This month`s bulletin

The 4th Annual Edmonton Jewish Community-Wide
We will explore Shavuot related topics through the study
of Torah, Midrash, Mysticism & Modern Views.
Through the evening we will enjoy traditional Shavuot foods
with an emphasis on dairy products.
Free event. All are welcome!
Congregation Beth Shalom
11916 Jasper Ave. NW
Edmonton AB T5K 0N9
Phone: (780) 488-6333
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Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM — 4:30 PM
Friday 9:00 AM—2:30 PM
Board of Directors 2017-2018
Michael Paull
Sharon Cohen
Jeff Rabinovitch
Bert Malo
Robert Brick
Geoff Sky
Kyle Huberman
Anna Linetsky
James Mallet
Colleen Paull
Steven Katz
Secretary – Membership
Treasurer – Building
Liaison – Security
Adult Programs
Vision 2020
Women’s league President
Past President
Synagogue Professionals & Staff
Kliel Rose — Rabbi
[email protected], ext. 302
David Mannes — Ritual Assistant
[email protected], ext. 308
Helena Khazanovsky — Office Manager
[email protected], ext. 301
Yuliya Massarsky — Director of Membership
[email protected], ext. 303
Dorothy Turner — Bookkeeper
[email protected], ext. 304
Bogumila Szopik and Vera Tkachuk — Caterers
Please contact Helena Khazanovsky for catering
Important Kehila Reminders
Bikkur Cholim
If you would like to be visited by someone from the
Bikkur Cholim committee, please contact
Jeff Rubin at 780-893-4404.
Daily Minyan
Daily minyans are held Monday to Friday
at 7:30am and Sundays and holidays at
Please make a commitment to attend at least one
minyan a month. Attendance at minyan allows
individuals to say Kaddish.
Scent Free Shul
Out of respect for your fellow congregants who may suffer from allergies,
please reduce your use of scented
products when you are in the
synagogue. Thank You!
A Reminder from Beth Shalom Catering Services
When making meal reservations we ask
that you pay by credit card or cash when
the reservation is made.
To B’nai Mitzvah Parents:
Please make sure we receive the article and photo
of your child as soon as possible! This will help us
to ensure their information is available in the
appropriate monthly bulletin. Thank You!
Todah Raba to our Volunteers
Thank you to Sharon Abbott and Ruth-Ellen Shafir
for editing our Beth Shalom Publications.
The Bulletin is now Available via e-mail
By receiving your monthly Beth Shalom Bulletin via
e-mail, you will help save Beth Shalom the printing
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Accuracy of Information
We do our best to ensure the accuracy of all the
information in the Bulletin, but despite our best
efforts, sometimes an error appears. Please accept
our sincere apologies for any errors. Please let us
know so that we can correct them as soon as
possible or update our records where necessary.
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
A Message from your Rabbi, Kliel Rose
Audacious Hospitality
Dear Friends,
Shalom U’vracha! Hospitality, or in Hebrew hachnasat orchim, is understood as welcoming everyone,
those we have never met, or people who seem different from us.
In the Torah the paragons of this Mitzvah are Abraham and Sarah.
Not only do Sarah and Abraham eagerly welcome three strangers with glee, they display no requirements
on their guests, it is a pure act of kindness. Put differently, there is an absence of conditional hospitality;
no suggestion that their hospitality operated with a specific purpose of the guests becoming more like
the hosts.
Beyond it being a nice thing to do, why in Judaism is it recognized as something transformative, both for
the guest and for the host, something with positive implications for the future?
Beth Shalom, through our “Vision 2020” initiative is endeavouring to be the kind of congregation that
lives out the sacred teaching of Abraham and Sarah in all areas where we interface with our membership
and others. That being said, every synagogue I have ever attended or have been a part of has expressed
a sincere desire to be a “warm and welcoming congregation”. Saying something and actualizing a desired
outcome (i.e., conveying warmth) are two very different things.
So how do we as a congregation truly foster that essential Jewish value of embracing all who enter into
our community with a spirit of inclusion and kindness?
