
care for more children and families than ever, as
Connecticut Children’s Board of Directors
close to home as possible.
Among the ways that Connecticut Children’s
contributes economically is by employing more
Care that connects.
Jennifer Gannon, MD, Medical Director, Connecticut Children’s – Waterbury
Mary Ellen Mooney, BSN, MSOM, Director of Inpatient Medical-Surgical Services
Deb Martin, RN, BSN, Manager – Education, Connecticut Children’s Medical-Surgical Unit at Saint Mary’s Hospital
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Catherine A. S. Worthley, APRN
Consultant Staff
Robert W. Zavoski, MD
Courtesy Staff
Lisa C. Alonso, MD
Luis Alonso, MD
Richard H. Bason, MD
Steven J. Brown, MD
Christine M. Cornachio, MD
Diane Cue, MD
Sari K. Friedman, MD
Sobhy L. Ghabrial, MD
Jacqueline Hartzler, MD
Brad A. Jubelirer, MD
Mitchel G. Katz, MD
Charlene C. Li, MD
Deepa P. Limaye, MD
Bhawani S. Ojha, MD
Suppiah Pathmanathan, MD
Kenneth Perks, MD
Usha B. Reddy, MD
Alberto J. Rodriguez, MD
Anthony M. Roselli, MD
Harold O. Shapiro, MD
Cindy L. St. Onge, MD
John B. Trouern-Trend, MD
Allison H. Whitaker, MD
Refer & Follow
Anton M. Alerte, MD
Frederick J. Bogin, MD
Frank J. Bush, MD
Cathy L. Corrow, MD
Maria Ethel P. Evales, MD
Kevin J. Flanagan, MD
Leonard E. Forner, MD
John J. Fote, MD
Anna George, MD
Sally H. Ginsburg, MD
George R. Hepner, MD
Dena A. Hoberman, MD
Judy C. Huang-Bulger, MD
Peter J. Jannuzzi, MD
Janice J. Johnston, MD
Michael A. Klein, DO
Sydney Ladenheim, MD
Jerome E. Lahman, MD
Christopher C. Lawrence, MD
Susan E. Lelko, MD
Wanda I. Merced, MD
Donald F. Mordavsky, MD
Cliff M. O’Callahan, MD
Margaret M. O’Neill, MD
Robert E. Parnes, MD
Elizabeth T. Pericat, MD
Susan O. Perks, MD
Ross W. Porter, MD
Robert A. Rothenberg, MD
Jennifer L. Schwab, MD
Gerald L. Schwartz, MD
Richard A. Segool, MD
Steven J. Sobelman, MD
Daniel L. Spada, MD
S. Russell Sylvester, MD
Jayashree V. Venkatesh, MD
John H. Walker, MD
Active Staff
James S. Batti, MD
Richard G. Bevilacqua, DMD, MD
Charles L. Castiglione, MD
Alex C. Cech, MD
Kara Denz, PA
Ira M. Greene, DDS
Paul M. Kanev, MD
Kerri M. Langevin, APRN
Deepa p. Limaye, MD
Nicole Murray-Posner, MD
Deborah A. Redford-Badwal, DDS
Elena-Lee Ritoli, DMD
Scott R. Schoem, MD
Tulio A. Valdez, MD
Critical Care
Active Staff
Christopher L. Carroll, MD
Leonard L. Comeau, MD
Daniel G. Fisher, MD
Moises Y. Salas, DDS
Ian C. Tingey, DDS
Yu-Hsiung Wang, DDS
Active Staff
Mary W. Chang, MD
Hanspaul Makkar, MD
Consultant Staff
Jane M. Grant-Kels, MD
Developmental Pediatrics
Heather A. Schlott, MD
Philip C. Spinella, MD
Aaron R. Zucker, MD
Active Staff Nov 2008
Allison S. Cowl, MD
Allied Health Professional
Kathleen M. Kellerman, PA-C
Neviana I. Raykov, APRN
Petronella J. Stoltz, APRN
Dentistry/Oral Surgery
Active Staff
Maryam Azadpur, DMD
Richard G. Bevilacqua, DMD, MD
Monica H. Cipes, DMD
Jeanmarie A. Cosgrove, DMD
Fern E. Cytryn, DDS
Mark C. Fletcher, DMD, MD
Lisa M. Gilkes, DDS
Marvin M. Goodman, DDS, MD
Michael S. Goodman, DDS
Fredric R. Googel, DMD
Ira M. Greene, DDS
Carlos R. Ibanez, DDS
Ammar A. Idlibi, DMD
Mitra Kabakoff, DDS
Glenn F. Koehler, DDS
Lawrence Y. Lee, DDS
Stuart E. Lieblich, DMD
Gregory P. Mathieu, DDS
Tuyen D. Nguyen, DMD
Joseph F. Piecuch, DMD, MD
Jorge M. Rabat, Jr., DDS
Deborah A. Redford-Badwal, DDS
Steven Reiner, DDS
Gary S. Schulman, DMD
David M. Shafer, DMD
Richard J. Skinner, DMD
Sharon Soria, DMD
Arthur L. Sperling, DMD
Magdalena Z. Tauber, DMD
Brett A.Weyman, DDS, MD
Zheng Xu, DDS
Consultant Staff
Paul A. Bocciarelli, DMD
Adolph Bushell, DDS
Patricia A. Carta, DMD
Anthony P. Colandrea, Jr., DMD
Jennifer A. Diederich, DMD
Ellen Eisenberg, DMD
Robert J. Gange, DDS
Cathleen I. Kowalski, DMD
Lawrence I. Lipton, DMD
Michael L. Mark, DMD
Elena-Lee Ritoli, DMD
Eduardo Rostenberg, DMD
W. Fred Thal, DDS
Steven D. Ureles, DMD
Courtesy Staff
Ronald J. Albert, DMD
Riccardo I. Ambrogio, DMD
Joanna M. Douglass, DDS
Judd B. Fink, DDS
Yolanda P. Frontera, DDS
Jonathan F. Goldman, DMD
Edward S. Goracy, DDS
Bina S. Katechia, DDS
Vernon Y. Kwok, DMD
Leena K. Langeland, DMD
Antonio Lepore, Jr., DDS
William P. Marco, DMD
Barry R. McGuire, DMD
Mina Mina, DMD
Laura B. Miner, DDS
Andrew E. Poole, DDS
Joel L. Rosenlicht, DMD
Lawrence P. Ryan, DDS,MD
Active Staff
Paul H. Dworkin, MD
Ann M. Milanese, MD
John P. Pelegano, MD
Neil L. Schechter, MD
Allied Health Professional
Barbara B. Draheim, APRN
Consultant Staff
M. Alex Geertsma, MD
Mark A. Greenstein, MD
Emergency Medicine
Active Staff
Meredith W. Barrows, MD
Jill Bernstein, MD
Mark Bisanzo, MD
John C. Brancato, MD
Zoe Casey, MD
Cynthia Casucci, MD
Ayesha Cheema, MD
Marvin C. Culbertson, III, MD
Amy M. L. Dunn, DO
Katherine M. Hesse, MD
Dennis A. Laird, MD
Christine T. Lamoureux, MD
James F. Parker, MD
John C. Peng, MD
Steven C. Rogers, MD
Amyna Sabir, DO
Adam M. Silverman, MD
Sharon R. Smith, MD
Michael Soltis, MD
Charles A. Thompson, MD
David M. Walker, MD
Kristin I. Welch, MD
James F. Wiley, II, MD
Allied Health Professional
