Simile and Metaphor Game

March 10, 2016
Random Pairs
What is a noun?
Why use figurative language?
-Metaphors and similes
are comparisons.
- Comparisons are
similarities both nouns
have in common or
things that are alike for
both of the nouns.
The heart of figurative language is the gut
reaction it sets off in the reader. Finding fresh,
new, different, and memorable ways to make
comparisons is how authors get a response from
the reader. It makes the story come alive. It
keeps the reader interested and involved in the
March 10, 2016
How are cats and computers similar?
- both purr when happy
- associated with a mouse
- have a mind of their own
How are cats and computers similar?
- often don't listen to their owner's instructions
or commands
- both had a "T" in them
- both begin with the letter "C"
- can be purchased
- can be broken
- can give owner pleasure
- can die
- hate water
- can be donated
- you could kick both of them (but you should
So I could compare a cat and computer by
The computer was like a cat when it completely
ignored my commands!
On each slip of paper,
write one noun.
Fold each slip of paper
in half.
March 10, 2016
Each of you will select a slip of paper.
Do not look until I say "GO."
You will have three minutes to create your list
of similarities.
Create a metaphor for your two nouns.
Create a simile for your two nouns.
-Use your lists to create a hyperbole.
- Create a tongue twister using alliteration.
- Use imagery to create a vivid sentence!
First Period:
MetaphorThe LG is a snake because it is slow.
Let's share!
SimilePeyton Manning runs down the field like a
graceful cat.
HyperboleGrandma is so hungry that she could eat all of
McDonalds. She would even eat the bathrooms
and the walls.
AlliterationGarfield the grumpy cat is grumpy like Nellie
the Narwal with no grub.
ImageryThe Narwal stabbed the scaly fish and it's
gooey guts spilled into the cool sea.
March 10, 2016
Fifth Period:
Second Period:
SimileThe cow was so fast he looked like a spiraling
Sarah came home and started to growl like a
bear because she was so hungry.
MetaphorMy horse's tail is a paint brush.
The beach was hotter than a microwave.
Applebee's is a million miles away!
The deer was as big as an elephant.
The basketball bounced in the basketball goal.
The crazy cat climbed carefully across the
Jimmy jumped the giant joggers like a dog.
ImageryThe magical, sparkling unicorn spit out the
chewed and mashed pencil.
Sixth Period:
SimileThe beach is as hot as a microwave.
MetaphorSterling is a dog when it comes to playing with a
HyperboleThe beach felt like it was 1,000 degrees!
The teacher's beard was as fluffy as a yak.
AlliterationJr. jumps, juggles, and jiggles in the Jeep.
ImageryWe watched Tre as he brushed his long, wet
The dog ran into the bakery in New York.
The wet dog, smelling like rotten fish, ran
frantically into the aged bakery after hearing
the roaring and beeping of the city cars.