Newsletter - Great Basin Basketmakers

April 2017
Volume 31 Number 4
Edited by Kristy Dial
Next Meeting—Apr 6, 2017
Washoe Zephyr Gardens—11 AM
This is your last chance to sign-up for the 2017 GBB Retreat at Zephyr Point on Lake
Tahoe. It’s also payment due time for the retreat. We have a new project to work on at the
retreat for our upcoming exhibit at Reno-Tahoe Airport in November. Betty Hulse and Karen
Olson are going to direct the making of a wall sculpture. Everyone is invited to join in, this will
be ongoing during the retreat, so take a few minutes to join in the making. Here’s a teaser
photo of the beginning of the sculpture.
Today’s meeting program is the third in the basket weaving
series, put the finishing touches on your basket—could be
still weaving the sides and finishing off with a rim—most
likely a rolled border. Don’t forget your tools!!!
Karen O
At the March 2, 2017 meeting a survey was passed
around regarding the patch commemorating our 30th
year anniversary. There were 46 responses:
Embroidered Patch ......... 18
Apron ............................... 9
T-shirt ............................... 8
Bag 6Stay tuned for designs. The patch committee is
working very hard in getting the design out.
Great Basin Basketmakers
April 2017
Table of Contents
President’s Message ....................... Page 2
April Class ....................................... Page 2
March 2, Board Minutes... .............. Page 3
2017 GBB Retreat ........................... Page 4
Retreat Classes ............................... Page 5
Special Workshop ........................... Page 6
Page 1
Message from the President
Easter is almost here and I sure don’t know
where the first three months of the year went.
I am sitting thinking what is so magical about
basket weaving. I have always been “artistic” but
never was able to make a basket before I was
given a membership to the Great Basin Basketmakers. When I first started I had a basket that
I was curious about, we were going to Dr. Kay
Fowler’s for the program. I took a picture of the
basket and asked her about it. She told me how
it was made and probably who made it.
I was so awestruck she could tell by just looking at
a picture.
Fast forward seven years – I can now look at a
basket and kind of figure out how it was made –
mind you, my expertise will never equate to Dr.
That is part of the magic I see now, the other
part of what I enjoy so much is the friendships and
the relaxation when weaving. I have been frustrated but thank everyone who stuck with me and
encouraged me. I wish to thank all of you because
you have all been a part of my experiences.
Willow Stake and Strand Basket
Thursday, April 20, 2017 9:30—3:30
1st Congregational Church
Join Betty Hulse in making a willow Stake and Strand Basket.
You will make a base and a variation of French Randing will be
used for the basket.
If you are planning to take Betty's willow basket class in April,
now is the time to cut willow for the basket you will make.
Betty has cultivated willow in her garden you may cut and use if
you are taking the class. Part of basket making involves learning
to gather and prepare your materials. Betty will have available information about the number &
size of cuttings you will need and preparation instructions.
Willow for this basket needs to be dry and …then soaked for 10 days—2 weeks so it is pliable.
Contact Betty, 747-5794 or betty.huls[email protected] to signup and to make arrangements to cut
willow at her house or suggestions of other places in area she has cut native willow in past years.
Supplies: bobkin or large awl, knife, rapping devise, weight, old towels to keep willow wet, spray
bottle and gloves. Material Fees: none because you will supply
Class Fee: $25 member/$30 non-member Bring your lunch!!!!!
Willow Tunnels Borders
On a very windy morning of March 4th, Connie Douglas, Julia Richardson, and Sandy Zoerner joined
Lindsey Panton of Keep Truckee Meadows beautiful in the Sensory Garden at Idlewild Park.
We did some trimming and reforming of the willow tunnels. It will be fun to watch the progress of
the willows as they start leafing out.
