06. Air Pressure Summary

12 km
8 km
4 km
Air Pressure
Summary Notes
Air Pressure Summary Sheet
Directions: Use the figure on the right to answer questions 1-7. Use
letters “A” or “B” as your answer.
Where is altitude or elevation greatest? ________
Where is air pressure greatest? ________
Where does air have less density? ________
Where are oxygen molecules farther apart? ________
Where is the temperature the coldest? ________
Where would air be the heaviest, (densest)? ________
Where would a barometer show the greatest air pressure? ______
Where might a hiker have the most difficulty breathing? ________
Answer the following:
9. Using your answer from question 8, why would it be most difficult
to breathe?
10. If air pressure is constantly pushing down, why doesn’t it crush
things such as a tin can or hollow objects?
Building Vocabulary:
Match each term with its definition by writing the letter of the
correct definition on the line beside the term.
________12. Air pressure
a. The amount of mass in a given
volume of air
________13. Altitude
b. Force pushing on an area or
________14. Aneroid barometer
c. The result of the weight of a
column of air pushing down on
an area
________15. Barometer
11. As you move toward sea level, from B to A, what will happen to
the air pressure and the air temperature?
________16. Density
________17. Mercury barometer
d. Any instrument that measures
air pressure
e. Instrument that measures air
pressure using liquid mercury
f. The distance above sea level
________18. Pressure
g. Instrument that measures air
pressure without using a liquid.