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Issue 15
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14th December 2015
St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, Firshill Crescent, Sheffield S4 7BX
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School Meals Week 1
View the school meal menu online at
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School Christmas Dinner will be on Wednesday 16th December. The
options are turkey or quorn roast, vegetarian sausage, carrots,
sweetcorn, roast potatoes and gravy. Dessert is crispy Christmas
pudding. There will be no jacket potato or pick and mix on this day.
There is no need to pre-order your child’s Christmas dinner – they can
order on the day.
Attendance and Punctuality
Miss Sefton
Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Wood
Year 1AH
Mrs Hughes and Miss Johnson
Year 1PH
Mr Higgins
Year 2JW
Miss Weir
Year 2JP
Mr Park
Year 3RH
Miss Handy
Year 3BH
Mr Harper
Year 4GG
Miss Gleeson
Year 4MT
Mrs Tipping
Year 5OW
Mrs Wilson
Year 5LI
Ms Illien
Year 6SJ
Mrs Jennings
Year 6FS
Miss Scott
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Monday 14th December at 2.30pm
Carol Concert in the Community Centre
Wednesday 16th December 10.30am and 2pm
Foundation Stage Nativity in School Hall
Wednesday 16th December at 2pm
Piano and Mince Pies
in the Community Centre
Overall school attendance last week was
Important Dates
Wednesday 16th December 9.15am
5LI 6SJ Advent Assembly in School Hall
Well done to 3RH for the highest attendance last week! There were 55
late marks last week.
Thursday 17th December 9.15am
5OW 6FS Advent Assembly in School Hall
% Attendance
Monday 18th January 7pm
Young Voices
Monday 1st to Friday 5th February
Safer Internet Week
Friday 26th February
Year 6 Big Sing at All Saints
Thank you for Year 1 for
bringing buns last week. This
week it is the turn of Reception
children to provide buns!
Thursday 17th December at 2.30pm
School of Rock in the Old School Hall
Friday 18th December 9.30am
Mass in Community Centre
Monday 14th March
Early Bird Week
Friday 18th March
Sport Relief
Issue 15
www.stcatherines.academy ~ classnews.stcatherines.academy ~ @_stcatherines
14th December 2015
St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, Firshill Crescent, Sheffield S4 7BX
Parent Forum
Contact Parent Forum by emailing
[email protected]
Christmas Fair
On Wednesday, we will have the final Parent Forum Coffee Morning
Afternoon … from January, it will return to the normal day and time of
Tuesday 9am to 10am.
Thank you for your support last
Friday for the Christmas Fair!
It was an incredibly long and
busy day for the Parent Forum
volunteers, and they worked so
hard to make sure the children
had a wonderful time!
This Wednesday from 2:30pm, there will be a Christmas Celebration
for the Parent Forum, school will be providing some festive nibbles as
a massive THANK YOU for all of the support that we receive from the
Parent Forum throughout the year. Everyone is welcome, we hope you
can come!
Goodbye, Mrs Woodhouse!
On Friday we say goodbye to a treasured member of staff.
Mrs Woodhouse has worked at St Catherine’s for 16 years! The school
will not be the same without her.
Mrs Winterbottom will take over Mrs Woodhouse’s duties when we
return to school in January.
Payments at the Office
A common request we receive at the office is for a receipt to be given.
On very rare occasions, money does not make its way to the right
department, resulting in confusion.
We have thought hard about how best to tackle these issues:
From January, if you are paying something to school, you must
queue at the office, make payment and receive a receipt. We will
record every transaction that passes through the office.
There will be no post boxes and no plastic money bags for parents
to use.
You will not be able to pay anything at the classroom door, other
than bun money.
You will not be able to send your child with money in their bag.
Payment must be made at the school office.
If you want to avoid the queue, you can pay online at
The Parent Forum will be
counting the proceeds this
week, and we will let you know
soon how much money has
been raised from both the fair
and the disco.
Christmas Raffle
We are having a raffle this
Christmas: the tickets will be on
sale for 20p each at the school
office until 9:30am on Friday
From tomorrow, children can
buy their tickets from the office
at lunchtimes. The raffle will be
drawn on Friday afternoon. The
proceeds from the raffle will go
towards the Gary Matthewson
Memorial Fund. Thank you for
your support!
Milk and
After School Clubs
Remember, Friday is the
deadline for paying for Milk or
After School Clubs at the office.
You have until Sunday 27th
December to pay online.
Issue 15
www.stcatherines.academy ~ classnews.stcatherines.academy ~ @_stcatherines
14th December 2015
St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, Firshill Crescent, Sheffield S4 7BX
Year 2 Nativity
You can view the Year 2 Nativity online, for free!
To watch, go to the Videos page on our website:
The password to watch is joseph
If you would like to buy a DVD, the cost of this is £5. Please make
payment to the school office.
Admission Policy
When there are significant changes, we review our Admission Policy
and open it up to review by our parents.
The policy is available to view online at:
If you have any comment to make, the deadline for consultation is
31st January 2016. You can email feedback to
[email protected]