Anglo Saxon Literature: “Beowulf”

English III
1st Grading Period (2-3 weeks)
Power Objectives:
Academic Vocabulary:
 Read and comprehend complex texts. (11-12.R.4)
 Write informative/explanatory texts. (11-12.W.2)
 Initiate and participate effectively in a range of
collaborative discussions. (11-12.SL.1)
epic hero
 Caesura
 foil
Anglo Saxon Literature: “Beowulf”
Enduring Understandings:
Essential Questions:
 Literary pieces make up a canon and how they reflect
the time period they are from, i.e. Anglo-Saxon
 Literary characters reflect the social and cultural
context of the text.
 Universal themes cross all texts regardless of the
author’s point of view.
 What must a piece of literature include in order to be
part of the canon?
 How does an author show attitude and style?
 What are the various purposes of a piece of literature?
 How does an author present the theme and concepts
of a text?