Greetings from the Library Atrium Society at Western Illinois University!

Library Atrium Society Annual Membership Drive
Greetings from the Library Atrium Society at Western Illinois University!
The Library Atrium Society supports the Western
Illinois University Libraries’ collections and services
through established funds and endowments. The
dollars generated through membership support the
libraries’ efforts to expand educational resources for
our students, faculty, and the general public.
Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and community
members who make a monetary or in-kind (e.g.,
books, DVDs, CDs, journals, etc.) contribution
receive membership into the Library Atrium Society.
Please consider giving at one of the Library Atrium
Society membership levels listed on the next panel.
Faculty and staff of the University are welcome to
contribute to the Library Atrium Society through
payroll deduction. Payroll deduction forms are
available through the WIU Foundation in Sherman
Hall 303.
Thank you for believing that University Libraries plays
an integral role in each student’s learning experience.
Name ______________________________________
Membership Levels
Address _____________________________________
$1,000 and above
Naming an Atrium plant in the donor’s honor or in
memory of a loved one
City __________________ State ___ Zip _________
$500 - $999
Two tickets to the Right Place Tent Luncheon during
Homecoming and a copy of the book Western Illinois
University:The Campus History Series
$250 - $499
Advance e-mail notice of University Libraries’ events
and a University Libraries book pin
$1 - $249
University Libraries bookmark and subscription to
Members receive all benefits up to and
including their donation level. Membership
is based on annual giving to University
Library Endowments and Collections
Library Atrium Society
Supports various operational expenditures. Gifts not
otherwise designated will be placed in this fund.
William H. and Eva Little Graham Libraries’
Student Assistant Scholarship
Supports scholarships for students employed in the
University Libraries.
Archives/Special Collections
Supports the purchase of rare and important regional
historical materials.
YES! I would like to become a member:
 Gardener – $1,000 and above
 Cultivator – $500-999
 Nurturer – $250 - $499
 Seedling – $1 - $249
Lyndal Swofford Endowment
Unrestricted funds that support the popular reading/
paperback collection.
Opportunities for Giving
Library Atrium Society (3171)
$ ________
Legal Library Acquisitions
Purchases legal reference materials.
William H. and Eva Little Graham
Libraries’ Student Assistant
Scholarship (4540)
$ ________
Archives/Special Collections (3573)
$ ________
Music Library (3200)
$ ________
Lyndal Swofford Endowment (5259)
$ ________
Legal Library Acquisition (3170)
$ ________
Jeff Leibovitz Special Collection of Holocaust
Education Materials
Supports a variety of Holocaust materials that are
especially suited for middle/high school teachers and
Honor with Books
Purchase a book in honor or memory of someone. A
name plate will be placed in the book and added to
the University Libraries’ collection.
Petersen Ornithological Collection
Supports the unique and high-quality ornithological
research collection.
Library Endowments and Collections
Jeff Leibovitz Special Collection
of Holocaust Education Materials (5303) $ _______
Honor with Books (3557)
$ ________
Petersen Ornithological Collection
$ ________
Dr.Yan Lwin Physical Sciences
Collection (5322)
$ ________
$ ________
See reverse side for payment methods.
Dr. Yan Lwin Physical Sciences Collection
Supports the acquisition of materials for the Physical
Sciences Library.
Mail this completed card to
WIU Foundation
Western Illinois University 1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455-1390
Music Library
Supports collections and services in the Music Library.
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The Library Atrium Society is the catalyst for annual
giving for the Western Illinois University Libraries.
The gifts generated each year through membership
in the Library Atrium Society support the University
Libraries’ collections and services through established
funds and endowments.
Library Atrium Society members provide essential
financial support to better University Libraries—
financial support that the budget cannot fund but that
is essential to our mission. Our needs going forward
include the following:
• Capitalfacilityprojects
• Technology(computers,printers,iPads)
• Scholarships
• Libraryequipment(tables,chairs,studyareas)
• Events(speakerseries,exhibits,receptions)
Contact Information
University Libraries
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455-1390
Leslie F. Malpass Library
Curriculum Library
Music Library
Physical Sciences Library
Quad Cities Library
(309) 298-2705
(309) 298-3035
(309) 298-1105
(309) 298-1407
(309) 762-1598
Annual Membership Drive
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It’s Easy to Give Online: Please visit to make a gift online!
The WIU Foundation accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
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The Library Atrium Society
Annually, University Libraries has needs to improve
facilities and services. These improvements cannot be
budgeted, as our budgets are too tight for operating
costs. The Library Atrium Society has helped fund the
following in the past two (2) years:
• 31computersfortheLibrarycomputerclassroom
in Malpass Library
• 10iPadsfortheCurriculumLibrary
• A$1,000StudyAbroadLibraryStudentAssistant
• Two(2)cameras,five(5)camcordersand20
digital voice recorders, available for checkout in
the Digital Commons
• Two(2)printersforthesecondfloorofMalpass
• Specialevents,includingthePhysicalSciences
Library’s Forensic Series, the Music Library’s
Restoration Cathedral Music Symposium, and
numerous receptions
• Recoveringof35chairsinMalpassLibrary
• Pottingsoilfortheover2,000plantslocatedin
Malpass Library
Library Atrium Society
University Libraries is engaged with a community
of individuals dedicated to learning, who will have a
profound and positive impact on our changing world
through the interaction of instruction, research, and
public service. The University Libraries also supports
the education, research, and information needs of the
faculty, the university administration, staff, and the
people of the region by making its rich collections and
information services available anytime and anywhere.
Type of Card:
Name as It Appears on Card _____________________________________________________________________________
Expiration Date______________________
Signature _______________________________________________________________________
Card Number ____________________________________________________
(3-digit code on back of card)
Security Code ____________________
We are happy to help you double your gift to Western.
Visit to see whether your employer is one of over 10,000 companies that match their employee’s charitable contributions.
Some even choose to triple their employees’ gifts and may also include spouse, partner, and retiree gifts. Simply request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift in the enclosed envelope. We do the rest!
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