The Rise of Auxilla!

The Rise of Auxilla!
The Rise of Auxilla! (notes)
Unlike a regular dot-to-dot puzzle, the numbers are not joined in consecutive
order. The correct order for successfully joining the dots is listed below,
starting with dot 97.
Note: the numbers 1-100 appear in the puzzle, but not all of them are used;
some are red herrings.
If used in class, this could be a listening activity, where the teacher or a student
reads the numbers aloud. It could be done as a whole class, or with students
working in small groups or pairs. Alternatively, students could work alone and
use it as a reading activity, crossing out each number as its dot is joined.
Ninety-seven, thirty-three, eleven, eighty, forty-eight, seventy-four,
eighty-four, sixty-two, seventy-nine, fifty-five, eighty-five, twenty-seven, sixty,
thirty-one, forty-nine, fifty-eight, five, ninety-three, ninety, sixty-five,
sixty-seven, eighteen, twenty, ninety-eight, seventy-eight, eighty-seven, nine,
four, sixty-three, ninety-five, twenty-six, seven, seventy-one, forty-five,
thirty-eight, sixty-eight, seventy-two, fifty-six, forty-two, seventy, fifty-four,
eighty-nine, sixty-nine, forty-one, sixteen, three, fifty-three, thirty,
eighty-three, seventy-seven, twenty-one, eighty-six, two, eighty-eight, forty,
fifteen, eight, ninety-four, eighty-two, thirty-two, sixty-four, seventy-five,
twenty-five, six, ninety-nine, seventy-six, twenty-two, ninety-two, eighty-one
twenty-four, fifty-nine, sixty-six, one, ninety-one, ninety-six, thirty-five (end)