Like it or not, this is not a quick-fix or ready-made process. It starts with each person who shows up
either to the shul or whenever you find yourself in dialogue with a member of our community. My point is,
this is going to need to be part of a paradigm shift that involves a conscious effort from all of us—
leadership as well as regular members.
I’ll leave you with a message of inspiration which G-d-willing will spark a change towards “Audacious
hospitality”. Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai was the great figure that helped sustain Judaism immediately
following the destruction of the second Temple, when Judaism was on the brink of being eviscerated. The
Talmud informs us that no person ever greeted Yohanan ben Zakkai first, it was always ben Zakkai who
was first to offer his hand--to Jew and non-Jew alike. Hachnasat Orchim is not a minor mitzvah; it is a holy action, a spiritual practice that has the potential to create a better reality for all of us.
In friendship,
Rabbi Kliel
The Sale of Chametz by Rabbi Kliel to
the Chief at Edmonton Police
Buying back the Chametz and a donation made from Beth Shalom
to the Edmonton Police Foundation. From left to right: Edmonton
Police Foundation chair and our member Sol Rolingher, Chief Rod
Knecht, and Rabbi Kliel Rose
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
A Message from your President, Michael Paull
My first crack at writing in the Bulletin, and I might as well get this out in the open right
I am not a writer nor am I a reader. Thank goodness I have two people who will edit my
work, Sharon Abbott and Ruth-Ellen Shafir, as I have never learned how to put sentence
structure into place. What I like to do, is talk and listen. My wife Colleen has often
reminded me that I have two ears and one mouth and I should use them in the right proportion.
A Bulletin message often tells the membership what is happening, whereas “a get together” tells the
board what the members are concerned about. With that concept in mind, I am setting up a once a
month public meeting with all members. They will be held on different nights each month, which will give
as many people as possible a chance to come. The meetings will start on time at 7:00 PM and they will
end on time at 8:00 PM. This is a chance for every member to be heard, and a chance for me to hear, so
that I can understand your concerns and provide you with a “heads up” on things that the board is
The second “Open Mike” gathering will take place on Thursday, May 25, at Beth Shalom. Please come
and be a part of the Beth Shalom Community.
Michael Paull,
Beth Shalom welcomes
advertising from members of our
congregation and the
Only business card size ads
are accepted.
The cost is $25.00 per Issue or
$250.00 for a full year when paid
for in advance.
Annual General Meeting 2017: Steven Katz, outgoing president, on
behalf of Beth Shalom, accepting a Community Facility
Enhancement Grant in the amount of $75,000 from Mr. David
Shepherd, MLA for Edmonton-Centre, on behalf of the Ministry of
Culture and Tourism.
To arrange for an ad in the next
bulletin, please call the office at
780-488-6333, ext. 301.
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
The Joint Affair Gala
Photo Credit: Edmonton Jewish Newspaper, Kyle Huberman, Jessica Hogan
For more photos visit us on Facebook at
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
A message from James Mallet, Board member responsible for
Vision 2020, and Yuliya Massarsky, Director of Membership Engagement
Dear members,
As you have noticed in the last few months, we have been enhancing our programs at the Shul. Many of you
have come to see us with some great ideas about programs for the coming year, and we are happy to
announce that we are considering implementing a number of them. But before we are to do so, we need
your help. Please see the programs below being considered and let Yuliya know if you can help us transfer
them from a dream to a reality:
Kadima Program:
Do you have great ideas about programs for our youth? Are you able to help with organizing a trip to the USY
International Convention? If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions above, please contact
Yuliya so we can start planning for the upcoming year.
We are looking for somebody who can lead the program once a month or on rotation if we have more than
one person who is interested in doing so. We can help you with songs and supplies . If you are interested in
helping out, please contact Yuliya.
Social Activities for Seniors:
We are looking for ideas and those who can put them into action. Please let us know if you would like to help
out with planning and/or doing activities for our senior members.