Michelle N. Brenes, PA-C
Joshua Freund, PA-C
Keri A. McGeary, PA-C
Kathleen M. O’Leary, APRN
David Parrotti, PA-C
Mary L. Robbenhaar-Fretz, APRN
Margaret C. Seitz, PA-C
Carrie Walker, PA-C
Consultant Staff
Kelly K. Johnson-Arbor, MD
Charles A. McKay, Jr., MD
Courtesy Staff
Marc J. Bayer, MD
Joao H. Delgado, MD
Jennifer L. Young, MD
Active Staff
Doris E. Estrada, MD
Priya Phulwani, MD
Susan K. Ratzan, MD
Karen R. Rubin, MD
Sevket Yigit, MD
Allied Health Professional
Karen E. Bucci, APRN
Nancy J. Paulhus-Orkin, APRN
Heidi B. Wildstein, APRN
Courtesy Staff
Kelly A. Lynch, MD
Robert M. Oberstein, MD
Active Staff
Karan M. Emerick, MD
Michael J. Golioto, MD
Jeffrey S. Hyams, MD
Francisco A. Sylvester, MD
Donna K. Zeiter, MD
Allied Health Professional
Jodi L. Klekotka, APRN
Kristin D. Philipp, APRN
Consultant Staff
Joseph A. Cappa, MD
Jeffrey S. Gelwan, MD
Jonathan L. Israel, MD
Jeffry Nestler, MD
General Pediatrics
Active Staff
Robert S. Adamenko, MD
Paula S. Algranati, MD
Richard C. Antonelli, MD
Leonard I. Banco, MD
Christine Briccetti, MD
Kim C. Brownell, MD
Traci A. Friedman, MD
Nina S. Livingston, MD
Margaret J. McLaren, MD
Laurie A. Scheiner, MD
Hilda Slivka, MD
Keri A. Wallace, MD
Catherine C. Wiley, MD
Allied Health Professional
Darlene Abbate’, APRN
Dorien S. Barnett, APRN
Meredith B. Brown, PA-C
Ann T. Gorjanc, PA-C
Kathleen L. Kelliher, PA-C
Anne Kiwanuka, APRN
Garry D. Lapidus, PA-C
Priscilla B. Malloy, APRN
Dianne M. Powers, APRN
Susan Sarvay, PA-C
Consultant Staff
Lisa T. Menillo, MD
General Surgery
Active Staff
Michael D. Bourque, MD
Brendan Campbell, MD
Christine Finck, MD
Donald W. Hight, MD
David Hull, MD
Richard G. Weiss, MD
Allied Health Professional
Kim M. Alleman, APRN
Colleen M. Brown, APRN
Irene Cordilico, PA-C
Sherry A. Sanderson, APRN
Ann L. Stoddard, APRN
Kristina H. Johnson, MD
Consultant Staff
Robert J. Piorkowski, MD
William V. Sardella, MD
Paul V. Vignati, MD
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Thomas C. Banever, MD
Matthew G. Brown, MD
Jeffrey L. Cohen, MD
Anne L. Lally, MD
Rocco Orlando, III, MD
Pavlos Papasavas, MD
Darren S. Tishler, MD
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Robert M. Greenstein, MD
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Sally S. Rosengren, MD
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Catherine Graziani, DO
Kerrie M. Henry, MD
Erin K. Pickett, MD
Frederick J. Rau, MD
Emily J. Rosenbush, MD
Courtesy Staff
Mary E. Farwell, MD
Nathan R.Fischer, MD
Pamela C. Griswold, MD
Henry E. Jacobs, MD
Ewa M. Jacunski, MD
Richard J. Kates, MD
Maxine J. Klein, MD
Odin K. Kuiper, MD
Ellen J. Robinson, MD
Matthew L. Saidel, MD
Active Staff
Arnold J. Altman, MD
Eileen R. Gillan, MD
J. Nathan Hagstrom, MD
Michael S. Isakoff, MD
Andrea L. D. Orsey, MD
Nehal S. Parikh, MD
Active Staff Nov 2008
Donna Boruchov, MD
Allied Health Professional
Amanda J. Page-Zuse, APRN
Emily M. Peluso, APRN
Katherine E. Steven, APRN
Consultant Staff
Robert D. Bona, MD
Hospitalist Care/IMT
Active Staff
Priti Bhansali, MD
Robert Englander MD, MPH
Jennifer L. Gannon, MD
Melissa R. Held, MD
Richard A. Johnson, MD
David E. Marcello, III, MD
Christine Skurkis, MD
Catherine B. Sullivan, MD
William T. Zempsky, MD
Allied Health Professional
Barbara M. Adams, APRN
Stephanie Brown, APRN
Sabrina A. Colangelo, PA-C
Christine A. Cosenza, PA-C
Loren D’Angelo, APRN
Lisa M. Gagnon, APRN
Taryn J. Hamre, APRN
Jill T. Jolley, APRN
Stephanie M. LePage, PA-C
Jennifer L. Nichols, APRN
Hilarie A. Orton, PA-C
Victor C. Herson, MD
Adam P. Matson, MD
Sandra I. Motta, MD
Marilyn R. Sanders, MD
Leslie I. Wolkoff, MD
Allied Health Professional
Jean M. Bender, APRN
Mary Brennan-Centrella, APRN
Stephanie D. Capps, APRN
James R. Gerace, PA-C
Jill A. Herr, APRN
Jill S. Lageman, PA-C
Michelle T. Letendre, APRN
Jennifer McClure, APRN
Stephanie F. McGuire, APRN
Suanne M. Menick, APRN
Karen T. O’Brien, APRN
Terry M. Poppiti, APRN
Stacey H. Rubin, APRN
Jessica E. Simao, PA-C
Patricia A. Trehey, APRN
Alyssa Weiss, APRN
Courtesy Staff
Ted S. Rosenkrantz, MD
Active Staff
Majid Rasoulpour, MD
Kathleen M. Sardegna, MD
Active Staff
Robert L. Cerciello, MD
Francis J. DiMario, MD
Carol R. Leicher, MD
Jennifer E. Madan Cohen, MD
Richard Young, MD
Edwin L. Zalneraitis, MD
Infectious Diseases
Allied Health Professional
Sheryl A. Carter-O’Brien, PAC
Active Staff
Alberto Cohen-Abbo, MD
Henry M. Feder, Jr., MD
Peter J. Krause, MD
Juan C. Salazar, MD
Consultant Staff
Alok Bhargava, MD
Kevin J. Felice, DO
Michele D. Kleiman, MD
Avinash Prasad, MD
Consultant Staff
Michael T. Lawlor, MD
Courtesy Staff
Mark N. Lobato, MD
Active Staff
Jorge Alba, DO
Leonard I. Eisenfeld, MD
James I. Hagadorn, MD
Allied Health Professional
Sean T. Brennan, PA-C
Kara L. Denz, PA-C
Consultant Staff
Gregory R. Criscuolo, MD
Hilary C. Onyiuke, MD
Courtesy Staff
Howard Lantner, MD
Andrew E. Wakefield, MD
Active Staff
Paul A. Gaudio, MD
Christopher J. Kelly, MD
Paul R. Mitchell, MD
Alan E. Solinsky, MD
Peter G. Walden, MD
Consultant Staff
