Moose Leader - MD-DE-DC Moose Association

August-September 2016
Need-to-know information for officers and chairmen of Lodges/Chapters/Moose Legions
Vol. 84, No. 3
All Those Forms – And Why They Are Necessary
By BARB McPHERSON/Grand Chancellor
ave you ever wondered why the Women of the Moose ask for so
many forms? It isn’t just because inquiring minds want to know –
or is it?
Our committee chairmen are responsible for hosting their respective
committee activity night meetings on a monthly basis. The Chairmen are
assigned the task of conducting a fundraising project to help offset the
expenses of their committee activity night program. This includes
donations for the special projects on the Mooseheart and Moosehaven
campuses that the Women of the Moose have committed to support
We also request that a donation be made to the Scholarship & Maintenance Fund to help ensure the future education for our children. Form
114 is the report of the committee activity night meeting and is also a
method for chapters to remit those donations as well as the funds for the
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Endowment Fund.
Form 166 is the report of the chairman’s fundraising project – what
she did, how much money was made and how she is going to spend it.
Chapter fundraising is conducted in a multitude of ways and we would
like to know what types of activities are being conducted to help others.
When providing the report to the chapter, members are able to see if
the fundraising project was successful or not and able to see how much
effort goes into raising funds for our children and our senior members.
Through their responsibilities as chairmen who are responsible for
their committee activity night program and planning successful
fundraising projects, our chairmen are able to learn valuable leadership
skills through organizing these activities. Many future leaders begin as
So now you know why we ask for all those forms! Donations To Moose Charities Fund Mooseheart, Moosehaven
By JAN FREGULIA/Executive Director, Moose Charities
onrad Hilton said, “The practice of charity will bind us - will bind
all men in one great brotherhood.”
Our Fraternity unites us in a common bond. Our bond is to one another – to aid and support one another – and to give as much as we can
and as often as we can to those dependent upon us.
What is truly special about being a member is the fact that, while enjoying ourselves, we are also helping Moose Charities to secure the necessary funding for Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
Did you know that a portion of your membership dues retained by
Moose International finances the operating and fundraising costs of
Moose Charities? This allows Mooseheart and Moosehaven to receive
100% of your donations.
What other nonprofit can honestly state that? Please believe the donations from our fraternal units, our members, our non-member friends
and business partners are absolutely critical to the operations, services,
living arrangements, food, medical needs, and capital projects of both
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "To share often and much ... To know
even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have
succeeded." This is so very, very true.
My friends, you are critical to the future of our Fraternity and to
Mooseheart and Moosehaven. You know what is important – you can
help others to understand – to care – and to want to continue the work
the members of our Fraternity have been doing for over a century.
Being a member of this great Fraternity is truly being a member of a
great family. We must continue to invite others to join our family.
We are a Fraternity that:
Believes in a Supreme Being
Honors the flags of our countries
Honors and thanks all who defend our countries now and those
in previous years
Provides for our senior members
Provides for at-risk children
We do all this while celebrating life.
God bless Mooseheart, Moosehaven and God bless our Fraternity! New Brandon Place
St. Johns Apartments
Are Ready For You!
By GINI TURNER/Director of Marketing,
Brandon Place at Moosehaven
ooler temperatures may soon be on the horizon,
but interest in the St Johns Apartments continues
to heat up. As we anticipated, summer traffic has
created quite a buzz about our newly-opened
apartments available through our entry fee/fee for
service program. Moose members and tourists have
stopped to take a sneak peek at what we now have in
addition to our villa homes before traveling to their
vacation destinations.
To say our visitors have been impressed is a great
understatement for the enthusiasm shown thus far.
Once guests tour our campus and learn the full
benefits of our continuing care program, they are
amazed at the level of care and the amenities offered to
residents. In the last month alone, we have received
three deposits for our remaining inventory, one being
for a one-bedroom apartment in our new St Johns building. Can you feel the excitement?
Now is the time to take charge of your future. Don’t wait and miss out on the opportunity to
be part of a unique retirement lifestyle that offers maintenance-free living with the peace of
mind offered by the programs at Moosehaven. Call today to learn more about the value of
Moosehaven’s alternative admissions program and how you can live the retirement lifestyle
you deserve.
For more information on Moosehaven, visit Leader
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Fellowship Recommendation Guidelines
By BOB NEFF/Director, Higher Degrees
t the International Moose Convention in St Louis, we announced
some updated guidelines for recommending Moose Legionnaires to
be considered for advancement to the Fellowship Degree of Honor.
The new forms with “fill in the blank” lineage will be e-mailed to lodges
about the Oct. 1 in an official communication.
Committees are to meet in November. All “active status” Fellows are
to be sent an invitation. “Active” simply means dues are current
in both the lodge and Moose Legion. Each Fellow has an
equal vote and a simple majority vote decides all
Deadlines and additional instructions will
accompany the forms. A listing of potential
members to consider will be available through
Territory Managers. We seek to advance
members who have given substantially to the
Order by service on committees, in offices and
as volunteers for programs over a period of
time. Listing of details and longevity of service
are critical.
Minimum requirements for consideration of
advancement will include the following four
items, which all candidates must meet.
Must be a member of the Loyal Order of
Moose at least the past five consecutive years (as of Sept.
Must be a member of the Moose Legion at least one year (as
of Sept. 30.)
Must have sponsored five or more lifetime applicants into a
Lodge or Chapter including at least one of them since May 1 of the prior
year (roughly the past 18 months at recommendation time.)
Must have credit for sponsoring at least one applicant into the
Moose Legion during their lifetime.
There will be 15 additional questions listed, and at least eight of them
need to be “yes” answers with specific details provided.. They include:
Is he a member of the 25 Club?
If a 25 Club member – Is he a member of a higher division?
Has he served five or more years as an appointed and or elected
Lodge Officer?
Has he served or is he presently serving as the Lodge Governor?
Has he served or is he presently serving as the Lodge
Has he served on Standing and or Special Lodge Committees,
other than the House Committee?
Has he volunteered in the social quarters or the kitchen as cook,
dishwasher, server, etc. over a period of several years?
Has he volunteered for clean-up, fix-up and repair projects within the lodge building facility?
Has he volunteered for clean-up, fix-up
and repairs projects outside the lodge building
facility, but still on the Lodge property?
Has he volunteered for Heart of the
Community initiatives and programs
(formerly referred to as: Community Service),
in the name of the Moose?
Has he been a member of the Moose
Charities League of Guardians?
Has he served the Association as an
appointed or elected officer (including district
Has he served as a Moose Legion
jurisdiction Director?
Has he been elected as an officer of the Council
of Higher Degrees?
Has he been active in working member retention? If so, what
has he done?
Again, the details on each “yes” answer must be provided to demonstrate the worthiness of the person being recommended. The form would
allow for the Recommendation Committee to highlight additional details
including “anything else” demonstrating the member’s worthiness of
advancement to the Fellowship Degree of Honor in a written resume.
Activity outside the Moose is not part of the consideration process.
Details provided are to describe the member’s service and
accomplishments in the name of the Moose and/or for the benefit of the
Moose, within the various units of the Order.