Great Basin Basketmakers
April 2017
Page 2
Meeting Date: March 2, 2017
Time Meeting Called To Order: 11:00 am
Correction/Approval to Minutes: Approved
Meeting Place: 1st Congregational Church, Reno
By: Bonnie Kennedy
Treasurers Report By: Julia: Checking Account $4,423.32, Savings Account $5,366.68, Total $9,790.00
Membership report by: Julia: 62 current members and 6 lifetime members
Monthly Classes report by: Karen: March 16, Random Weave Basket, Susan Lester, teacher, Reno. Materials provided
unless you have your own preferred materials. March 25, Mystery Easter T-shirt Basket, Karen Olson, Washoe. Bring
empty waxed carton, a couple of T-shirts (seamless sides preferred) and a friend. Learn to make t-shirt yarn. April 20,
Willow Basket, Betty Hulse teacher, Reno. You will need to gather and prepare the willow 10 days prior to class. Call
Betty for places to cut willow. A good reference is the book “Weaving Naturally In The Great Basin” book available for
$16. Fee for class $25, no material cost. May 13 & 14, Don Kennedy will teach Copper Classes, bowls or flowers for 4
people per day. Wear long sleeve cotton shirt, no flip flops or shorts, ear protection. You will learn template, shear,
welding, polishing. Class fee $25, and $25 materials.
Special Workshops Report by: Susan: Nothing new, Jill Robertson not coming. Peta Tinay workshop is still an option,
making a smaller intermediate level basket. Flyer and sign-up sheet passed around at meeting.
Retreat report: Nancy May 16th—19th. $275 fee includes Room and Board and 2 class fees and beautiful views of the
lake. Deadline for signing up is April Meeting, you may make a deposit at any time prior. Classes are: Wednesday,
Karen Rosselli, Round Reed Spiraled Fruit Basket, Wednesday, Kaylee Mayne, Double Take. ½ double wall basket, Kaylee
has colors available. Thursday, Sue Ann Monteleone, Patterns in Fine Tule. Thursday, Bonnie Kennedy, Pine Needle
Basket with Nevada Medallion. Please bring donations for auction and raffle to the May Meeting. We will vote on best
weaver, and the winner will receive $50 for best project.
Special Projects report: Saturday, March 11, 10-12 Weavers needed at Idyllwild Park for willow tunnel. Wear warm
clothes; bring twine, cutters and Clorox to sterilize tools.
The November and December Gallery at the Airport - Committee members are Betty Hulse, Carol Thomas, Kaylee
Mayne, April Barber and Nancy Strictland. Everyone needs to participate, even beginning weavers. Enter anything you
want, space will be used to best advantage. There will be 6-8 locked cases, with a theme in each case. Each item will
need an artists bio, don’t get hung up on details, flyer for KISS passed out for guidance. There will be a Copper outline of
Nevada to be decorated by weavers. Need all pieces by August meeting, set up mid-October and grand opening in
November. Security will need to know who will attend. Karen will accept objects with id at any time. Betty has an idea
for a wall hanging made from yarn.
Don’t forget Silver State Art Festival September 23-24.
Library Report: Pam not here, Betty reminded books not yet returned. Catherine Morris will take books to Washoe.
Raffle: We need donations to keep raffle going. Today, two (2 separate raffle items) loaves of whole grain bread and
jam/jelly; Fabric basket; and Calabaza Gourd Art Pin
Announcements: If anyone has seen the brown binder Cordage book, please contact Trish Work.
New Business: Susan - The NBO letter featured the Salt Spring Island 20th Anniversary with pictures of the members
with items they made, will do and have done. (look at letter) Regarding our 30 year patch, a list to buy patch or finished
item, shirt, apron, or bag passed around. An embroidered patch will be more expensive, but could be put on item of
your choice. Vinyl/waterproof aprons a possibility.
Adjournment time: 11:58 am
Great Basin Basketmakers
Number in attendance: 29
April 2017
Page 3
May 16th - 19th
Hello Weavers!
The time is coming up
for our Annual Retreat. And it promises to be
another great time weaving on the shores of
Lake Tahoe. We will be gathering at the Zephyr
Point Presbyterian Conference center from May
16th - 19th. On Wednesday, we have two reed
classes to choose from.
The classes, room and meals will be only
$275.00, a private room and meals will cost
To hold your place., send your check today. We will not deposit them until the first of April.
Please make checks payable to “”GBB” and mail to:
Nancy Strickland, 1400 Cherokee Trail, Reno, NV 89521
Material fees are payable to each instructor so send separate checks for them to hold your place in
the class.