Shabbat Program at Beth Shalom:
Are you able to host or wondered how to host Shabbat Dinner with guests? We are looking for members who
would be interested in hosting other Beth Shalom members for dinner 1-4 times a year. If you are interested
in participating in that program please let us know.
Talit Event:
We want to host a Talit event at which we will teach our congregants about Talit, its meaning and ritual
significance. The event will be very similar to the World Wide Wrap event that we held in February 2017, but
it will be about Talit. It is planned for the Fall of 2017. If you are interested in joining the organizing committee, please let Yuliya know.
Yuliya can be reached at [email protected], via phone (780) 488-633 ext. 303, or in person at
the synagogue.
We are looking forward to hearing from you,
James and Yuliya
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
Happy Birthday!
Claire Kelly
Karen Goldstein
Sydney Cogan-Grahn
Jacob Oshry
Pauline Uretsky
Shelley Weinstein
Rick Uretsky
Michael Bubis*
Paul Silverman
Larry Witten
Jaime Sorokin
Mona Witten
Reuben Soibelman
Ed Mickelson
Catherine Miller*
Linda Goody
Ruth Nolan
Connie Zalmanowitz
Isabel Oshry
Rebecca Antel*
Michael Bobroff
Don Squire
Lexie Belkin
Colleen Verville
Ray Rutman
Hannah Bobroff
Shayla Kaganovsky
Frances Cyngiser
Jessica Haines
Marvin Mitchell*
Grant Vogel
Rose Abrams
Laura Schechter
Yael Wolch
Joseph Dance
Happy Anniversary!
Howie & Debbie
David & Pam Margolus
Leon & Susan Kagan
Gary & Osi Goldsand
Felix & Chloe Soibelman
Robert & Terrie
Stephen & Beverly
Neil & Marlene Brown
Bernie & Gloria Frankel
George & Judy
Ray & Linda Rutman
Michael & Bonnie
*denotes milestone
Birthdays or
Good Deeds Day 2017
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
Monthly Learning & Programs
Shabbat Limud Program
Parsha discussion with Rabbi Kliel Rose on Saturdays
following the Kiddush lunch. Open to all ages.
Complimentary tea, coffee and baked goods
will be provided.
Kabbalat Shabbat at Our Parents Home
Monthly Kabbalat Shabbat followed by an Oneg
Shabbat. A family friendly service.
Prayer books are in Hebrew and English.
Date and Time: Friday, May 19, at 7:00pm
Date: Saturday, May 6
Location: Our Parent’s Home
Location: Beth Shalom Boardroom
10112 119 St NW
Cost: Free of charge
(next to the Beth Shalom Synagogue)
Cost: Free of charge
Torah on Tap with Rabbi Kliel Rose
New program for young adults and those who are
Please indicate your intention to come by calling OPH
young at heart. Join Rabbi Kliel to learn about
concierge at (780) 732-0412 or (780) 988-5504
Judaism while enjoying a drink .
Residents in supportive living who wish to attend
This month’s topic is:
must have a family member accompany them.
"Heavenly Sex--a how-to guide"
————————————————————–———Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Kliel Rose
Date and Time: Thursday, May 11, at 7:00pm
Join us for a delicious lunch while learning about
Location: Earl’s on 11830 Jasper Ave
Judaism. This month’s topic is "Minding the Kosher
(close to the Beth Shalom Synagogue)
Maze-how do we decide what may be permissible to
———————————————————–———us and what is not?”
Adult Learning Series
Monthly Reading Group. The Discussion of Abraham
Date and Time: Thursday, May 25, at 12:00pm
Joshua Heschel’s “God in Search of Man” by Michelle
Location: Edmonton Jewish Seniors’ Centre
Brewer. No philosophical experience necessary. Free
10052 117 Street Northwest, Edmonton
of Charge. All are welcome.
Cost : Members of Jewish Seniors’ Centre $9;
Date and Time: Tuesday, May 16, at 7:00pm
Non-Member $12.
Location: Beth Shalom Synagogue
———————————————————–———Cost: Free of charge
Canterbury Court Shabbat Services
Kabbalat Shabbat at Canterbury Court.
