TRUE/FALSE: Write the whole word TRUE or FALSE on the line on your answer document.
1. The setting of this novel is America in 1937.
2. “We” in this novel normally refers to society as a whole.
3. Children go to school for 10 years before learning of their Life Mandate.
4. The sleeping halls are white, clean, bare, and have 100 beds.
5. Old, to this society, occurs after the age of 40.
6. The Uncharted Forest is located behind the City Theatre.
7. This novel is written in third person point of view.
8. “Wagons without horses” refers to motorized vehicles.
9. The narrator was raised by his parents.
10. The narrator’s greatest goal in life was to achieve a college education.
11. The narrator’s favorite subject was The Science of Things.
12. The narrator has become aware of himself in this novel as an individual separate from society.
13. The narrator was held for one year for his crime.
14. Equality 7-2521 is a field worker.
15. Equality 7-2521 is 30 years old and is 6 feet tall.
FILL-IN THE BLANK: On your answer document, write the word(s) that completes the sentence. Choose from
the possibilities in the box below. Not all choices will be used.
A frog
A hole in the ground
Collective 0-0009
Council of Scholars
Home of the Scholars
International 4-8818
Liberty 5-3000
Life Mandate
Palace of Corrective Detention
Palace of Scholars
To need something
16. Ayn Rand defined _____ as a philosophy for living on earth.
17. How old is Liberty 5-3000 when she and Equality 7-2521 meet?
18. The woman that the narrator falls in love with is _____.
19. What do Equality and International discover?
20. What does the narrator use for light in the beginning of the novel?
21. What is the one crime punishable by death?
22. What is the Transgression of Preference?
23. Where is Equality 7-2521 taken to be lashed?
24. Who chooses jobs for people in this society?
To want something
Transgression of Discovery
Transgression of Preference
Transgression of the
Unspeakable Word
Vocational Council
World Council
MULTIPLE CHOICE: Write the letter of the best answer in the space on your answer document.
Ayn Rand’s personal philosophy is based on
a. Collectivism
c. Supernaturalism
b. Objectivism
d. Naturalism
26. Who is International 4-8818?
a. The Golden One’s father
b. A member of the World Council
c. Equality 7-2521’s “best” friend
27. Most of the men in the City went to work
a. In the job of their choice at age 15.
b. In a job chosen by the Vocational
Council at age 20.
c. In a job of their choice at age 20
28. The narrator runs away
a. Because his girlfriend dumps him
b. Because the Council refuses his
invention and threatens to kill him.
29. Equality and Liberty are alike in what way?
a. They both are enthusiastic about
the society in which they live.
b. They are both searching for
freedom from their society.
d. One of the screamers at the home
of the students
d. In a job chosen by the Vocational
Council at age 15.
c. Because he is disgusted with his job
as a Street Sweeper
d. Because he is not allowed to marry
his girlfriend.
c. They are both Street Sweepers.
d. They were raised in the same home
and went to school together.
30. In the house the narrator reads a great many books. In these books he discovers a character after
which he names himself. Who is this character?
a. Adolf Hitler
c. Zeus
b. Daffy Duck
d. Prometheus
31. Where does Equality 7-2521 write the beginning part of the novella?
a. In a cave
c. At his house
b. In a tunnel
d. On the street
32. What attracts Equality 7-2521 to Liberty 5-3000?
a. Her sly and secretive behavior
b. Her beauty and strength of
33. What does the Golden One do for a living?
a. She is a scholar
b. She is a street sweeper
c. Her obedience to her superiors
d. Her kindness to forest animals
c. She is a cook
d. She is a peasant
34. Why do the members of the World Council of Scholars reject the light bulb?
a. Because they are afraid of it
c. Because they already have one
b. Because the bulb doesn’t work
d. Because the bulb is too bright
35. Equality 7-2521 was able to escape from prison because
a. He had International 4-8818
c. The prison was not guarded and
bring him a file.
the locks were old and frail.
b. He built the prison and knew of a
d. He paid the prison guard.
secret passage.
36. Equality 7-2521 was chosen to be a Street Sweeper because
a. His father was a Street Sweeper
d. He suggested to a friend that he
b. He scored highest on the Street
would like to be a Street
Sweeper aptitude test.
c. He was challenging the society
order with his intelligence
37. Where does Equality 7-2521 meet the Golden One?
a. In the Palace of Mating
b. At the World Council of Scholars
c. In the field
d. At the Home of Students
38. What word doesn’t the Golden One know until the end of the novella?
a. “You”
c. “We”
b. “Them”
d. “I”
39. Who is Prometheus?
a. The Roman god of fire
b. The Golden One
c. The man who stole fire from the
d. The god of the underworld
40. The first time they meet, what does Equality 7-2521 say to the Golden One?
a. “What is your name?”
c. “We love you.”
b. “Dearest one . . .”
d. Nothing
41. What does Equality 7-2521 believe is the most important concept known to man by the end
of the novel?
a. Light
c. Privacy
b. Ego
d. Silence
42. Where does the story take place?
a. New York
b. Anthem
c. Russia
d. The location is unspecified
43. Equality 7-2521 discovers which of the following?
a. Lightning
b. Electricity
c. Subatomic particles
d. Greek manuscripts
44. When does the story take place?
a. 1984
b. 2015
c. 3004
d. The year is unspecified
45. Who built the house in which Equality 7-2521 and the Golden One live at the end of the
a. The Homebuilders
c. Equality 7-2521
b. The Golden One
d. Men from the Unmentionable
46. How does Equality 7-2521 discover electricity?
a. In a thunderstorm
b. By sticking his finger in a socket
c. While dissecting a frog hanging
on a copper wire
d. The Golden One tells him about
47. Of whom does Equality 7-2521 consider himself a disciple?
a. The Golden One
c. Collective 0-0009
b. Jesus Christ
d. The Transgressor of the
Unspeakable Word
48. Where does Equality 7-2521 go when he is exiled?
a. The tunnel
b. The Palace of Corrective
c. The forest
d. His new house
49. What is the significance of the uncharted forest in Anthem?
a. It represents freedom
c. It represents peaceful seclusion
b. It represents love
d. It represents the unknown
50. What is the significance of the story of the Transgressor of the Unspeakable Word?
a. To symbolize the importance of
c. To serve as a warning
dying for an ideal.
d. To make the story more intense
b. To bring terror to those who
struggle with becoming