Mathematical Translations/English to Algebra

Mathematical Translations
Mathematical Expression
English Statement
is, are, was, were, has, have, cost, costs
the sum of x more than y, y more than x, x added to y, x greater than y, y greater than
x, x increased by y, y increased by x
y less than x, the difference between x and y, x decreased by y
x less than y, the difference between y and x, y decreased by x
or ⁄ or
the product of x and y, x multiplied by y, y multiplied by x, x time y, y times x
x divided by y, the quotient of x and y
x percent
x squared, x to the second power, x times itself
x divided by the sum of y and z
x multiplied by the difference of y and z
x percent of the difference between y and z
y less than x times itself
x percent greater than y
x percent less than y