How To Make A Ring from a Dollar Bill

How to make a ring out of a Dollar Bill
Always start with a new bill and always make creases SHARP by running a pencil over the crease.
01. With George face up facing you, fold from the bottom UP 1/4" so you can JUST see a thin green line at
the bottom of the bill. This reduces the height of the bill by 1/4"
02. Fold the TOP down so it is even with the bottom. After the fold, the words "In god we trust" will be
upside down, after the fold.
03 Again fold in half, from the top to the bottom. The Pyramid is to the right, partially cut off, and upside
04 Turn the bill over, and rotate 180 degrees so the words "One Dollar" are at the bottom, right side up,
and there are ONE/1 on each side. Again crease the now 5/8" tall bill so it lays FLAT.
05. At the RIGHT hand edge, fold the white boarder UNDER (to the left) - This has the effect of
shortening the left-to-right length by 1/4", flatten well!
06. This next fold is tricky. Right now the bill is horizontal; this next fold will create a short vertical
component on the left side. Fold the LEFT side of the bill UP so that part of the pyramid shows, and the
right hand edge of the upward component bisects the letter "N" in "One Dollar". No, I did not make a
mistake, the instructions are correct. This is a "diagonal fold".
07. Now fold the left side of the bill to the right, pyramid disappears, and the CREASE now bisects the
"N". Just a bit of the "E" in "onE Dollar" is covered (it's upper left corner).
08. The next 2 folds (all of step 8) are optional. They make a nicer ring by narrowing the ring's "band".
You are concerned with the area (left to right) defined by the letters "OLLAR" part of the words "One
Dollar" For ONLY that portion reduce the top-to-bottom height by folding up from the bottom and down
from the top (meeting almost in the middle). Really flatten the folds and don't worry, this part does NOT
have to look nice.
9. Hold the bill with the LEFT index finger in the lower left corner and the thumb on top. The fingernail
of your thumb should be even with a portion of the pyramid sticking out to the right. The short part
points to the right, the long part UP with the little fold towards you.
10. With the right hand grasp the long part at the top (where the little fold is), and wrap around the index
finger of the left hand. Line up so the bottom of the eagle is centered on the exposed part of the pyramid.
11. Now fold the part pointing to the right to the LEFT covering the eagle.
12. Now fold the part pointing up DOWN and tuck in the little flap.
13. Fold the remaining flap inside the ring and insert it into the little half pocket.
14. Put the pencil in the ring and use it to press the square "face" of the ring really flat, also, similar to
using a rolling pin, again flatten the band of the ring.
15. This document took a lot of testing; your feedback would be appreciated.
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Kenneth A Edelstein