KEEP FLIES AT BAY with Flick`s Vectothor Osprey

with Flick’s Vectothor Osprey
At this time of year, disease-carrying flies will be searching for ways to
enter your workplace causing concern to both your staff and
Flick recommends the use of our Vectothor Osprey:
Vectothor Osprey Units
With its discrete design, the Vectothor Osprey
is designed for kitchens, hotels, food
production areas, offices, cafes, restaurants,
shops and more.
Flick can supply and service the unit for you at a charge of $
month + GST. This service consists of checking and cleaning the unit
and replacement of the sticky catchment board. The UV tubes are
replaced annually.
If you would like further information on this service, please call our
office on 13 14 40. Or complete this form and fax to
or email to
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