Verbs – Past Tense of Regular Verbs

Copy and complete the tasks in your homework book
Verbs – Past Tense of Regular Verbs
We talk about verbs being in the present tense when they tell us what is
happening now. For example – I am walking my dog. When we talk
about what happened yesterday, the verb is written in the past tense
– Yesterday I walked my dog. When we make regular verbs into the
past tense, we add ‘ed’. For example – walk becomes walked.
Task 1
In these sentences the verbs are written in the present tense. Write them in the past
tense as though they happened yesterday. The first one has been done for you.
1. I am playing the piano.
Yesterday I played the piano.
2. Billy is painting a picture.
4. He is baking a loaf of bread.
6. I am moving house.
3. They are watching T.V.
5. Bandu is climbing over the wall. Yesterday
7. She is opening a box of sweets. Yesterday
Task 2
This time change the verbs from the past to the present tense. The first one has
been done for you.
1. Yesterday I walked to school.
Today I am walking to school.
2. Yesterday mum was ill.
4. Yesterday he cooked the dinner.
6. Yesterday the old lady was tired.
3. Yesterday we ran home.
5. Yesterday the boy worked hard.
7. Yesterday they brushed the horse. Today
Task 3
Now find 5 examples of verbs in the past tense from your reading book.
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