Martin G. Edwards, MD
Geoffrey T. Emerick, MD
Courtesy Staff
Scott L. Dolin, MD
David K. Emmel, MD
Alexander R. Gaudio, MD
Clarence M. Gilbert, MD
Michael P. Gingold, MD
David A. Hill, MD
Peter H. Judson, MD
Jerry Neuwirth, MD
Andrew J. Packer, MD
James J. Pasternack, MD
Sarit M. Patel, MD
Michael S. Ruddat, MD
Marion J. Stoj, MD
Thomas P. Ward, MD
Active Staff
Ross A. Benthien, MD
Andrew E. Caputo, MD
Active Staff
Charles C. Duncan, MD
Paul M. Kanev, MD
Inam U. Kureshi, MD
David A. Kvam, MD
Arnold J. Rossi, MD
Peter A. DeLuca, MD
Mark C. Lee, MD
Daniel J. Mastella, MD
Carl W. Nissen, MD
Kristan A. Pierz, MD
Ashley K. Shepard, DPM
Jeffrey D. Thomson, MD
Joseph R. Treadwell, DPM
Elizabeth Weber, MD
Janet L. Zahradnik, MD
Allied Health Professional
Diane (Dee) M. Barnes, PA-C
Bruce E. Bowman, PA-C
Anthony J. Ricciuti, Jr., PA-C
Amy R. Shannon, APRN
Judith Stannard, PA-C
Consultant Staff
Michael S. Aronow, MD
Active Staff
James S. Batti, MD
Gregory S. Bonaiuto, MD
Marc D. Eisen, MD
Nicole Murray-Posner, MD
Richard A. Newman, MD
Russell W. Robertson, MD
Jeffrey A. Sawyer, MD
Scott R. Schoem, MD
Brook M. Seeley, MD
Howard G. Smith, MD
Tulio A. Valdez, MD
Consultant Staff
Denis C. Lafreniere, MD
Gerald Leonard, MD
Sheldon Nova, MD
G. Gordon Snyder, III, MD
Paul Stanislaw, Jr., MD
Courtesy Staff
Seth M. Brown, MD
Michael J. Franklin, MD
William B. Lehmann, MD
Kourosh Parham, MD, PhD
Ronald J. Saxon, MD
Valerie J. Vitale, MD
Stephen G. Wolfe, MD
Bruce D. Browner, MD
John J. Mara, MD
Paul B. Murray, MD
Kenneth J. Paonessa, MD
Jerold M. Perlman, MD
Eric W. Silverstein, DPM
Brian G. Smith, MD
Anthony J. Spinella, MD
H. Kirk Watson, MD
Aris D. Yannopoulos, MD
Courtesy Staff
Kevin J. Burton, MD
Andrew G. Gabow, MD
Robert A. Green, MD
Donald R. Kelly, MD
W. Jay Krompinger, MD
Richard M. Linburg, MD
Michael A. Miranda, MD
Durgesh Nagarkatti, MD
Steven E. Selden, MD
Eric A. Silverstein, MD
Raymond J. Sullivan, MD
Active Staff
Margaret Assaad, MD
Fabiola S. Balarezo, MD
Thomas E. Ciesielski, MD
Joseph A. DiGiuseppe, MD, PhD
Jonathan S. Earle, MD
Mary D. Fiel-Gan, MD
Saverio Ligato, MD
Mark E. Ludwig, MD
Srinivas R. Mandavilli, MD
Richard C. Muller, MD
William T. Pastuszak, MD
William N. Rezuke, Jr., MD
Andrew Ricci, Jr., MD
Edyta K. Rotundo, MD
Bradford J. Sherburne, MD
Dean F. Uphoff, MD
Theresa M. Voytek, MD
Rebecca N. Williams, MD
Plastic Surgery
Active Staff
Duffield Ashmead, MD
Alan Babigian, MD
David M. Bass, MD
Charles L. Castiglione, MD
Alex C. Cech, MD
Steven S. Smith, MD
Allied Health Professional
Kerri M. Langevin, APRN
Consultant Staff
Gary E. Russolillo, MD
Jeffrey C. Salomon, MD
Courtesy Staff
Orlando DeLucia, MD
Active Staff
James Black, MD
John H. Cordes, MD
Mirela Loftus, MD
Lynn M. Mangini, MD
Lisa B. Namerow, MD
Francisco Ripepi, MD
Robert A. Sahl, MD
Allied Health Professional
Michael P. Coyle, PsyD
Suzanne M. Derry, PhD
Robert W. Deutsch, PhD
Patricia R. Fitzgerald, PhD
Gary M. Isenberg, PsyD
J. Gregory Javornisky, PhD
Joseph Kulas, PhD
Jeffrey J. Magnavita, PhD
Margo D. Maine, PhD
Barbara R. Rzepski, PhD
Robert J. Weinstein, PhD
Consultant Staff
Eric D. Cohen, MD
Adele L. Martel, MD
Richard J. Miller, MD
Courtesy Staff
Nora N. Hanna, MD
Jyotsna S. Ranga, MD
Pulmonary Medicine
Active Staff
Anita Bhandari, MD
Craig D. Lapin, MD
Craig M. Schramm, MD
Active Staff Nov 2008
Melanie Collins, MD
Allied Health Professional
Rosalynn Bravo, APRN
Consultant Staff
R. Frederic Knauft, MD
Radiation Oncology
Consultant Staff
Robert J. Dowsett, MD
Stephen H. Hauser, MD
Susan Y. Kim, MD
Kenneth A. Leopold, MD
Jacqueline M. Lyon, MD
Andrew L. Salner, MD
Courtesy Staff
Helaine F. Bertsch, MD
Timothy Boyd, MD
Active Staff
R. Timothy Brown, MD
Frederick U. Conard, III, MD
John E. Foster, MD
Richard L.Goldman, MD
Douglas J. Moote, MD
Robert M. Spillane, MD
Margaret K. Szerejko, MD
Domenic A. Zambuto, MD
Allied Health Professional
Patrick S. Deegan, PA-C
Courtesy Staff
Bruce P. Arose, MD
Alan R. Butler, MD
Bret F. Coughlin, MD
Edward B. Cronin, MD
Ethan B. Foxman, MD
Marc F. Glickstein, MD
William J. Glucksman, MD
Martha M. Greenwood, MD
Brian J. Grogan, MD
Michael J. Hallisey, MD
Fernando F. Illescas, MD
Devika N. Jajoo, MD
Stephen V. Klein, MD
Jennifer C. Logan, MD
Patrick C. Malloy, MD
Stuart K. Markowitz, MD
Douglas D. Montgomery, MD
Michael T. O’Loughlin, MD
Stephen K. Ohki, MD
John P. Opalacz, MD
Anal C. Patel, MD
Jinnah A. Phillips, MD
William S. Poole, MD
Reuben Rock, MD
Ronald J. Rosenberg, MD
Werner Rosshirt, MD
Mark A. Skirgaudas, MD
Gary R. Spiegel, MD
Barry Stein, MD
Joseph J. Straub, Jr., MD
Steven K. Sussman, MD
Gregory T. Turner, MD
Steven R. Urbanski, MD
Hugh S. Vine, MD
John P. Volpe, MD
David L. Zimmerman, MD
Rehabilitation Medicine
Active Staff
David A. Feingold, MD
Active Staff
Barbara S. Edelheit, MD
Lawrence S. Zemel, MD
Consultant Staff
Robert D. Rudnicki, MD
Surgery – Trauma
Allied Health Professional
Lisa Q. Corbett, APRN
Mary L. Crandall, APRN
John M. McNab, PA-C
Michael J. Russo, PA-C
Eric Schott, PA-C
