Notice of Completion: Marathon Landfill

The Town of Marathon has completed an Environmental Screening Process (ESP) in accordance with Ontario
Regulation 101/07 under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act to increase the geographic service area of the
Town’s landfill site located 1 km northeast of Highway 17 in O’Neill Unorganized Township, District of Thunder Bay.
The Town is proposing to increase the service area of the landfill to allow for acceptance of waste from Pic River First
Nation, Pukaskwa National Park and Heron Bay. The ESP concluded that the project is not expected to result in any
significant net effects.
An Environmental Screening Report has been made available for viewing at the Municipal Office located at 4 Hemlo
Drive, Marathon, Ontario, and on the Town of Marathon website ( Subject to comments
received as a result of this Notice and the receipt of necessary approvals, the Town of Marathon intends to proceed
with this project.
Public participation forms an integral
part of the study to ensure that
comments and concerns are identified,
documented and assessed. Under the
Freedom of Information and Protection
of Privacy Act and the Environmental
Assessment Act, unless otherwise
stated in the submission, any personal
information such as name, address,
telephone number and property
location included in a submission will
become part of the public records file
for this matter and will be released, if
requested, to any person.
Members of the public, Aboriginal
communities, stakeholder groups,
agencies and other interested parties
should provide written comment to
the Town within 60 calendar days from
the date of this Notice. For more information or to provide comments, please contact one of the following:
Ms. Dayna Groom, H.B.ES.
Environmental Planner
True Grit Consulting Ltd.
1263 Innovation Drive
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 0A2
Tel: (807) 626-5640 ext. 9402
E-mail: [email protected]
Mr. Daryl Skworchinski
Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
Town of Marathon
P.O. Bag “TM”, 4 Hemlo Drive
Marathon, ON P0T 2E0
Tel: (807) 229-1340 ext. 2222
E-mail: [email protected]
If concerns arise regarding this project that cannot be resolved in discussion with the Town of Marathon, a person
or party may submit a written request to elevate the project to an individual environmental assessment to:
Director, Environmental Approvals Branch
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
135 St. Clair Avenue West, 1st Floor
Toronto, ON M4V 1P5
Fax: 416-314-8452
If no elevation requests are received by July 11, 2016, the Town of Marathon will proceed with the project.
Notice issued on May 10, 2016.