Kaylee Mayne will be teaching a double split base double wall basket, sounds like double trouble and
double fun to me. Karen Rosselli will be helping us with a reed and seagrass fruit basket.
On Thursday, Bonnie Kennedy will show us how to make a pine needle basket using a chase weave
and Sue Ann Monteleone will teach us how to tame tule in a sweet little basket.
Thursday night auction…
There will be an embellishment fair and our usual Thursday night auction, to help fund next year's
retreat. We must have all monies and donated items for the Auction by the April 6th meeting.
During the May meeting we will have the best basket competition of the donated baskets.
The winner will receive $50 and bragging rights for weaving the best basket of our 30th year.
There maybe a few surprises coming too. So get your fingers ready for a fun weave on the lake!
Great Basin Basketmakers
April 2017
Page 4
Retreat Classes ~ May 17 & 18 Signup toMay 17th
“Double Take”
This year at the retreat join Kaylee Mayne on Wednesday, May 17th in making
a different kind of double wall basket called “Double Take.” It will be made on
a double grooved base. You will have your choice of two different colors to use
with plain spokes and rim. Lashing will be with fine cane. Techniques will be
twining, start and stop, three rod wale, and a “Hair Pin” border. Any questions
call or email Kaylee at 775-781-9356 or [email protected]
Material fees are $20 (please pay Kaylee by May 1st).
May 17th "Round Reed Spiraled Fruit Basket"
Karen Rosselli will teach on Wednesday, May 17th at the retreat "Round
Reed Spiraled Fruit Basket". A good beginner basket from base to rim.
The weaver will learn twining techniques with reed and sea grass.
You will need a pair of scissors, a packing tool, an awl, clothes pins, towel
and soaking bucket.
Material fees $25.00
May 18th
"Patterns in Fine Tule"
Sue Ann Monteleone will be teaching at our Tahoe
Retreat "Patterns in Fine Tule." Weavers will create
a small twined basket of fine triangular tule using varying
twining techniques and color designs using strips of shiny
dark brown tule bases. Tools: you will need small sharp
scissors, small awl, bone folder/bone awl, spray bottle,
two small towels and soaking tray.
Material fees are $20.00.
May 18th
“Pine Needle Basket”
Join Bonnie Kennedy in being inspired by Lake Tahoe while making
this pine needle basket, with all the different colors incorporated.
We will be making a pine needle basket using a chase weave with
two different colors of pine needles and/or thread.
There will be a variety of bases, including Nevada stones.
Material fee will be $25.00.
Great Basin Basketmakers
April 2017
Page 5
Special Workshops Update
Susan Lester
Peeta Tinay has contacted us about a return trip to Reno to
teach her Ring Border Basket. Peeta is a fantastic teacher
and her basket is beautiful. Please let me know:
[email protected] if you are Interested. She has no
date in mind yet, just wanted to know if we have the
interest in support her coming again.
This is a great opportunity for us. I hope we can support
her coming to Reno for another class.
The Ring Border Basket is similar to the 4-Inset Handle
Basket we made in a previous class. The basket base
construction is the same. The way the side spokes, side
weaving and Ring Border work are a little different.
The dimensions of the sample for the Ring Border
Basket are 18" diameter by 7" tall. Students have an
option to have this 18" x 7" size or weave a larger base
with shorter sides.
All of Peeta’s intermediate/advanced level classes are a full 3 days with 8 hours of class instruction per day.
10 student minimum with a 12 student maximum. This is an intermediate/advanced level class. Hand
strength and a twining experience are required.
Tuition per student $300.00 Prepared materials per student $95.00 Optional full color instructions $20.00
In addition to the above fees, students will have split Peeta’s travel expenses—approximately $825.00.
The following is an outline for the 3 days of class:
Day 1: The first day we will start off talking about the project. There are two ways students can construct
this basket. Both options will be discussed as we look over the Ring Border sample basket.