Frieda Winnick, APRN
Consultant Staff
Manish Tandon, MD
Surgery – Vascular
Active Staff
Gary S. Kopf, MD
Courtesy Staff
Jonathan A. Hammond, MD
Paul L. Preissler, MD
Hiroyoshi Takata, MD
David J. Underhill, MD
Active Staff
Matthew G. Ely, III, MD
Fernando A. Ferrer, MD
Howard I. Hochman, MD
Christina Kim, MD
John H. Makari, MD
Allied Health Professional
Donna M. Savino, APRN
Heidi Sweeney, APRN
Consultant Staff
Arthur E. LaMontagne, Jr., MD
Jill M. Peters-Gee, MD
Courtesy Staff
John A. Taylor, III, MD
G. Thomas Trono, Jr., MD
Courtesy Staff
Robert T. Brautigam, MD
Lenworth Jacobs, MD
Stephen Luk, MD
George A. Perdrizet, MD
Joseph V. Portereiko, DO
Fulfilling the hospital’s mission
depends not only on our
talented medical professionals,
administrators and staff. It also
depends on the essential support
of our donors. We are fortunate
that countless individuals,
corporations, foundations,
organizations and schools share our belief that
the children and families of our region deserve to
have an academic medical center dedicated exclusively to their care.
Our robust group of very special donors
enhances every corner of the Medical Center.
Contributions enable our neurosurgeons,
neonatalogists, oncologists and other pediatric
subspecialists to treat even the most complex cases
in a state-of-the-art facility designed especially for
kids. Gifts to our basic, translational and outcomes
research efforts help us to advance child health
on a regional and national level. And, unrestricted
donations allow us to meet our current needs
while seeking the most innovative ways to expand
the accessibility of the vital services we provide.
As Chairman of the Foundation Board, it is
my pleasure to extend our deepest gratitude to all
whose support has significantly impacted the
children and families of our region. By giving so
generously, they are helping to ensure that the work
that is done each day at Connecticut Children’s
is the most technologically advanced and
compassionate as possible. Work that is saving
children’s lives.
Anne P. Sargent
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation
The following list includes donations by Individuals, Corporations, Foundations, Organizations,
Schools, Bequests, and Memorials to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center between October 1, 2007
and September 30, 2008. While every gift that is made to the Medical Center is greatly valued,
due to space constraints, we are only able to list a representative group of donors.
Jill B. and Cecil B. Adams
Mr. Worthington M. Adams
Mrs. Lillian R. Agostini
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Allen
Mr. Matt Allison
Mr. Tyrone Andrecheck
Mr. Chester Andrews
Mrs. Kathleen Ansaldi
Mr. and Mrs. J. Danford Anthony, Jr.
Cheryl Archer
Mr. Harold Arkava
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Arnheiter
Ms. Mary A. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Aronson
Mr. Donald A. Arpine
Mrs. Beverly A. Arrington
Duffield Ashmead, IV, MD
Mr. and Mrs. David Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Babiak
Mr. and Mrs. Owen S. Bahler
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Bailey, Jr.
Ms. Leigh Ann Baker
Steve Balcanoff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baldwin
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Banco
Ms. Patricia A. Bannan
Mrs. Ellen Banner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bannon
Dr. and Mrs. John V. Banta
Mr. John Banta, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Barnes
Mr. Craig L. Barrila
Mr. and Mrs. Dana N. Barron
Mary A. Barry
Mr. Jarvis S. Barton
Mr. Daniel Beaudoin
Edward J. Beaudry, Jr. RN
Mr. John M. Bee, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Benoit
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Berger
Mr. Steve Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berlin
Dr. and Mrs. William Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Berman
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Berning
Drs. Eric Bezler and
Natalie Zimmerman
Mr. Robert Black and Ms. Johanne Bach
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bloom
Gerald J. Boisvert
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Borghesi
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bosworth
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bourque
Miss Audrey Boyce
Ms. Dona Boysen
Dr. Troyen A. Brennan and
Ms. Wendy Warring
Mrs. Nancy S. Bright
Barbara E. Brown
David L. Brown, MD
Mr. Franklin L. Browning
Mr. Steven Broyde and
Ann Milanese, MD
Ms. Nancy Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Budd
Ms. Darlene M. Burgwardt
Georgine and Robert Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burns, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Burris
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Byrnes
Mr. James Calciano
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Camilleri
Mr. Joseph A. Campise
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Canyock, Jr.