———————————————————–———Prayers are led by Cantor David Mannes.
Judaism 101 Series with Cantor David Mannes
for the Oneg Shabbat are provided
Monthly program about Jewish liturgy, prayers, and
by members of Na’amat and Beth Shalom
the “how-to” of the services in the Synagogue. This
Synagogue. A family friendly service.
month’s topic is “The tradition of the Mourner’s
Special thank you to Hilton & Michelle Dinner of
Kaddish”. All levels of knowledge
Bon Ton Bakery for the donation of challah.
and experience are welcome!
Open to all ages. Complimentary tea, coffee and
Date and Time: Friday, May 12 at 6:30pm
baked goodies will be provided.
Location: Canterbury Court, 8403 142 St.
Cost: Free of charge
Date: Saturday, May 20, following Kiddush Lunch
Location: Beth Shalom Boardroom
Cost: Free of charge
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
Monthly Learning & Programs (continued)
Journeying Into Judaism Course
These classes are geared for people engaged in the process of converting to Judaism and their partners.
However, the classes are open to anyone who is interested in attending on a weekly basis.
Course Instructors:
Rabbi Kliel Rose - The Introduction to Judaism Course
Cantor David Mannes - The Hebrew Siddur Course
Classes will meet on
Sunday, May 7, at 10:00am
Sunday, May 14, at 11:00am — Lag Ba’Omer
Sunday, May 28, at 10:00am
The classes are free to all Beth Shalom members.
Conversion candidates (those who have met with the Rabbi) are required to take both classes. Please
speak to Rabbi Kliel about the requirements and fees associated with the conversion process.
Non-Beth Shalom members interested in taking these classes can join us. There is a non-member fee of
$180 for each class.
Or Shalom Community Religious School
Bringing Jewish students together for a fifth year!
Or Shalom will be offering classes from pre-school (ages 3 - 5)
through B’nai Mitzvah.
Classes will meet from 10:00 am till 12:00 pm on
Sundays, May 7, & May 14 (Lag Ba’Omer—last day of classes)
at Beth Shalom Synagogue.
For registration forms and more information please contact:
Cantor David Mannes at 780.488-6333/308 or [email protected] or Temple Beth Ora’s office
at 780.487-4817 [email protected]
Passover activities at Or shalom
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
Hello everyone,
chairperson, is doing a great job of organizing people to read portions of the service. You do not have to be a
member of Women’s League to attend or participate in the service. If you wish to participate in the Friday
evening Shabbat service please contact Muriel at (780) 488-8537 or cell (780) 686-3879 or
[email protected] If enough people RSVP, there will be a Shabbat dinner prior to the service. To
reserve your spot for the Shabbat dinner please contact the Beth Shalom Office at (780) 488-6333 ext.303 or
[email protected]
About 25 people region wide attended the first webinar Study Day on Sunday, March 26. Special thank you
to Penny Hardin who hosted 7 of us for brunch in her home. Thanks to Phil’s tech savvy we watched the
webinar entitled “Jewish Women: A Timeline of Success” on her TV.
Lisa Kogen, Director of Education/Program WLCJ, led us through modules on Social Change, Jewish Feminism
and Women in the Arts. There were excerpts from articles illustrating women’s accomplishments (Ida Cohen
Rosenthal who made the brassiere; Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood); excerpts from
literature (Henrietta Szold’s letter, a founder of Hadassah; “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan; “the
Heidi Chronicles by Wendy Wasserstein); art (“The Dinner Party” by Judy Chicago); film (Yentyl (Barbara
Streisand) and Crossing Delancey (Joan Micklin Silver) and many others.
The three hours flew by with the excellent guidance, knowledge and humor of Lisa – she started and
finished on time and discussed all she said she would. Thank you Lisa. Having now experienced this on-line
learning I look forward to the next one.
Our book club discussed “The Boston Girl” by Anita Diamant on Tuesday, April 25. The Beth Shalom
Womens League book discussion group will meet on TUESDAY, JUNE 13TH AT 1:30 PM at Susan Baram’s, the
choice is “And After the Fire” by Lauren Belfer. Call Netta for more information (780) 454-7019.
