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Become a Tutor
Join South Africa’s leading tuition
Are you currently studying and
looking to earn some great money?
Tutoring is the best student job
there is, and here is why:
Great pay rates
It’s rewarding
Flexible hours
Lessons are in your area
What We Do
1 on 1 Tuition
Hire Education is always looking for new tutors to provide quality, 1-on-1 tuition at learner’s homes in their
We need hundreds of tutors in and around Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and
We are looking for 3 types of tutors
1) Primary school tutors (for Gr 1-7)
3) University tutors (for 1st & 2nd yr students)
Similar to aupairing but far more flexible and
only focused on assisting with school work. Tutor
all primary school subjects with focus on specific
problem areas. Earn R70–R85 per hour.
Tutor university subjects you achieved 60% or
higher for. Popular subjects include Introduction to
Accounting, 1st year Math and Stats.
Earn R85–R120 per hour.
2) High school tutors (for Gr 8-12)
Tutor high school subjects that you achieved an
A or B Matric result for. Popular subjects include
Math, Science, Accounting, English, Afrikaans
and Zulu. Earn R85-R120 per hour.
Why Tutor through Hire Education?
Hire Education is a tutoring company that not only sources you learners, but also
takes an active role in providing support and advice to you.
Training and support
We provide training and continual support,
whether the tutoring job you want is to tutor a
specific subject at a high school or university
level, or your passion is mentoring young primary school learners, we are here to back you
100% of the way.
That rewarding feeling
One of the most rewarding aspects of taking on
a tutoring job is being able to convey your understanding of a particular concept/subject onto
your learners. It is a great feeling to see that
light bulb moment when they grasp something that was previously out of their reach.
In a nutshell
What other part time student job can give you
the satisfaction of knowing that you are making
a positive and valued difference in the education of South Africa’s youth? We not only source
lessons in your area, but flexible hours and
a fantastic hourly rate prove why Hire Education is the tutoring company you have been
looking for.
How To Apply
All completed applications are processed and responded to within 48 working hours.
8 8 8 67
We have 3 strict requirements for prospective tutors:
* Own private transport that is not shared with anyone (car,
bike or scooter)
* Availability of 4X 1 hr regular lessons per week
* Accountable, proactive & currently studying at a tertiary
Candidates will provide 1-on-1 tuition at learner’s homes.
We are looking for candidates who are confident they are
able to assist school and university learners in improving
their understanding and marks.
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