Antoinetta M. Capriglione, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Carlo
Mr. Mark Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carrier
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Carroll
Patsyjean K. Carter
Richard W. Cartun, MD
Mr. William J. Casazza
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Castagna
Mr. Gregory E. Castanza
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Chameides
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Champion
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chappie
Eileen Ciccone
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Clark, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall T. Clegg
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Clemow
Mrs. Barbara V. Coffin
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Colegrove, Jr.
Leonard L. Comeau, MD
Ms. Elizabeth K. Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Cote
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Craggs
Mr. and Mrs. James Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Curran
Claire K. Dalidowitz, RD
Mr. and Mrs. R. Cornelius Danaher, Jr.
Mrs. Maureen David
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus DeBaise
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Deckers
Mr. and Mrs. Alex DeSorbo
Ms. Concetta Di Leo
Ms. Barbara A. Diaz
Mr. Richard DiCiccio
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. DiMario
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund DiSanto
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ditkoff
Peggy Mabrey Dorough
Mrs. Sandra W. Douglas
Julie Drouin
Susan C. Duckworth
Mrs. Julie A. Duerr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dulitsky
Mrs. Melissa Dumont
Ms. Karen Dunn
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Sheila Dworkin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Ebbinghaus
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Egan
Mr. and Mrs. R. Adrian French
Ms. Rebecca M. Fuller
Mr. Ronald Gabrillitz
Mr. Jeffrey H. Gage
Mr. and Mrs. John Gannon
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Gilles G. Garre
David W. and Pamela F. Garry
Mr. Martin J. Gavin and
Dr. M. Katherine Gavin
Mr. and Mrs. E. Clayton Gengras, III
Mr. and Mrs. Jay J. Giacco
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gillette
Mr. Sean Gillooley
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Eisenfeld
Robert Englander, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Factor
Parvin H. Fadakar, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Fairbanks
Ms. Marie Falsey
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fekete
Drs. Fernando Ferrer and
Selina Davis Ferrer
Mrs. Dorothy Finell
Daniel G. Fisher, MD
Mrs. Vera M. Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzsimmons, Jr.
Mr. Patrick Fitzsimons
Mr. John Flemings
Mr. Gary F. Flynn and
Ms. Felicia DeDominicis
Ms. Christine Foley
Ms. Nancy C. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Forde
Mrs. Erin Foy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Frahm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fraleigh, Jr.
Mr. Richard Freckleton and
Ms. Antoinette C. Lazarus
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Girard
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Giulietti
Ms. Tamisha Glass
Mr. Joseph Glasser
Mr. Harvey Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Gleixner
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Glover, III
Mr. and Mrs. David Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Goldfarb
Dr. and Mrs. Tilak Gooneratne
Mr. Lawerence P. Goss
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Grable
Mr. David A. Granger and
Dr. Christina Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Granger
Ms. Barbara Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Greco
Ms. Michelle L. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Glen R. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Greenfield
Lawrence C. and Carla Gregory
Linda and George Groom, III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Guerriere
Mr. Donald Guzauckas, Jr.
Each year many patients, family members and visitors are entertained at the Medical Center by
performers sponsored by the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Virginia Anderson, an artist with
Playtivity, is a frequent performer at Connecticut Children’s.
Mr. Jack D. Haber
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. David Hadden
Mr. Robert Haggett
Mr. John P. Hakkinen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hall
Mr. Ken Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest L. Hartson
Mr. Michael E. Haylon and
Ms. Carol Dupuis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Healer
Mr. and Mrs. Ron J. Henderson
Doug and Theresa Hendricksen
Mr. James F. Hennessey
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hernandez, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Victor C. Herson
Mr. Matthew R. Heyer
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Hight
Donna Hilliard
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hincks
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Hires
Mr. and Mrs. T. Donald Hirschfeld
Mr. Fred N. Hoadley, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Burt Homonoff
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hooker
Donna and Jeff Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hughes
Jeffrey S. Hyams, MD
Ms. Amanda L. Imbriglio
Ms. Sherry B. Irvine
Mr. and Mrs. B. Theodore Jacobs
David and Sasha Jay
Mr. Anand S. Jinwala
Edward S. Johnson, DDS
Ms. Jean T. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Johnson
Janice J. Johnston, MD
Gloria Jones
Mr. William R. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Kabrick
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kase
Ms. Roberta Kaufman
Mr. William J. Kayfus, III
Mr. John Keane
Tom, Melissa, Shelby, Sydney,
Sheridan & Shaylee King
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Klimovich
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Konover
Mr. and Mrs. Simon H. Konover
Mr. C. Andrew Kostrevagh
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kowalski
Dr. and Mrs. Warren J. Krompinger
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Kujawa
Jill Lageman and Sons
Ms. Kate Lair
Mr. Jason A. Lamb and
Ms. Corinna L. Nylin
Mr. Paul Larsson
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Lavalette
Mrs. Susan C. Law
Ms. Marta J. Lawrence
Marcia and Alan Lazowski
Robert and Jill Le Blanc
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leake
Maureen M. LeBlanc
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Lebow
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Leibert
Harris B. Leopold, MD and
Jodi M. Leopold, MD
Mr. Philippe Levi
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Levine
Coleman and Judie Levy
Laurence K. Levy, DMD
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis
Alan and Judy Lieberman
Richard and Barbara Lieberman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Lilly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Lipton
Nina S. Livingston, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Livingston
Mr. Gregory F. Lombardi
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Lombardo
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Luginbuhl
Mr. and Mrs. H. Mark Lunenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lunsford
Mr. and Mrs. Austin T. Lydon
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas H. MacGilpin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Malecki
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Manafort, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Manafort, Jr.
Mr. William Manafort
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Marble
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Margolis
Ms. Wendy Marinan
Tom and Michelle Marra
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Maryanski
Ms. Trish Masse
Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Masson
Ms. Susan E. Maxwell
Ross Mayer
Ms. Mary Mazur
Mr. and Mrs. James P. McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McDonnell
Mr. David McEnerney
Mr. Mark J. McGrath
Barbara McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McVeigh
Donna Megliola
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Mendez, Sr.
Ms. Susan Menson
Mr. and Mrs. Jarmo Miettinen
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Millette
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Milzcik
Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Mix
Ms. Joan Mocarski
Mr. and Mrs. William Molnar
Mrs. Brenda A. Montague
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Montesi
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Moran
Kathy and Michael Gorman
Mr. Sylvio Morin
Mr. and Mrs. William Morlock
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Morris
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Morrow
Mr. Michael G. Morrow
Ms. Diane Mouradjian
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Murtha
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Muschett
Mr. Stephen J. Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Neu
Ms. Monica Newell-Hines
Mr. Jason D. Newman
Mrs. Elizabeth Nissen
Katherine and William Nixon
Robert and Mary-Beth Nolan
Mr. Tim Norton
Ms. Bumtsend Odgerel
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Odlum
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Olender
Chip and Nancy Olson
Mr. and Mrs. William D. O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pagano, Jr.
