Video One Worksheet

The First Amendment: Freedoms of Speech and Press
Video Worksheet
Key Terms: Define each of the following terms.
Bill of Rights
Unalienable rights
Freedom of the press
Freedom of speech
Freedom of opinion
Alien and Sedition Acts
Key People: Explain each of the following persons’ views on the First Amendment using
clear examples for the video.
James Madison
Alexander Hamilton
Patrick Henry
Thomas Jefferson
George & Martha Washington
John & Abigail Adams
Five Freedoms Listed in the First Amendment:
1. ________________________
2. ________________________
3. ________________________
4. ________________________
5. ________________________
During the beginning of the Republic, freedom of speech and freedom of the press were
often intertwined. Describe how this happened, using examples from the video.
Compare and contrast Adams’ and Jefferson’s views on the Alien and Sedition Acts. What is
your opinion on the Alien and Sedition Acts? Is a similar debate still going on today? If so,
explain a recent example from present day pertaining to the same issue.
Do you think there should be a limit to our liberties relating to the First Amendment?
Explain why or why not.
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