Decimeter Upgrade

Hands free Steering Assist
Simple. Reliable. Accurate.
Arro™ Controller
Quick transfers with SwapDock™?
The Arro Controller houses some of the most advanced
steering smarts in the world. It utilizes BEELINE™'s
unique INS/GPS integrated steering technology.
Moving your controller between agricultural vehicles is quick and
easy. Push the release buttons on the docking station, pull the
controller and walk. Slide the controller, hear the click and work.
That's all it takes to move your Arro controller between
vehicles. And moving the Arro VT is just as easy. Pull
the plug, twist the clamp handle and your on your way.
Swap your Arro between different machines, lock it in
place and work straight away.
The INS (Inertial Navigation System)
component measures and adjusts for
the movement of the tractor as it travels
across the ground. This includes the roll
that is experienced when working on
hilly ground and yaw which is often
caused by rough field conditions pulling
the implement and tractor offline.
Accurate when farming on hills
BEELINE's INS has no moving parts,
and is based on a rugged, solid-state gyro.
Trust Arro™ to make
your life easy.
Arro's GPS technology is based on a dual-frequency,
survey-quality GPS receiver that is WAAS and
OmniSTAR enabled so you can choose the signal
service to suit your farm.
Is Arro
These high quality components combine to become
BEELINE's Steering Assist Controller. In fact, Arro is
rugged and reliable enough to have passed some of
the most stringent environmental testing processes
Sure. At BEELINE we
believe in making things simple and easy. We also know that
once you start using Arro you won't ever want to stop. So when
the time's right and you want more features, and greater accuracy,
you can keep the same equipment and up-grade your software.
Arro uses GPS & INS to compensate for slope.
Arro, hands free steering for every colored tractor.
Decimeter Upgrade
Centimeter Upgrade
hands free Steering Assist™
hands free Steering Assist™
The choice is yours. For the benchmark in Decimeter (4 inch) hands free Steering Assist™ choose Arro™.
Accurate. Accurate. Accurate. Arro™ Centimeter Upgrade is Accurate.
BEELINE™ gives you options for decimeter hands free Steering Assist™ . You make the
choice: invest in a BEECON™ Decimeter base station or subscribe to the satellite delivered
OmniSTAR HP* signal.
For the best Centimeter (sub-inch) accuracy on the market
look to BEELINE™ for an Arro™ Centimeter upgrade.
Controlled Traffic
Centimeter hands free Steering Assist™
has never looked so good. Arro
Centimeter improves on DGPS (differential
global positioning system) by utilizing dualfrequency RTK (real time kinematic)
technology. Centimeter signal is provided
For moisture retention or to create
firmer pathways for early return to
your fields, controlled traffic has
never been easier. Arro Decimeter
will keep you on track to reduce
compaction and increase
yields in your fields.
Rip Skip
Work one, skip one, work
one. The rip skip
configuration of working has many advantages
including the comfort benefits of allowing you to
finish your job where you started, and working
multiple tractors in tandem without worrying about
overlap or skips. Bottom-line productivity gains
include decreasing turning time because you have
more room to turn around at the end of runs. You
also reduce crabbing in the implement that is
experienced when one side of the implement is in
worked ground and the other is in fresh soil.
Upgrading to Decimeter
BEELINE - The industry standard
Mike Mailler, a wheat grower, asked his son Rob, a control engineer, to make him a guidance system for his sprayer that was more
accurate than any other currently on the market. He did. Mike then asked his son to automatically steer the tractor. He did.
Word spread as friends, neighbors and those interested in the bottom line installed and trusted BEELINE Steering Assist® to steer
their tractors straight. Now some of the world's largest ag equipment companies and leading farmers also trust Rob's invention. From
small beginnings grew the world's first commercially available hands free Steering Assist product and a whole new way to farm. Arro
is the third generation of hands free Steering Assist technology from BEELINE - the company that founded the industry.
BEELINE Technologies, Inc., a company founded by farmers forging useful technology for farmers.
Order Arro with Decimeter accuracy or upgrade
from Sub-meter accuracy when the need arises.
Arro Decimeter - available when using BEECON
Decimeter base station or the satellite delivered
OmniSTAR HP* signal. Arro Decimeter - the best
+/- 4 inch static accuracy in any colored tractor.
Ridge Till
Take advantage of higher soil
temperatures for earlier planting,
increased germination and emergence
with a ridge till farming system. Establish your rows correctly the first
time with Arro Decimeter by maintaining equal row spacing.
Inject phosphorus and potassium 24 hours a day and be
confident that the knives are running down the center of
the row while your tractor is traveling down the center of
the furrow minimizing ridge disturbance reducing the need
for row renovation. Decimeter accuracy is ideal for side
dressing with anhydrous ammonia.