Mark and Luanne Paley & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Parnell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Pates
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Pelletier
Ms. Louise Pelletier
Ms. Amy Pellett
Nicholas V. Perricone, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Peterson
Mrs. Phyllis Petrolito
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Pfaff
Rebecca and Ronald Phillips
Mr. Walter Pierog
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pike
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Piserchia
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Pitegoff
Atty. Robert S. Poliner
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Popik
Mr. Paul Porrata
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pritchard
Mr. Jonathan K. Putnam
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Quigley
Mr. William Ramos
Mr. Dean and Ms. Joanna Rapoza
Mr. Larry Ratner
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Raymond
Ms. Irene L. Redford
Michael and Elizabeth Reilly
Jeffrey and Susan Renert
Mr. Thomas C. Richardson
Ms. Nancy Rickborn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Rosenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Ross
Linda and David Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Rousseau
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Rubenstein
Mr. Jonathan N. Rubin and
Dr. Viviann M. Rubin
Dr. Fred G. Rubin and
Dr. Karen Rubin
Ms. Elizabeth Rudden
Mr. Peter Rusconi
Mr. Anthony C. Ruszala
Mr. and Mrs. David Rybinski
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sadowski
Drs. Juan and Olga Salazar
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salvagno
Ms. Robin L. Sanborn
Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Santos
Mary and Emil Sapere, Jr.
Anne and Robert Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sargent
Ms. Nydia Saros
Ms. Judith A. Saxton
Martha Schall and Morris Czaczkes
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Schmidt-Fellner
Ronald L. Schneider
Dr. Scott R. Schoem and
Ms. Rachel Garron
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Schupp
Mr. and Mrs. Rollin G. Schuster, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Schwartz
Mrs. Karen E. Schwarz
Mr. Anthony M. Scialdone
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Selldorff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shanfield
Mr. Lou Shapiro
Ms. Sara Shea and
Mr. Michael Stinchion
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sheldon
Ms. Sloane Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Shivery
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Shugrue
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shulansky
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Shuman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sills
Mr. Wayne A. Silva
Mr. Ronald Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sims
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Siraco
Mr. James Jay Sirois, Jr.
Mr. James R. Smart
Mr. and Mrs. Lon A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Spivak
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Spracklin
Michael Steinberg, MD and
Felice Heller, MD
Mrs. Jeannine M. Steucek
Ms. Katherine E. Steven
Keith A. and Catherine B. Stevenson
Ms. Heather Stoddard
Mrs. Frances S. Stout
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Stout
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sugarman
Catherine Sullivan, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Summers
John and Lisa Sundean
Mr. Peter G. Swanson
Francisco Sylvester, MD and
Elizabeth Estrada, MD
Mr. Ryan Burrell and
Ms. Lindsey Talmadge
Liz Tamiso
Khanitha Tangnavarad, DDS
Ms. Janet Tanner
Doreen Tarascio
Mr. Joseph R. Tatta
Rob and Ann Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Teitelbaum
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Thomson
Mr. Thomas Tiernan
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Tilton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tonnessen
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Toro
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Tripp, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Truax
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Trudon
Mr. and Ms. Paul Truebig
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tuchmann
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Vallieres
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Veale
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Vecchio
Drs. James and Cheryl Veronneau
Ms. Robin M. Vidito
Mr. Stephen L. Vonick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Vorisek
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wagoner
Mr. and Mrs. David Ware
Deborah Weber
Mr. Arthur Edward Webster, III, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Weiler
Thomas and Martha Westmoreland
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. David A. White
Ms. Henrietta Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Whittemore
Mr. and Mrs. Freddie L. Williams
Mr. Thomas R. Willits and
Ms. Nancy J. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Willner, Jr.
Mr. Keith Wilson and
Ms. Marjorie Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilson
Mr. Peter Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wojnilo, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Wolkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. David Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Dana J. Wright
Ms. Ok Ye Yi
Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Young, III
Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Zachs
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond S. Zaglio
Mrs. Jane S. Zaglio
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Zaglio
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Zeligson
Aaron R. Zucker, MD
Abbott Ball Company
Aetna, Inc.
Albert B. Ashforth, Inc.
Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
Aluminum Company of America
AT&T Employee Community
Services Funds
Athena Diagnostics, Inc.
Austin Products Co., Inc.
Bank of America, N.A.
Barnes Group, Inc.
Connecticut Children’s pediatric hematologist/
oncologist Eileen Gillan, MD, shares a moment
with patient Cayden Goldberg at the first annual
Cycle of Life event that took place in June at the
Mortensen Riverfront Plaza in Hartford. The event
was sponsored by Connecticut Children’s and
coincided with the nationwide celebration of
National Cancer Survivors Day. Dr. Gillan leads
Connecticut Children’s newly-developed REACH
for the STARS Survivorship Clinic.
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Bingham McCutchen, LLP
Boston Private Value Investors, Inc.
Brescome Barton, Inc.
Brook Wealth Management, LLC
Buckley Radio
Carter Chevrolet
Caserta Design Company, LLC
CB Richard Ellis-N.E. Partners, LP
Center Street Chiropractic, LLC
Charles J. Angelo Manufacturing
Group, LLC
Chemtura Corp.
Citi Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
City Oil Company, Inc.
Club 24 Health & Fitness
Comcast Communications, Inc.
Controlled Air, Inc.
Costco Wholesale
Creative Office Interiors
CT Classic Chevy
Dairy Queen
Database Publishing Systems, Inc.
Data-Mail, Inc.
Day Pitney, LLP
Discover RE Managers, Inc.
Diversified Project Management
Dornenburg Group
DPC Quality Pump Services
Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisees
of Connecticut
Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ER Card, LLC
Fidelity Investments Corporation
Flame Treating & Engineering
Ford News Diner
Four T’s Construction, LLC
General Dynamics Electric Boat
General Electric Company
George Weston Bakeries, Inc.
Gitlin, Campise, Pascoe and Blum, LLC
WDRC FM, 102.9 once again sponsored the
Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon to benefit
Connecticut Children’s over the 2008 Labor Day
weekend. The Dwyer family of Avon was one of
many families whose children have been patients at
Connecticut Children’s to share their stories as part
of the Radiothon weekend.
Golub Corporation
Goodrich Danbury Employees
Helping Hand Fund
Great American Donut, Inc.
H.P. Hood Incorporated
Hamilton Sundstrand
Hartford Anesthesiology Associates, Inc.
Hartford Distributors, Inc.
Hartford Investment Management Co.
Hartford Pathology Associates
Hartford Series of Lockton
Companies, LLC
HCC Global Financial Products
Health Consultants Group
Hoffman Auto Group
Howley Bread Group, Ltd
HRW Resources, Inc.
Hunt Leibert Jacobson, P. C.