Then we will move onto a "warm up" base start. This will be a base using #6 round reed and #2 bleached
round reed. I will demonstrate how I start the base by talking, showing my hand placement and tension on
materials. Students will then work for 45 minutes to and hour on these basketry starts then set them aside.
This warm up base is large enough to turn into a project in the future. The purpose of these warm up
basketry base starts is to have a good refresher of twining. The base for the Ring Border Basket is a focal
point so we want the initial twining to be as nice looking as possible.
Students will then transition to the base for the Ring Border Basket. The techniques that will be discussed
and executed during day one will be tension on materials and the dome of the base.
The goal for the first day of class is to finish the basket base.
Day 2: The second day of class students will be putting the side spokes into the base and weave up the side
of the basket. While doing this students will be focused on shaping the side of the basket.
Students will most likely get to the point of starting the Ring Border. As the Ring Border is worked close attention will be paid to tightening and measurement with each step.
Day 3: Students will continue working on the Ring Border with attention paid to the tightening and
measuring of each step of the Ring Border. Trimming, touch up and glue will finish the Ring Border basket.
Great Basin Basketmakers
April 2017
Page 6
Next Month’s Newsletter Editor is:
Kristy Dial - [email protected]
Please submit articles for May 2017
newsletter by April 12th
Upcoming Events
May 4-7, 2017
May 6-7 2017
May 16-19, 2017
July 18-23, 2017
Sep 23-24, 2017
Conference of No California Handweavers in Asilomar, CA
Misti Washington Gourd and Basket Guild Conference in San Diego
GBB Annual Retreat, Zephyr Cove
NBO Conference, Tacoma, WA (Registration now open)
Silver State Art Festival, Carson City, NV
2017 Officers and Committee Members
Vice President :
Guild Secretary:
Treasurer/Mem :
Bonnie Kennedy
Gloria Gaytan-Robles
Ferne Olson
Julia Richardson
Board Co-chair:
Board Co-chair:
Board At Large:
Board At Large:
Board At Large:
Trisha Work
Cat Wahrenbrock
Pam Wilcox
Anne Bacon
Lorrie Moore
Committees: Programs & Classes: Kristy Dial, Susan Lester, Karen Olson; Library: Pam Wilcox;
Special Workshops: Lorrie Moore, Susan Lester; Outreach: Nancy Strickland, Don Kennedy;
Retreat: Gloria Gaytan-Robles, Kaylee Mayne, Nancy Strickland; Grants: Julia Richardson,
Betty Hulse, Carol Thomas; Raffle: Lorrie Moore; Website: Karen Olson;
Newsletter Editors: Karen Olson, Kristy Dial
If you are able to volunteer your service to help out GBB in any way, please contact
Bonnie Kennedy at [email protected] or (775)323-8554
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Send this completed form and check payable to Great Basin Basketmakers and mail to:
Great Basin Basketmakers * P. O. Box 11844 * Reno, NV 89510-1844
Great Basin Basketmakers
April 2017
Page 7
Great Basin Basketmakers
Post Office Box 11844
Reno, Nevada 89510-1844
Our Mission
The main focus of the Great
Basin Basketmakers is to
make baskets, to learn
everything possible about
the tradition and
techniques of basketry and
to pass this knowledge
along to others.
Great Basin Basketmakers
Great Basin Basketmakers
Established January 1987
Meetings the first Thursday of each month alternating
between First Congregational Church of Reno, located at 627
Sunnyside Dr., Reno and Washoe Zephyr Gardens, Washoe Valley.
Open business meeting at 11:00 AM. All are welcome.
Bring a sack lunch. Show & Tell/Lunch 12-1 PM. Program starts
at 1:00 PM.
Membership dues for Great Basin Basketmakers are $25/yr,
$10 extra per household member per yr, $5 extra for a mailed
newsletter. Dues are to be paid annually in January. Membership
includes monthly newsletter, access to large library and reduced
workshop rates.
Please direct address, email changes, membership dues,
and requests for membership to PO Box 11844, Reno, NV 89510.
Questions regarding workshops, events, etc. may be directed to
GBB president, Bonnie Kennedy at [email protected] or
check our website at:
Information to be exchanged among GBB members may be
directed to: [email protected]
April 2017
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