Lawyers with Style

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foe Yastrow has practiced labor and employment law since 1978and has been with Laner,
Muchin sincer98r.
4. In one or two words, how would you describe your style?
"Flairly'' conservative(get it?)
ro. What advice do you have for a lawyer
trying to improve his or her professional
Do what goodlawyersdo - rcsearLl::i):-'*:i-.-
He is a partne! executive committee mem-
Iy, connect with a great mentor ani naric' si:a-
includes employment discrimination and ha-
5. What brand is your watch?
I have several,but my favorites are Chrono-
rassmentmatters, employment litigation) me-
swissand Girard-Perregaux.I also have a beau-
diations, collective bargaining, wage-and-hour
tiful Patek Philippe antique watch that was
rr. What is your No. r style pet peeve?
matters, OSHA investigations and arbiuations.
originaliy an engagementgift given to my dad
Too much black.
ber and president of the firm. His expertlse
to prepare in great detail.
by -y grandparents 6o years ago.
rz. Who is your favorite designer?
1. What's your favorite store to shop forwork
5. What do you wear on weekends?
Barneys,Nordstrom, Haberdash and E-Street
Sweats,khakis, jeans,flannel shirts, vintage T-
Denim in Highland Park,but I buy most of my
shirts and rugby jerseys(I used to play).
the West Loop owned by my friend, Lou DeaI.
z. If you are meeting with a new client or have
13. What's your favorite brand of shoes?
Fratelli Rossetti,Magnanni and Nike.
suits,ties, dressshirts and accessoriesfrom Executive Wardrobe, a private tailoring firm in
Ralph Lauren and Stefano Ricci.
7. Whose style do you admire?
My friend, renowned criminai defense attor-
r4. What accesso4/are you most sentimental
ney and fashion icon, Michael Monico, and
my nephew, Chuck Lutz.
My wedding ring. Thirry-three yearsand countirg-
your first day in court, what's your favorite
"power suitT'
8. Whatwas the first expensive piece of cloth-
Subtle pinstripe suit (charcoal or navy),white
ing that you purchased when you became a
r5. Why
should lawyers care about their
shirg white pocket square and a tie that pro-
jects a senseof style without saying"Hey,look
A navy blue pinstripe suit from the Fell Com-
Becausewhether you hke it or not, people do
at me."
pany in Highland Park. I could barely scrape
judge books by therr covers.If you can't men-
together the $r79 to pay for it.
age your appearanceand wardrobe, you can't
3. What is your favorite accessory?
Socks.This is my newest thing. I have really
expect people wrli trust vou to managemore
been having f un spicing up my wardrobe with
9. What's your favorite brand of ieans?
I still think Levi's are cool. I also like Gardeur
pattern socks.
and Joe'sJeans.
complicatedconcernssuch asrheir legalaffairs.
PIus,having a little swle rs fun.l
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