Acknowledgement of Laptop as Primary Computer

Acknowledgement of Laptop as Primary Computer
As part of the computer replacement program, OIT will be offering faculty and staff, who are eligible for a computer
replacement, a choice between a desktop computer and a laptop computer. However, each faculty member should
carefully consider whether he/she would be better served by a desktop or a laptop. The information in this document is
provided to help you make the best decision for yourself.
Where do you prefer to
use a computer?
Work mostly or exclusively in
my office
Screen size
Prefer/need larger screen or
multiple screens
Prefer to assume no more
risk than that of keeping
anything else in my office
Do not need to use in
classroom or prefer to use
teaching stations already in
Prefer to assume no more
risk than that of keeping
anything else in my office
Work sparingly in my office, and
frequently on the road and/or at
Can work with a smaller display
Theft or damage risk
Classroom Use
Sensitive Data
Processor intensive
tasks (statistics, video
capture/edit, etc)
Desktop is much better
suited to these tasks
Comfortable taking extra
precautions to protect the
machine from theft and damage
Would use it regularly as part of
Comfortable taking extra
precautions to guard against
unauthorized access to sensitive
Laptops have limited processor
and memory to handle intensive
Be sure to take a look at a laptop screen
before choosing it as your primary machine
You or your department may be responsible
for the cost of repair or replacement for any
damage or theft not covered under warranty.
If you work mainly in the office, but need to
occasionally to access information stored
while in the classroom, OIT can show you
ways to do this.
Consider exposure to not only theft but
intrusion on home networks and other
extended risks. Please note some data may
not be stored on a laptop, consult OIT for
Plan your choice carefully, if a laptop can do
the tasks you need today, will it be able to do
the task 3 years from now.
Other considerations:
1. If you require additional resources, such as external keyboards, mice, and monitors, these items will be paid by department
or other funds and will require approval of your Department Chair/supervisor.
2. Laptops will have the same upgrade cycle as desktops, 4 years.
3. Mac laptops only offer 3 year warranties; any repairs outside of warranty are not covered by the college.
4. Mac laptop warranties do not cover damage, only failed parts. Any repairs outside of warranty are not covered by the
5. Laptops can be targets for theft. While desktops can also be stolen, the portability of the laptops sometimes makes them
more of a target. In addition, that same portability increases the chances that such equipment will be used outside of the
office which exposes the asset to environments that office desktops do not face. These environments may be greater or
lesser risks. As such, taking a laptop off campus forces the user to assume the responsibility of making prudent choices
about assessing that asset including protecting it from theft or damage. Any loss or theft of a laptop must be reported to
campus police immediately. The college does not replace lost or stolen laptops.
6. All data storage is subject to UNC Charlotte data security guidelines.
7. Laptops for staff require supervisor approvals.
8. Laptops purchased under the replacement cycle purchase are the standard laptop (Mac or PC) specified by OIT and ITS.
9. All equipment remains the property of UNC Charlotte and must be returned upon resignation or request.
Questions? Contact Office of Information Technology.
My signature below indicates that I have read, understand, and agree to the guidelines listed above.
Supervisor (for staff):
Note: If a laptop is chosen for a staff position, it will remain a laptop until it is due for replacement.
OIT Policy
Revised: Jan 2016