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February 2016
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
-John and Sarah Wolfe
We hope everyone is enjoying the winter season! So far, Mother Nature
has been kind to the Truckee/Tahoe area and it has been nice to see our
local businesses thriving in winter again.
11357 Donner Pass Rd., Ste E
(Next to New Moon Natural Foods)
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 587-0102
In the flooring business, this is the time of year when we start receiving new
products and updates. We are seeing a lot of patterned carpets again this
year (including one the features a tree branch pattern) and the gray color
trend seems to be continuing. We will also be getting a new vinyl plank
product that is completely waterproof and can be installed over existing
flooring, including ceramic tile. Over the next couple of months, we will be
receiving these new products in store so come by and check them out.
Be sure to check out this month’s insert, with a funny, light-hearted
Valentine special!
Your Friends,
Lori Breuch!
You are this month’s
Mystery Winner!
We have a $10.00 Wild
Cherries gift card reserved just
for you! Come by our store to
claim your prize!
Thank You For The
Kind Words!
“We can’t say enough about the
fine service that we received
from John and Sarah. Our
shopping experience was A
number 1 in both quality and
service. We would definitely
recommend Precision Flooring
to friends.”
- Tom and Carol R., Truckee
John & Sarah
John and Sarah Wolfe
Month at a Glance!
February 2
Groundhog Day
February 8
Chinese New Year
February 12
Lincoln’s Birthday
February 14
Valentine’s Day
February 15
President’s Day
Go Ahead, Get Cheesy!
You are protected by Precision Flooring’s 100%
Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee!
Guarantee #1 - “Zero Regrets Guarantee!”
You’ll love your new floors or we’ll replace them
FREE! If at any time during the first 30 days after
installation you decide you don’t like your new
flooring for whatever reason, just let us know.
We’ll replace the materials (equal or lesser value)
free of charge. (With an outrageously good
guarantee like this, we can’t include the cost of
installation, so you’ll have to cover that.)
Guarantee #2 - Lifetime Installation Warranty
Buying flooring is not like buying any other piece
of interior décor, such as a sofa or a lamp. Why?
Because unlike other products, flooring is installed
or “manufactured” in your home. This makes the
installation critical. We offer a lifetime installation
warranty at Precision Flooring. You NEVER have
to worry about something going wrong with the
installation. If it does, we’ll fix it FREE! And we’ll
do it quickly.
Guarantee #3 - Installer Professionalism
Precision Flooring’s installers are neat, clean,
well-groomed, well-spoken and professional.
They are trained and certified. They are guests in
your home, and they conduct themselves as such.
You’ll receive the highest-quality installation in the
business. And after they’re finished, they will
leave your home as neat and clean as when they
Win dinner for two at the
FiftyFifty Brewing Co!
Take our Trivia Challenge
and you could win!
This month’s Mega Trivia question….
The world's first escalator was built in Coney
Island, NY, in:
A) 1940, B) 1885, C) 1929, D) 1896
To enter, send an email to
[email protected] with
“Mega Trivia Contest” in the subject line.
Take your best guess…your chances of
winning are better than you think! The correct
answers will be compiled and a drawing will
be held on Friday, February 26th. Winner
will be notified by email. Prize is a $75 gift
card to FiftyFifty Brewing Company in
Truckee. And don’t worry - your email
address will not be used for any other
purpose (marketing or otherwise), only for
contest entry.
Would you believe love poems
and messages are not
overrated? Sure, some may
consider them cheesy and
they can invoke an inner
register that turns us beet red.
Yet, do you remember the
early stages of a new
relationship when things like
that were anything but
cheesy? They grew and
deepened feelings of
appreciation, romance and
love. They were exciting!
Fast forward past that
‘honeymoon phase’ and
romance often wanes. For
some, the relationship makes
a hard turn along the way, and
the smallest matter explodes into a wedge that drives a couple
Before that ever happens to you, get cheesy! Write love
poems and messages, which invoke romance into your
relationship, and here’s why:
They are an awesome way to communicate, in depth, the
feelings you have for your special someone. Get real with your
emotions and give light to your passion rather than leaving
things unsaid or falling under assumption. Remember, most
people love it when their special someone is romantic; they
appreciate the effort.
Your words have the ability to kick
the dust off that romance and get
you back to the ‘honeymoon
phase’. Do you remember how
great those days were?