Colleen Paull,
Women’s League President
Located at Beth Shalom Synagogue
Judaica Shop Open:
Monday-Thursday 9:30am—4:00pm
Friday 9:30am—2:30pm
Webinar Study Day, March 26, 2017
Gifts for holidays, ritual and
other occasions.
Gift Registry also available for
Weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
Tributes in support of one another
Kiddush Fund
A donation has been made by
Lilian Green in memory of her
mother-in-law, Rachel Green
A donation has been made by
Judith Friedman in memory of her
father, Manuel Friedman &
grandmother, Ethel Friedman
Prayerbook Fund
Thank you to Ken Wasserman for
his kindness
A Sim Shalom Siddur has been
dedicated in his honour
From: Naomi & Morley Wolfman
Building Improvement Fund
Congratulation to Dr. Lewis Kay on
receiving the Gairdner award and
being appointed to the Order of
From: Ron & Naomi Wolch, Doug
Wolch, & Gary Wolch & Mor Barzel
Condolences to Ed Mickelson &
family on the loss of his wife, Joy
Ruth Mickelson
From: Mor Barzel & Gary Wolch &
Library Fund
Mazal Tov to Roberta & Norm
Hanson on the birth of their
From: Frank & Netta Phillet
Condolences (continued):
To: Lesley Jackson on the loss of
her father, Frank Jackson
From: Cantor David Mannes &
Sandra Ghitter-Mannes
To: Cory Felber on the loss of her
son, Shohan Felber
From: Lena & Victor Linetsky
Torah Restoration Fund
Condolences to Marvin Weisler
A word has been inscribed in
memory of his wife, Donna Weisler
From: Sheldon & Jaima Geller
Condolences to Marvin Weisler
A word has been inscribed in
memory of his wife, Donna Weisler
Condolences to Marvin Weisler on From: Barb Mandel
the loss of his wife, Donna Weisler A word has been inscribed
From: Frank & Netta Phillet
By Dianne Marcovitch & family
Get Well
In memory of her husband, Irving
Condolences to Ed Mickelson on
To: Jerry Katz
the loss of his wife, Joy Ruth Mick- Marcovitch
From: Michael & Denise Webster; elson
Ruth-Ellen & Joe Shafir;
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
From: Frank & Netta Phillet
and Odette & Jacob Masliyah
Thank you to Rabbi Kliel for his
help with funeral of Donna Weisler
To: Debby Miller
To: Marvin Weisler & family on the From: Marvin Weisler
From: Sherry Mannes
loss of his wife, Donna Weisler
From: Susan & Murray Lieberman
TRIBUTE FUND (Charitable tax receipts are sent out every year in February).
Cards: Todah Rabah, Mazal Tov, Get Well, Condolences
 Yedlin Library
$18.00 & up
 Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
$18.00 & up
 Chai Fund
$18.00 & up
 Max & Helene Sussman Israel Scholarship Fund
$18.00 & up
 Book of Remembrance
 Tree of Life
 Prayerbooks
B’Kol Echad Song Book
Etz Hayim Chumash 1/2 share
Etz Hayim Chumash
 Building Improvement Fund
$50.00 & multiples
 Torah Restoration Fund
$18.00 per letter/ $36.00 per word
Thank you to Howard Davidow for
his kindness
A Sim Shalom Siddur has been
dedicated in his honour
From: Naomi & Morley Wolfman
If you have a special occasion or accomplishment to share with the congregation please call the Office
at (780) 488-6333 ext. 301 or write to [email protected]
Mazal Tov to Cory Choma & Rachel Mintz on the birth of their daughter!
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
Bna’i Mitzvah Celebrations!
Rebecca Cogan-Grahn
We are very excited to celebrate Rebecca’s Bat
Mitzvah on Rosh Chodesh, Friday, May 26, 2017.