IBM Employee Services Center
Income Research & Management, Inc.
InnoNet, LLC
iParty Retail Store Corp.
J.H. Cohn, LLP
Jack Farrelly Company
John Hancock Retirement Plan Services
Johnson Turbine Support, LLC
Julius Baer Investment
Management, LLC
Kelly Financial Group, LLC
Konover & Associates, Inc.
Landmark Partners, Inc.
Lane Construction Corporation
Law Offices of Trantolo & Trantolo, P.C.
LEGO Systems, Inc.
Liberty Bank
LSV Asset Management
Lux Bond & Green
Lyman Orchards
Maguire Group, Inc.
Max Restaurant Group
MC Scoops, LLC
McPhee Electrical Ltd, LLC
Medical Talk, Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Modern Plumbing Supplies
Modern Woodcrafts, LLC
Mohegan Sun
Morgan Stanley
Moses and Schreiber, LLP
Mott Corporation
Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C.
New Country Motors, Inc.
Northeast Rebuilders
Northpoint Mortgage, Inc.
NRG Energy, Inc.
O’Brien, Tanski & Young, LLP
Open Solutions, Inc.
Orthopedic Associates of Hartford, Inc.
Otis Elevator Company
Pediatric Cardiology Associates, LLC
Pepe & Hazard, LLP
Pfizer Eastern Research Division
PFO Consulting, LLC
Pitney Bowes Employee Giving Program
Praline’s, Inc.
Premier Financial Services, LLC
ProHealth Physicians, Inc.
Pucuda, Inc.
R.C. Knox and Company, Inc.
Rare Reminder, Inc.
RE/MAX of New England
Rite Aid
Robinson & Cole, L.L.P.
Rockwood Capital
Rogin Nassau Caplan Lassman
& Hirtle, LLC
Roy H. Bubbs, LLC.
Savings Institute Bank and Trust Co.
Saxe Doernberge & Vita, P.C.
Shipman & Goodwin, LLP
Sovereign Bank of New England
Spartan Aerospace, LLC
Sustainable Growth Advisers, LP
Taunton Press, Inc.
The Boston Company Asset
Management, LLC
The Credit Union League of Connecticut
The Hartford Courant
The Hartford Financial Services
Group, Inc.
The Hartford Mutual Funds
The Phoenix Companies, Inc.
Tim Hortons USA, Inc.
Trust Company of Connecticut
Turbine Controls, Inc.
UBS Financial Services
United Restaurant Group
UnitedHealth Group
Vicon Motion Systems
VNA Health Care, Inc.
Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club
Waterford Group, LLC
William B. Meyer, Inc.
William Raveis Real Estate
Wittmann, Inc.
Yarde Metals
Zavarella Woodworking, Inc.
Acorn Alcinda Foundation, Inc.
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Ahearn Family Foundation
Allied Printing Services
Charitable Foundation
Allstate Foundation
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation
Barnes Group Foundation, Inc.
J. Walton Bissell Foundation, Inc.
Bob’s Discount Furniture
Charitable Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
The Cameron Brooks Foundation
Fred J. Brotherton Charitable
The BSPC Foundation
Central National-Gottesman
Ceres Foundation, Inc.
The Cheryl A. Chase and Stuart Bear
Family Foundation, Inc.
Rhoda & David Chase Family
Foundation, Inc.
Lon A. Smith Family Foundation
Sorenson-Pearson Family
Foundation, Inc.
Starlight Children’s Foundation
Swindells Charitable Foundation Trust
Travelers Foundation
Valley Community Foundation
H. A. Vance Foundation, Inc.
Vanguard Charitable
Endowment Program
The Warrington Foundation
Waterford Group Charitable Foundation
The Whittemore Foundation
The Helen & Sidney Witty
Foundation, Inc.
Solomon and Katie Wohl Foundation
William A. and Shirley P.Yolles
Support Foundation
The Henry M. Zachs and
Judith M. Zachs Foundation
On June 19, The Hoffman Auto Group held the grand opening of their newly-renovated Hoffman
Lexus Dealership with an event to benefit Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. As the highlight of
the evening, the Hoffman Auto Group presented a check for $125,000 to Connecticut Children’s from
proceeds raised at the 10th Annual Burton C. Hoffman Golf Classic and the opening of the new
Lexus dealership. Shown (from left to right) are: I. Bradley Hoffman, Connecticut Children’s patient
Aaron Baral and Jeffrey Hoffman.
CIGNA Foundation
Commonwealth Fund
Community Foundation for
Greater New Haven
Connecticut Community Foundation
Daphne Seybolt Culpeper
Memorial Foundation
Daisy’s Dream Foundation, Inc.
Joseph C. Day Foundation
Aldo DeDominicis Foundation, Inc.
Patrick and Catherine Weldon
Donaghue Medical Foundation
Draycott Family Foundation, Inc.
Yvette and Arthur Eder
Foundation Trust
Edgemer Foundation
EIS Foundation, Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation
Essex County Community Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fiduciary Investment Advisors, LLC
The Foley Family Foundation
Frey-Hershey Foundation, Inc.
The Charles Goetz Family
Foundation, Inc.
Harold and Rebecca H. Gross
HAA Foundation, Inc
Hartford Foundation For Public Giving
John and Kelly Hartman Foundation
The Russell G. Hartmann
Family Foundation
Idella Stuart Hempstead Trust
The Hermann Family Charitable
Simon Hollander Fund
HTMF Family Foundation
Imagineers Foundation, Inc.
Institute of International Education, Inc.
Jewish Communal Fund
Roy F. Johns, Jr. Family Foundation
Vernon K. Krieble Foundation
Lea’s Foundation For Leukemia
Research Inc.
Macy’s Foundation
Main Street Community
Foundation, Inc.
Manafort Family Foundation
Andrew J. & Joyce D. Mandell
Family Foundation
The Marra Family Fund
Mayday Fund
E. Merritt McDonough Charitable
Foundation, Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Company
Foundation, Inc.
The Mill Foundation for Kids, Inc.
Newman’s Own Foundation
Northeast Utilities Foundation, Inc.
Owenoke Foundation
Pelletier Family Foundation, Inc.
Pfizer Foundation Matching
Gifts Program
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
Jorge Posada Foundation
Raynbow Foundation
Rite Aid Foundation
Andrea Rizzo Foundation
Charles Nelson Robinson Fund
Rockville Bank Foundation, Inc.
The Rogow Greenberg Foundation, Inc.
Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation
Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund
The Seraph Foundation
The Shulansky Foundation, Inc.
Jim and Audrey Simon/Schneider
Alpha Phi International Fraternity, Inc.
The American Legion Family
Child Health and Development
Institute of Connecticut, Inc.
Children’s Cancer Fund
Children’s Miracle Network
Connecticut Children’s Medical
Center Friends
Connecticut Elks Association
Connecticut Friends of Adopted
Children, Inc.