Decrease herbicide costs by implementing
tighter band applications in the furrows.
Arro compensates for slope in your field by
measuring yaw and roll in your tractor so
you can maximize the benefits of ridge till
for erosion control when contour farming.
Eliminate guess row error
Centimeter accuracy is the summit of
hands free Steering Assist™ and opens up
a whole new world of efficiency to the
modern farmer. Eliminating guess rows
allows you to enjoy using multiple width
equipment to farm over the guess row.
And it boosts your profit margin by
maximizing your farmable acres.
Spraying and
Spraying and Spreading
There's no need to count rows or use physical markers when
spraying and spreading with Arro Decimeter. Arro's auto-swath
finder guides you on to your next run so you can complete critical
applications within the short window nature provides while
minimizing skips and overlap.
Get your knives closer to
the plant with increased
cultivator accuracy and
tighten your spraying
bandwidth to decrease
your chemical costs.
Arro works 24 hours a day, in dust, fog and darkness to increase
job satisfaction and quality.
*1) OmniSTAR HP is a GPS augmentation service provided independently by OmniSTAR USA, Inc. BEELINE Technologies, Inc accepts no responsibility for the performance of this
service. For OmniSTAR product and price information please call OmniSTAR USA, Inc on (713) 785 5850.
*2) The Decimeter Upgrade and OmniSTAR HP performance specifications are subject to GPS system characteristics, U.S. DOD operational degradation, ionospheric and tropospheric
conditions, satellite geometry, baseline length and multipath effects. Assumes SA is off.
Knife spacing was reduced from 8 inches to 5.
That equals a 37% smaller band spray width!
Upgrading to
Centimeter Accuracy
This data was obtained at the public field day held at the
West Side Field Station Cotton Day in Sept, 2000. An 8-row
lister bar was used to bed up 9-rows i.e. the two outside
shovels each formed half a bed.
That's an immediate 12.5% efficiency increase!
The Centimeter upgrade performance specifications are subject to GPS system
characteristics, U.S. DOD operational degradation, ionospheric and tropospheric
conditions, satellite geometry, baseline length and multipath
effects. Assumes SA is off.
Purchase Arro with
Centimeter accuracy
(+/- sub-inch) or upgrade
from Sub-meter, BEECON
Decimeter or OmniSTAR
HP Decimeter.
Processing tomatoes: Grown on permanent beds
formed and renovated by BEELINE Steering Assist®.
Irrigated by sub-surface drip tape laid by BEELINE
Steering Assist. Cultivated and sprayed using BEELINE
Steering Assist.
Easy to Use. Easy to Move. BEECON the most advanced
base solution for hands free Steering Assist™
BEELINE Steering Assist
Spin. Plug. Go.
The Industry Standard
That's how easy it is to start working with your BEECON base station.
Only 1 cable! BEECON - the only base solution
that eliminates GPS antenna and radio cables.
BEECON is your reliable base station for
Decimeter and Centimeter hands free Steering
Assist . BEECON it's easy to use and easy to
move. Simply spin BEECON on to a 5/8" threaded
rod and plug in the power cable.
A standard BEECON provides decimeter
(4 inch) correction signal for the Arro™
product suite. BEECON Decimeter is
easily upgradable to centimeter accuracy
and can provide correction signal to
multiple tractors at no extra cost.
BEECON is the easiest to use base solution on
the market, making the job of high accuracy
farming simple. With automatic base position
fixing and location storage on power up,
BEECON is ready to work within minutes.
Fully self-contained and measuring only
10 inches (28.4 cm) tall and 7 inches
(17.8 cm) in diameter, BEECON's unique
all-in-one design lends itself to being
moved around the farm. Simply install
BEECON in the desired location and
connect to a 12 V battery.
BEECON was built for farming. It's dust
tight and protected against the effects of
immersion in water. BEECON is not afraid
of sun or snow and operates in
temperatures from -40°F (- 40°C) to
+167°F (+75°C). Built for life on a farm,
BEECON is rugged, reliable and accurate.
1) BEECON operational range estimates are based on: (a) line-of-sight radio operation unaffected by obstacles such
as hills, buildings or trees; (b) the GPS receiver manufacturer's stated GPS baseline limits.
2) With BEECON, under some environmental conditions, it may be necessary to attach an external radio antenna to
achieve the full baseline range performance. External antenna choice should be expertly matched to the applications'
performance requirement and topography.
3) BEECON operational range performance specifications are subject to GPS system characteristics, U.S. DOD
operational degradation, ionospheric and tropospheric conditions, satellite geometry, baseline length and
multipath effects. Assumes SA is off.