Becca is a bright, creative person with a sharp
sense of humour and we are very proud of her. She
attended Talmud Torah School from pre-school
through grade six and is currently attending grade
seven at S. Bruce Smith Junior High School. She
has always loved animals, especially dogs and is
devoted to her puppy, Menachem (Manny)
Schewitz. Outside of school Becca studies ballet,
jazz, guitar, and plays community soccer. She
performs in dance festivals throughout the year and
enjoys drawing, baking, playing board games,
watching movies, listening to music, and hanging
out with her family, friends, and puppy.
Jonah Zwaigenbaum
Jonah is the fourth and youngest in his family,
although those who have seen him grow over the
past year will know that he may eventually be the
tallest of the Zwaigenbaum clan!
Jonah moved to Edmonton from Ontario when he
was 2½-years-old, so the city and Beth Shalom are
very much home to him.
He has attended Talmud Torah since he was in
preschool and is currently completing grade seven.
Jonah enjoys skiing, taekwondo do (on track to test
for his black belt later in 2017), cooking (a major
‘Chopped’ fan) and gaming.
Jonah took the idea of ‘giving of one’s self’ very
seriously! For his Bar Mitzvah project, he chose to
grow his hair to shoulder length. This was a
two-year process, which culminated in February of
this year when he attended the annual Massacure
at the West Edmonton Mall. He donated it all for
children who have lost their hair due to cancer
treatment. He is grateful to friends and family who
helped with significan t fund-raising as part of the
event. All the funds went to support the Stollery
Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s
Make-A-Wish Foundation. This might become an
Rebecca has chosen to donate the majority of her annual event, if Jonah can convince his brothers
Bat Mitzvah gifts to a local organization, Dogs With and Dad to join him!! Next year he has decided to
volunteer with Dogs with Wings as a Kennel
Wings. This Edmonton-based organization is
internationally recognized as a leader in training Assistant and he is trying to talk his parents into
being a puppy raiser.
assistance dogs to foster integration and
independence for Albertans with disabilities. These
loyal service dogs change the lives of people who Jonah is a bright, articulate and kind-hearted young
are visually impaired, who have mobility issues, man whose family is very proud of him, and are
who are autistic, and who have suffered abuse. Looking forward to his bar mitzvah on Saturday,
Thank you for helping Becca make a difference in June 3, 2017.
the lives of people who are empowered by
specialized canine support.
Rebecca has been a loyal volunteer dog walker at
Touchmark Seniors’ Home on a weekly basis over
the past four years. She started dog-walking with
her sister, Sydney in 2013 and has never looked
back. It has been a great experience for Rebecca
getting to know the seniors in her neighborhood
and helping them keep their pets active, especially
during the cold icy months. We are [the parents]
very proud of the dedication and responsibility
Becca has demonstrated.
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
Beth Shalom Yedlin Memorial Library
“Two She – Bears” by Meir Shalev
Review by Maron L. Waxman
“A rifle, a cow, a tree, and a
woman[…] and the rifle was not
only the hero of this plot, it was
also the one who wrote it.” In 1930
the British authorities recorded
three suicides in a moshava—a
Jewish colony—but one of these
deaths, as everyone in the
community knew, was a murder,
never mentioned again. Decades
later, while interviewed by a
researcher on the history of the
settlement, Ruta Tavori decides
that the time has come to tell the
story triggered by the rifle, the
story that everyone knows and no
one tells.
Over the course of several
interviews, Ruta, a teacher of
history and Bible, chronicles the
life of the moshava and the ugly
murder that lies at the heart of her
family. Ruta’s family and her life
have been shaped by two powerful
men: her grandfather, Ze’ev Tavori,
who brought her and her brother
up, and her husband, Eitan—each
of whose lives have each been
shaped by heartbreaking events.
Shifting back and forth in time,
Ruta’s narrative plays out the
consequences of these events with
an even-handed measure of
affection, bitterness, humor,
judgmental swipes at her
sister-in-law and neighbors, Biblical
allusions, wry self-deprecation,
love, and acceptance. Ruta's
retelling captures the spirit of
the moshava from its founding to
the near present: the new names
that spelled the break from
Europe—“We’re done with all the
Mottels,” declared the founding
father, calling his sons Dov, Ze’ev,
and Arieh and changing Twersky to
Tavori; the deep knowledge of
every tree and flower and rock; the
abiding love of the physical land;
the dismissal of city life and
authority; the simple lunches of
hard cheese, cracked olives,
cucumber, and garlic.
