Falconry and the Peregrine Falcon

Falconry and the Peregrine Falcon Some people use dogs for hun0ng, But some use Peregrine Falcons for hun0ng! Can you believe it? People have been training Peregrine Falcons for thousands of years. This kind of hun0ng is called Falconry. In Falconry, trainers steal the baby falcon from the nest. They usually use birds of prey like the peregrine falcon. Well, they raise them and train them, why do people use peregrine falcons more than any other bird? Because they are agile, strong, and fast. Peregrine falcons are agile because they are able to swoop and change direc0on quickly. Peregrine falcons are strong because they can catch large birds like gulls, pheasants, and crows. And finally, They are fast because they can go up to 200 mph, and they can do big dives called stoops. Because of the peregrine falcon’s agility, strength, and speed. Peregrine falcons are a great bird for falconry. A peregrine Falcon fly’s in the air. Babies Most birds have nests in trees, but not peregrines. Peregrine Falcons live in many places like, the forest or the city. In the city, they live on buildings. In the forest/wild they live on trees. Their nests in the city are called scrapes. A scrape is when the falcon steps on gravel that is on skyscrapers and makes a liNle ditch. Peregrine falcons usually lay up to 5 eggs. In 30 days the eggs will hatch. When the eggs hatch, the babies are covered with downy fur. Their eyes are closed they are helpless. The parents take care of them un0l its been 6 weeks. They move out of the nest then there called fledglings. And then the fledglings take care of the parents un0l they are fully grown and are ready to start their own nest. How peregrine falcons look People think that the cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet. But the fastest animal is the peregrine falcon. The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet! All Peregrine Falcons look similar. Peregrine falcons are up to 2 feet tall. They have a wings span of 4 feet long. They have sharp hooked beaks. Their Their wings are dark grey. They have stripes of white and brown across their chests Peregrine falcons have special air holes to breathe while their diving. They have long wings that help them fly up to 200 miles per hour. These Jeans make the peregrine falcon a special bird. Word Search P E R E G R I N E K K P T J F O Q J K B V D O X U X Q N C K O H X L F L E H L S M Q I X T H O I E W G D K S C R A P E L Z B K P G Q G O O C Y A J V U H J B K V K H N J L H G S S K Y S C R A P E R J V L Q J X K X G X C I T Y J F X I J G K Q C Z P G C J B H K K L J T A L O N S J D U F U F J W I V N G S J G J H K C A M E R J B K G V H L J W N C O F D I Y G D U A C L H G J G A L C H K A N C D S J L B D E Y O V D B N D Y N H S G J V H Q G M Q G G J F G V V P H V P J K B A B I E S PEREGRINE, EGGS, SCRAPE, STOOP, CITY, SKYSCRAPER, FALCON, TALONS, WINGS, CAMERA, BABIES. Funny Pictures of Peregrine Falcons Peregrine Falcon Comics Meanwhile in the woods… Boy am I hungry! There should at least be a rat. I beNer run. Ah-­‐Ha! I’ve got you now! Uh-­‐
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