4) The Arro performance specifications are subject to GPS system characteristics, U.S. DOD operational
degradation, ionospheric and tropospheric conditions, satellite geometry, baseline length and multipath effects.
Assumes SA is off.
5) Arro accuracy specifications are stated as STATIC accuracy: Sub-meter (+/- 40 inch), Decimeter (+/- 4 inch) and
Centimeter (+/ - 1 inch). As a rule of thumb, pass-to-pass accuracies can be up to 5 times better than static.
For best results with Centimeter accuracy,
BEECON must have unobstructed line-of-sight
and be within 6 miles* (10 km) of the working
machine. For decimeter signal, work as far as 12
miles* (20 km) from the BEECON - but
remember, you must maintain line-of-sight.
BEECON gives you the choice and flexibility of
permanence and portability. With the addition of
a standard surveyors tripod BEECON can be set
up anywhere on the farm or anywhere in the
Nation. For something more permanent simply
cement an 8-foot tall, 4-inch diameter pole
mounted with a 5/8" threaded rod into the
Hands free Steering Assist
Simple. Reliable. Accurate.
Hands free steering that’s so simple, so straight.
Saves you money
Hands free Steering Assist for every colored tractor.
BEELINE™ hands free Steering
Assist™ is the industry standard.
With more hours worked than any
other system, in more makes and
models of agricultural vehicles
BEELINE is the proven
technology solution. BEELINE is
trusted by farmers all over the
world to provide the best hands
free Steering Assist on the market.
Remove operator driving
error with BEELINE Steering
Assist®. Hands free steering
that increases overall job
quality and productivity.
BEELINE has millions of acres experience
from the slowest seeding operations to the
fast paced world of spraying and spreading.
From laying sub-surface drip irrigation tape
to marking plant gridlines for orchards,
BEELINE will help you increase quality,
productivity and satisfaction.
Operators are fresh and alert
for their entire shift because they no longer have to
concentrate on holding a straight line and they feel
more confident to increase operating speeds.
Arro™ Simple. Reliable. Accurate.
BEECON's built-in bulls-eye level and battery
meter ensure that you'll achieve optimum results
in every field. And, BEECON likes to let you know
just how hard it is working via the LED indicators
that visually display hardware status and health.
BEELINE™ gives you control of your
system's accuracy level and features
while providing you with complete
upgradability so you can meet your
farming needs today and in the future.
Arro™ assists you to steer your farm equipment and decrease the
cost of overlap, saving you time and money. We've taken the best
of the award winning BEELINE Navigator® and engineered it into a
rugged, cost-effective, entry level hands free Steering Assist
system, designed especially to cut costs and increase efficiency.
Arro's soft touch buttons
and high visibility screen
allow you to set
waypoints, move your
wayline, find your closest
swath, and adjust your
steering to suit every
operation from high
speed spraying to
heavy tillage work.
Trust Arro™ to make
hands free Steering
Assist simple and straight.
How do I drive hands free in any
colored tractor?
1. Turn your tractor on. Arro powers
up when you turn the key.
2. Set your first waypoint - A.
3. Drive about 30 feet towards
the end of your first run.
Upgrade BEECON
BEECON Decimeter is fully upgradeable for
Centimeter accuracy. BEECON can provide
correction signal to multiple BEELINE Steering
Assist ® tractors.
Working more acres per hour equals increased profits, improved equipment utilization, more
efficient use of your available labor force and the ability to complete time critical applications.
In primary tillage operations, growers have realized efficiency gains of up to 54%.
Available from:
4. Set your second waypoint - B.
Arro will join the two points
together with the shortest
distance - a straight line. This
line is often referred to as
your A-B line or wayline.
Every swath will be parallel
with this line. The distance between
swaths is your implement width.
Arro VT
Arro VT - bright for the day,
dimmer at night. With hands
free Steering Assist you can
work accurately 24 hours a
day. The Arro VT has a
bright, sunlight readable
screen and a nighttime
screen so you'll never have
to strain your eyes.
Arro accuracy upgrades, data
transfer and feature add-ons are
performed via the data-card port.
Arro's backlit, soft-touch, alphanumeric key pad, CANbus ISO11783 layout and full upgradability
ensure that the Arro VT is what you'll need today and in the future.
Arro™ - ready for the future.
Growers around the world
have been reaping the
benefits of BEELINE 's
innovation for over 6 years
and their success has
made BEELINE the
market leader with more
tractors steered than any
other company in the
world. BEELINE
customers trust the results
seen at ground level, and
at the bank. No wonder BEELINE customers are confident when it
comes to the payback from hands free Steering Assist.
5. Press the Steering Assist button and
have a great day driving hands free.
AR-012-BR US v1.0