Jane Asher`s onesie gingerbread men

Jane Asher’s
onesie gingerbread men
Take part in Onesie WednesdayTM in World Autism
Awareness Week! Host a onesie bunsie on
Wednesday 1 April 2015 or the week surrounding
it and bake something amazing to raise money for
people with autism.
Jane with her gorgeousn! onesie
gingerbread me
Our charity’s President, Jane Asher, has developed a fabulous
gingerbread men in onesies recipe to inspire you. You can decorate
these in many different ways, using butter icing pulled up into
peaks, or royal icing spread with a spatula. The method we’ve
described here uses roll-out icing. It is easy to make the icing onesie
fit onto the biscuit base, as you use the same cutter for both parts.
Get creative – what kind of decorations can you think of?
Gingerbread men
> 350g (12oz) plain flour
> 5ml (1 level tsp) bicarbonate of soda
> 10ml (2 level tsp) ground ginger
> 100g (4oz) butter or block margarine
> 175g (6oz) light soft brown sugar
> 60ml (4 level tbsp) golden syrup
> 1 medium egg
500g white roll-out icing, tiny quantity pink writing
icing, assorted edible decorations.
Special equipment
You will need a gingerbread man cutter and a small
glass or round cutter (a star cutter is optional).
> Pre-heat the oven to 190°C (175° for a fan assisted oven), 375°F
or gas mark 5.
> Grease or line two large baking sheets.
> Sift the flour, bicarbonate of soda and ginger into a bowl.
> Rub the butter into the flour until the mixture looks like fine crumbs.
> Stir in the sugar (if it looks lumpy, sieve it first).
> In a small pan, warm the syrup very gently until it is just liquid,
then remove from the heat and add the egg, beating them together
with a fork.
> Pour this into the flour mixture and stir together, until it begins to
form a dough.
> Knead until smooth.
> On a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar, roll out the dough to a
thickness of about 5 mm (1/4 inch).
> Cut out the figures and place them on the prepared baking sheets,
re-rolling as necessary and using the star cutter for left over dough.
> Bake for 12-15 minutes, until they begin to darken.
> Leave to cool for a few minutes, then place on a wire rack to cool
completely before decorating.
> On a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar, roll out the white icing.
> Cut out your onesie shapes with the gingerbread man cutter.
> Dampen the surface of the gingerbread (avoiding the face area) with a
little water and stick an icing shape on top of each figure. Ease the icing
gently onto the shape with your finger, pushing it near to the edges.
> With the small round cutter or using the rim of a glass, cut out a hole for
the face.
> Dampen the surface of the icing a little before adding the decorations.
We hope you have a wonderful time making your gingerbread
men in onesies. Why not sell them in the office, at your school,
or in your local community? Don’t forget to take pictures and
send them to [email protected] – we’d love to see
your creations!
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Get creative for autism!
Your onesie bunsie sale will be great!
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