Connecticut Junior Soccer
Association, Inc.
Connecticut Professional Timber
Producers Association, Inc.
Connecticut River Valley Meeting
Professionals International
Credit Union Miracle Day, Inc.
Delta Industries Employee
Benevolence Fund
Elks CT Lodge No. 2308
Ferrari Club of America,
New England Region
Give With Liberty
ING US Students
National Guard Association of
Conn., Inc.
New England Grange Building Inc.
Newington Ski Club
Nutmeg Chapter-Pontiac-Oakland
Club International
Shoreline Recycled Teenage Cruisers
St. Anthony of Padua Church
St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
State of Connecticut Office of Policy
& Management
Staten Island University Hospital
United Way of Central &
Northeastern Connecticut
United Way of Eastern Fairfield
County, Inc
United Way of Tri-State
United Way of West Central
Canton Intermediate School
“Rock on to Cure Kids”
Connecticut Budokan Martial Arts
Elizabeth Green School “Walk-a-thon”
George H. Robertson School
“Dress Down Day”
Gideon Welles School “Walk-a-thon”
Griswold Middle School “Bowl-a-thon”
Hebron Avenue School “Pencil Sale”
International Institute of
Cosmetology, LLC
Kelly Lane School “Walk-a-thon”
Kingswood-Oxford School
“Couture for a Cure”
Nayaug Elementary School
“You’re Just Ducky”
Northwest Regional Middle School
(District #7) “Dance-a-thon”
Windsor Locks High School
Sponsored Events
102.9 DRC-FM’s Children’s Miracle
Network Radiothon
Aces for Kids Charity Golf Tournament
Advertising Club of Connecticut
Charity Auction
Geno Auriemma’s “Fore the Kids”
Golf Tournament
Babci’s Run
Peter M. Bakker Charity Golf
Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable
Foundation Golf Tournament
The Bogtrotters Charity Golf
Brewer Pilots Point “End of the
Season Shed Party”
Burt Process Charity Golf Tournament
Cadillac Ranch “Kiss the Pig”
Charity Fundraiser
Cans for Kids
Cayden’s Change
Central Connecticut State University
Alumni Baseball Golf Outing
Charms for Crocs
Colors of Life
Connecticut Children’s Medical
Center Friends Storybook Gala
Connecticut Club Managers
Association “Swing for Charity”
Connecticut Culinary Master’s Classic
Connecticut Culinary Wine Auction
Connecticut Law Enforcement
“5-0 on Snow” Ski Race
Connecticut National Guard
Association Golf Tournament
Connecticut State Police “Stuff a
Cruiser” Toy Drive and Fundraiser
Connecticut Turnaround Management
Association Golf Benefit
Cycle of Life: Cancer Survivors Day
The Raynald Dupuis Golf Classic
Vinny Esposito Memorial Golf
Ferrari Club of America/New England
Region “Concorso Ferrari”
Dillon Flanigan Foundation
Golf Tournament
Golf Fore the Kids Charity
H’Art of Art
Hartford Marathon
The Hartford Wolf*Pack “Golf For
Kids!” Charity Tournament
Hearts for Kids
Burton C. Hoffman Golf Classic
Hoffman Lexus Celebration
of Excellence
HWM “Good Friday Open”
International Brotherhood of Electrical
Workers Charity Golf Tournament
Piggy’s Café’s Softball and
Pool Tournament
Preszler Run
Raynbow Golf Classic
R.V.P. Studio’s “Band Together for Kids”
Scissors Runners’ Music for the
Soaring Crane Studio’s “24 Hour
Gerald F. Sommers Memorial
Golf Tournament
SSIMED Golf Event
St. Joseph’s Polish Society’s Mel’s Run
Karl Stilwell & Lee Ann Curran
Memorial Golf Tournament
Stratford Police Holiday Fundraiser
Jeffrey M. Summa’s 40th Birthday Bash
International Executive Housekeepers
Association – Connecticut Chapter
– Charity Golf Tournament
Lux Bond and Green Charity
Golf Tournament
Manafort Family Charity
Golf Tournament
Margolis Family Tag Sale
Mendez Pig Roast
Metal Health
Miracle Ride
Miracles on the Mystique
Mount Southington Golf Tournament
Run for Nancy’s Kids
Raymond Nardini Memorial
Golf Tournament
Ben Nascimbeni Jr. Memorial
Golf Tournament
Nikki’s Run, Walk and Roll!
Panera Bread Open
Toshi 10th Anniversary Celebration
and Fundraiser
UBS Financial Services “Big Shot Gala”
UConn HuskyTHON
vie for the kids
Walker Family Invitational Charity
Golf Tournament
West Hartford Center Kidscard
Yarde Metals’ NAPCAR-Bed Racing
and Car Show for Charity
Marjorie Barnes
Louis Blum
Stanley N. Botwinik
Bernard J. Cianchetti
Rosemary G. Flood
Janet G. Friedman
Adelaide George
Doris Giordano
Alice J. Gould
Frances M. Hansson
Ovide G. Hogaboom
Katherine Hughes
Loretta K. Ingersoll
Harold J. Johnson
Samuel J. Kaprove
Mary Laudano
Nancy E. Law, MD
Salvatore J. LoRicco
Lillian J. Ludlam
Rita Masse
Doris E. McNeil
Kenneth A. Morneau
Evelyn Mulvey
John Davis Murphy
Anne L. O’Shaughnessy
Katherine Persechino
Eva M. Pierce
Hazel I. Pinney
Olive F. Pinto
Beatrice R. Silverstein
Woodrow Vaine
Eunice V. Weimann
Adelaide Wheeler
Henry C. Wright
George Zrinchak
Joseph C. Alvarez
Alice V. Arlio
Viola R. Aspinall
Vincent S. Balfore
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Every holiday season since Connecticut Children’s
Medical Center opened in 1996, the Connecticut
State Police, Troop H in Hartford, have collected
gifts at local Toys R Us stores as part of their “Stuff
A Cruiser” toy drive. Approximately 400,000 toys
have been collected since the toy drive’s inception
twelve years ago.
Prior to his appearance at the 2008 Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Friends Storybook
Gala, award-winning performer Ben Vereen toured the Medical Center and visited with patients
including Thomas Erserim, 8. Vereen and children’s author Suzy Kline co-headlined the Gala which
raised a record $450,000 for Connecticut Children’s.
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Connecticut Children’s is the
region’s only academic medical
center dedicated exclusively to
the care of children. Offering a
full range of services for children
from birth through age 18,
Connecticut Children’s brings
quality care to children and
families through 10 affiliated
community hospitals and 16
practice locations. For more
information, please visit
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
282 Washington Street
Hartford, CT 06106