Look for ways to boost the
romance, such as leaving your
special message on your special
someone’s desk, pillow, or slipping
it inside their lunch bag for a
surprise find. Make it personal and
handwritten – avoid those
electronic send options!
Of course, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, which brought
on the topic of love, but keep writing and sending your love
messages beyond the Valentine, and keep looking for ways to
keep the romance alive!
Much unhappiness has come into the world because of
bewilderment and things left unsaid.
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Thank You to
Our Clients!
Welcome to our new
and returning clients!
Baron, D
Community First CU
Dietz, K
Drunken Monkey
High Sierra Custom Construction
Howard, D
Jorgenson, R
King, M
Mark Tanner Construction
Mike Donica Construction
Morken Construction
Morley, L
Mulcahy, B
Northstar Resort
O’Donnell, J
Ort, M
Sugar Bowl Resort
Tony Hardy Construction
Timbercraft Construction
Village at Squaw Valley
A gigantic THANK YOU to
all who referred us last
month……We appreciate
the confidence you have
in Precision Flooring!
Client of the Month
Congratulations to our
client of the month,
Kelly Dietz!
Kelly recently remodeled her
home and included beautiful
new hardwood, carpet, and
window treatments! She has
an eye for design and
everything turned out
beautifully! We wish the Dietz
family many, many years of
happiness in their new home;
thank you!
As always, our clients of the
month receive a $10 gift card to
Wild Cherries Coffee House in
Watch for your name here in
a coming month!
Why is the
Chinese New Year Different?
We, in North America, celebrate the New Year on January first. That is
according to the Gregorian calendar, which is the common
internationally used calendar.
The Chinese New Year is set on a lunar calendar. This means the date
of the New Year will fluctuate from year-to-year, but will always fall
within January 21 to February 20.
In 2016, the Chinese New Year falls on
Monday, February 8th. This is their zodiac
year of the Monkey. Each person has a
unique zodiac based on their year of birth
according to the lunar calendar. Those
born in 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2016
have a Chinese zodiac of the Monkey.
Key attributes of Monkey zodiac people
are fun, loving, curious, cheerful,
energetic, clever, and they are excellent
problem-solvers with a thirst for
knowledge. They can listen and work out a
solution in unison and are considered
great companions.
To those who celebrate, Happy Chinese New Year, and may it be an
excellent year for all the Monkeys.
What is February Anyway?
February was one of the last
months to be added to the
old Roman Calendar around
713 BC. Back then it was the
last month on the calendar.
That changed near 450 BC
when February became the
second month, and it only had 23 to 24 days. It was followed by a 27day intercalary month, which kept seasons in line with the calendar.
When the Julian calendar took over, that intercalary month was
dropped, February grew to 28 days, and a 29-day leap year began. This
is the shortest month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars – we use
the Gregorian calendar today. February is also the third month of winter
in the northern hemisphere and the third month of summer in the
southern hemisphere.
Throughout every calendar year, February starts on the same day of the
week as March and November when it’s a 28-day month, and as August
in leap years. It shares the last day with October and January during
standard years. Plus, because of the standard 28-day cycle, February is
the only month that may go without a full moon. The next time that
happens it will be 2018.
February is Library Lovers Month
Inside This Issue…
 Are you this month’s Mystery
 Month at a Glance!
 Did You Know
 Mega Trivia Contest
 Go Ahead, Get Cheesy
 Thank You for the Kind Words
 Client of the Month
 Why is the Chinese New Year
 What is February Anyway?
 February is Library Lovers Month
 Thank you to Our Clients
If you haven’t visited your local library in a while, here are 5 reasons why you should:
With your identification, you can borrow materials for free. That often includes books,
CDs, DVDs, and more.
The variety is endless, from contemporary fiction, cookbooks and magazines to poetry,
children’s books and endless non-fiction topics. A library fulfills a reader’s craving
without draining the bank account or worrying about space on home bookshelves.
Free Internet access is available at most libraries, and many have computers available
that are hooked up to the Internet. You might have to reserve a station with the
librarian, but it can be worth it.
Movies, music and video games are available in many libraries too, which is an ideal
alternative to services like cable, Netflix, or rental options.
Most common, the library is a natural place to go to do research in the non-fiction
section, periodicals, resource department, and special research websites accessible
through library access portals.
11357 Donner Pass Rd., Ste E
Truckee, CA 96161
Are you this
Home Advisor
Reliable news for healthy living, saving money, and having fun!
February 2016