Meir Shalev was born on Israel’s
first moshav, and he draws a
vibrant picture of life in an
agricultural settlement. Readers
will feel as if they themselves are
hiking the trail to the carob tree,
the moshava nursery, observing
the military-style setting up of an
ambush, and sitting shiva under
the trees in this richly layered
May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777
A tale of murder and its
reverberations through the years, a
love story of deep physicality and
sensitivity, a moving picture of
male compassion, a brief overview
of British Palestine and Israel over
seven decades, Two She-Bears is a
many-sided novel by one of Israel’s
most prominent writers.
Our library is accessible to the
entire community, and beyond,
during synagogue office hours:
Monday to Thursday
9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm,
Fridays 9am-2:30pm.
Closed Saturdays & Sundays.
Please consult Netta Phillet about
the possibility of donation to the
library prior to bringing books to
the library. Thank You !
April Kiddush & Seudah Sponsors
April 1 - Special thank you for the donation to the Kiddush Fund to Alan & Dyanne Lyons in memory of Alan’s
mother, Laura Lyons & brother, Morris Lyons. To Mildred Ragosin in memory of her mother, Paya Shapiro. To
Lena & Victor Linetsky in memory of Lena’s aunt, Raisa Luhovitskaya. To Anna Shapiro in memory of her
mother, Pesia Gershon. To Shirley Goldberg in memory of her father, Zalman Dov Katz. To Sam Fialkow &
Marilyn Sheckter & family in memory of Sam’s mother, Fay Fialkow.
April 8 - Special thank you for the donation to the Kiddush Fund to Mitch & Amy Weinberg in honour of
Steven Katz. To Erin & Stacey Wright & family. To Abner Rubin in memory of his sister, Sonya Lieberman.
April 15 - Special thank you for the donation to the Kiddush Fund to Rhoda Friedman, Judith Friedman &
James Friedman & family in memory of their husband, father & grandfather, Manuel Friedman & their
mother-in-law, grand-mother & great grandmother, Ethel Friedman. To Marilyn Sheckter & Sam Fialkow &
family in memory of Mari-lyn’s parents, Sadie & Joseph Sheckter.
April 22—Special thank you for the donation to the Kiddush Fund to Anna Shapiro in memory of her daughter
Evelyn Shapiro Albert.
April 29—Special thank you for the Kiddush Fund donation to Lesley Jacobson & Wynne Rigal in honour of
Wynne’s Birthday. To Daniel Assh & Brenda Lee in memory of Daniel’s father, Yitzhak Yakov Assh. To Ella
Elster in memory of her husband, Peter Elster. To Shirley Goldberg in memory of her brother-in-law,
Tzvi Goldberg.
Hosting Kiddush or Seudah:
It is customary to help sponsor our Shabbat morning Kiddush or our Shabbat afternoon Seudah meal to
honour the memory of loved ones at the time of their Yahrzeit or in honour of a special occasion.
Donations to the Kiddush Lunch can be made online on our website or by contacting the office at
780.488.6333 ext. 301 . Tax receipts are provided.
Mishebeirach — Prayer for the Sick
If you would like us to include the name of someone who is not well during the Mishebeirach prayer on
Shabbat morning, please either call or email our office manager, Helena Khazanovsky, with their Hebrew or
English name/s. Traditionally we include the person's Hebrew name(s) and their mother's Hebrew name(s),
for example, “Moshe ben D'vorah” or “D’vorah bat Miriam” (ben or bat means son or daughter of). If, however, you do not have a Hebrew name for this person or they are not Jewish then an English name will do.
If a name on the list should no longer be listed can you kindly let us know so we can remove the individual
from our list. Thank You!
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May 2017-Iyar/Sivan 5777