Beg 5 Unit 2 (Interchange 2) Prompt: Write a short paragraph about

Beg 5 Unit 2 (Interchange 2)
Prompt: Write a short paragraph about a local traffic issue or about a problem in a city you
know. First, describe the problem. After, suggest solutions.
Example: Life in this city needs to be improved. For one thing, there are too many cars, and
there is too much bad air, especially during rush hour. There should be more subway lines. I
think people want to use public transportation but there isn’t enough money in the local
economy to support these things. One way to solve these issues would be to…
Suggested Vocabulary/collocations/compound nouns: traffic, rush hour, subway, ferry, tram
bicycle lane, traffic jam, garage, police/officer/car/dog, shopping, rating, better/worse,
terrible, average, commute pollution, parking, transportation services, taxi stand, train station,
downtown, ATM, restrooms, discount, motor, emissions, getting around, highway, street
lights bus stop, crime, car accidents, parking spaces.
Grammar Focus:
*(SB 9) Expressions of quantity: There are too many cars. There is too much traffic. There
aren’t enough buses. There isn’t enough parking. There should be fewer cars. There should
be less pollution.
Suggested target:
*Subject verb agreement: Subjects and verbs must AGREE with one another in number (singular or
plural). This means that if a subject is singular, its verb must also be singular; if a subject is plural, its
verb must also be plural.
She and her friends are at the fair.
The boy or his friends run every day.
He doesn't like it.
They don't like it.
*Life in the city need to be improved. (needs)
*There are too much bad air. (is)
*There aren’t enough money to support the changes. (isn’t)