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Last updated: April 2013
Oneida County Teen Court Coordinator
3375 Airport Rd # 10
Rhinelander, WI 54501
What is Teen Court?
Teen Court offers eligible
youth an alternative to
Juvenile Court— they receive
sanctions from their peers.
Why a Teen Court?
Teen Court offers eligible
youth an opportunity to take
responsibility for their actions. It
provides positive peer pressure with
community-based consequences.
Benefits of Teen Court?
When Juvenile offenders
successfully complete their
Teen Court sanctions, they will have
the offense removed from their
record. This is a real second chance
to prove that mistakes can be turned
into positive choices. Parents are no
longer held totally accountable. The
juvenile becomes responsible for
his/her actions. The community
is able to see youth being held
accountable for their actions.
Volunteers are given a chance to
make a difference in the lives of
young people.
To participate in Teen Court you must be
referred by Juvenile Intake or the court
and meet EACH of the following
1 - You must be between the ages of
10 and 16 and have committed a
misdemeanor crime or ordinance
violation such as:
Petty theft or shoplifting
Disorderly conduct
Truancy (referral from school)
Under-age drinking or
smoking—up to age 17 & 18
Receiving or concealing
stolen property
Criminal damage to
property (graffiti)
Other appropriate offenses
2 - You must admit to committing the
offense with which you have been
charged. You must also be willing to
participate in Teen Court and be
willing to follow its rules.
3 - You must have a parent/guardian
who is willing to accompany you to Teen
If you would like to participate in Teen Court, you must fill
out and mail this form to the Teen Court Coordinator
within 48 hours of your court appearance:
Oneida County Teen Court
3375 Airport Rd # 10
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Juvenile’s Name: ______________________________
Mailing Address:_______________________________
City & Zip:____________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________
Age:____________ Birthdate: ____________________
Offense: _____________________________________
Citation # ____________________________________
Signature of Juvenile:___________________________
Parent/guardian please fill out below: I understand
that I am responsible to provide the contact information necessary to receive information about my child’s case. Inaccurate
or incomplete information may result in cases being
referred back to Juvenile Court.
Name of Parent/Guardian:
Mailing Address:_______________________________
City & Zip:____________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________
PLEASE list any phone number(s) we can use to reach you
in the event the Teen Court schedule changes.
I have read this brochure and understand and agree to
its terms. I consent to the juvenile’s appearance before
the Oneida County Teen Court and his/her compliance
with the Teen Court sanctions.
Parent/Guardian Signature: