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Ban윃 埘�am蜂 Stud긃 Materiaꠁ ퟱ� Hind갃 Editoriaꠁ Marcꀃ Weekl긃 PDF 01,Marcꀃ 2017 t 07, Marcꀃ 2017 This English Hindu Editorial Vocabulary pdf will be useful for the aspirants who are preparing for the Bank Exams such as SBI PO CLERk, RBI PO CLERK, IBPS PO CLERK, Syndicate Bank PO, Indian Bank PO, BOB PO,BOM PO, RRB PO CLERK, LIC, NIC, IPPB and also for the various Punjab Govt. exams like PSSSB Clerk DEO, PUDA, Excise Inspector, Panchayat Secretary, PPSC Exams, Punjab Local Government, Cooperative Bank etc . Visit w
ww.jobsforms.com for more updates The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocab List Date 01­03­2017 The Hindu Editorial – Back on track? 1.Seek (मांगना/इ눉ा करना) Synonyms: Look for, Explore, Follow, Investigate Antonyms: Ignore, Shun, Answer 2.Avenue (रा⌉े) Synonyms: Street, Path, Entrance, Channel Antonyms: Egress, Refusal 3.Fact (तퟬ�/सचाई/वा⌉िवकता/यथाथता) Synonyms: Reality, Actuality, Certainty, Truth, Verity Antonyms: Theory, Fabrication, Lie 4.Cramp (तं ग/ऐंठन/तनाव) Synonyms: hinder, Impede, Hamper, Constrain, Hamstring Antonyms: Big, Broad­minded, Empty 5.Praise (ᨅशंसा/शाबाशी/बड़ाई) Synonyms: Acclaim, Admiration, Approbation, Acclamation, Plaudits Antonyms: Blame, Censure, Criticism 6.Rhetoric (व㼇पटु ता/भाषण कला/श༈ाडं बरपू ण) Synonyms: Oratory, Eloquence, Wordiness, Long speech Antonyms: Quiet, Conciseness 7.Exception (अपवाद/आपि/आ埠�े प ) Synonyms: Anomaly, Irregularity, Deviation, Leaving out Antonyms: Acceptance, Allowance, Ratification Visit w
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ww.jobsforms.com for more updates Synonyms: Cut, Crop, Bob, Shorten, Shear Antonyms: dirty, sloppy, untidy 7.Assumption (कना/मानी ᄅई बात) Synonyms: Supposition, Presumption, Speculation Antonyms: disbelief, fact, knowledge 8.Understate (परदा डालना/चु꤇ी साधना) Synonyms: underestimate, downplay, lessen Antonyms: enlarge, overestimate, overrate The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocab List Date 03­03­2017 The Hindu Editorial – Conciliatory, sketchy 1.Combative (जुझा䐈/लड़ाका/झगड़ालू ) Synonyms: Aggressive, Antagonistic, Quarrelsome, Argumentative Antonyms: kind, nice, agreeable 2.Oratorical (भाषण­संबंधी/व촉ृ딇­कला संबंधी) Synonyms: Rhetorical, Grandiloquent, Magniloquent, Orotund Antonyms: natural, simple, undramatic 3.Detain (रोकना) Synonyms: Apprehend, Confine, Delay Antonyms: Free, liberate, advance 4.Deport (िनवािसत करना/िनकाल देना/दे श­िनकाला करना) Synonyms: Expel, Exile, Transport, Expatriate,dismiss, displace, exile Visit w
ww.jobsforms.com for more updates Antonyms: allow, hold, keep, take in 5.Penchant (लगन/젅िच/इ눉ा) Synonyms: affection, affinity, predilection Antonyms: antipathy, disinclination, dislike 6.Inflection (मोड़ना) Synonyms: articulation, pronunciation, tone of voice Antonyms: monotone 7.Ethos (ᨅकृित/उभाव/उभाव) Synonyms: ideology, mentality, mindset Antonyms: body, physicality The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocab List Date 04­03­2017 The Hindu Editorial – Crossing a bridge 1.Treaty (संिध/समझौता) Synonyms: Agreement, Settlement, Pact, Deal, Accord Antonyms: antagonism, disagreement, discord 2.Volatile (प瘂रवतनशील/बदलने के योᨈ/瘂थरमित/उड़नशील) Synonyms: Evaporative, Explosive, Inflammable, Unstable Antonyms: certain, constant, definite 3.Sincerity (स䰈ाई/ईमानदारी िनစा) Synonyms: Honesty, Genuineness, Truthfulness, Integrity, Probity Antonyms: dishonesty, falsehood, lying Visit w
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ww.jobsforms.com for more updates Synonyms: Breakable, Delicate, Dainty,Flimsy Antonyms: able, firm, healthy, strong 3.Consensus (आम सहमित/आम राय) Synonyms: general agreement, accord, consent Antonyms: denial, disagreement, dissension 4.Emerge (उभरना/िनकलना) Synonyms: come out, arise, appear, arrive, come up Antonyms: abandon, decrease, disappear 5.Corollary (प瘂रणाम) Synonyms: conclusion, deduction, analogy Antonyms: beginning, cause, commencement 6.Destruction (िवनाश/तबाही) Synonyms: Demolition, Ruination, Blasting, Devastation Antonyms: creation, building, construction, improvement 7.Imbuing (रं ग ना/रं िजत करना) Synonyms: inculcate, ingrain, instill Antonyms: take out, drain The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocab List Date 08­03­2017 The Hindu Editorial – GST Bill: Last mile concerns 1.Amend (संशोधन करना/प瘂रशोध करना/सुधरना) Synonyms: Change, Modify, Adapt, Adjust, Edit Antonyms: lower, worsen, break Visit w
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