General Dress Code for All Students Rationale: Students are

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Revised: 5/1/2014
General Dress Code for All Students
Rationale: Students are encouraged to take pride in their appearance. Dress code in a Catholic school setting
serves 4 primary purposes:
• Reinforce Catholic Values;
• Minimize social pressures on students;
• Minimize financial pressures on our families;
• Maximize the time available for teachers to instruct students.
Our Catholic teachings try to help students understand that the real value of a person has nothing to do with the
expense or brand of clothes they wear. A person’s worth becomes less defined by what surrounds him/her and more
by the qualities she/he possesses as an individual.
CODE: The dress code will be in effect for all regular school days, examination days and official school functions.
GENERAL PRINCIPLE: Any attire deemed inappropriate, extra-ordinary and distractive by the administration is in
violation of the Dress Code.
Dress-Up Days -All school Mass Days are considered Dress up Days.
Grades K– 6
Follow regular school day dress code.
Grades 7 - 12
 Male students are to wear solid colored collared, button down shirts with ties and dress pants or uniform pants.
Uniform approved sweaters or sweater vests may be worn with collared shirt underneath.
 Ladies are to wear uniform skorts or uniform pants with any solid colored collared, button down dress shirt.
Uniform approved sweaters or sweater vests may be worn with collared shirt underneath. Shirts must button to
the top and not see though. Uniform skorts must be no shorter than 3” above the knee and slits no longer than
4” above the knee.
 Undershirts must be same color as button down shirt.
 No sweatshirts/fleece on Dress-Up days.
Jeans Day Dress Code (Keeping the Topper Spirit Alive)
 Denim blue jeans are allowed provided that the jeans are not torn, tattered or holes. No bib overalls. No
writing on the pants.
 Any form of Schlarman Academy/Topper Wear is required for the shirt portion of jeans day dress code.
Otherwise, a dress code polo may be worn. Shirts must be long enough to be able to be tucked into student
pants. Shirts may not be sleeveless or of a tank type. Hooded sweatshirts are allowed with the following
guideline. Shirts/sweatshirts must have the word ”Schlarman” or “Toppers” on it.
 Shoes must follow regular dress code with the exception of boots. Boots are allowed on jeans days as long as
they are not snow boots.
Regular School Dress Days
Polo Shirts long or short sleeve
 Students can wear: solid colors in white, black, navy, and light blue. Yellow and royal blue must be ordered
from either Land’s End (maize and cobalt) or Dennis Uniform (yellow and royal blue) with the
Schlarman logo. White, black, navy and light blue polos can be purchased at any store (3 or 4 button placket
maximum– no snaps). All logos must measure no larger than 2 inches by 3 inches (size of a stamp).
 All polos must be tucked in at all times. Polos should have 3” length past waist to enable the tails to remain
tucked in even during generous movement.
 The V-neck sweater and Vest must be ordered through Dennis uniform. The following colors are
permitted: mayfair, heather or black.
Quarter Zip Sweatshirts may be worn and must be ordered from Dennis Uniform. Choices include black,
royal blue, and oxford grey. (Hooded sweatshirts or hooded sweaters may not be worn.)
 Approved crewneck sweatshirt may be worn with the official Schlarman Academy logo purchased
through the School, Dennis Uniform and Land’s End.
Fleece Jackets and Vests may be worn and must be ordered from Land’s End or Dennis Uniform and
must have the official Academy logo. Approved colors are black, classic navy and cobalt.
All dress code approved Dennis sweaters, Academy logo sweatshirts and Academy logo fleeces must be worn
with a dress code polo underneath with the collar showing on the outside at all times. (except for jeans days)
No coats, jackets or non-approved sweaters may be worn inside the building except for official Academy
logo fleece jackets that can be ordered from Land’s End or the official Academy logo microfiber fleece jacket
or vest ordered from Dennis Uniform.
Team jerseys or shirts may be worn by specific team members (football, baseball etc.) with prior permission
obtained by the coach from the administration on home game days only. All team members must be in the
same jersey/shirt. Dress code approved bottoms must be worn.
Undershirts (optional)
 Undershirts may be worn in solid colors and same as the color shirt on top. Shirt must be free from any writing
that shows through shirt.
 All undershirts must be tucked in.
 No long sleeved undershirts under short sleeved polos.
Slacks / Pants
 Dress, traditional cut navy blue, khaki or black cotton pants with a 4 pocket maximum. Pockets may not be
down side of leg, no cargo or carpenter pants.
 All slacks must be worn with waistband above the hips. (No cargo, denim, nylon, velour or athletic pants) Tight
fitting or extra baggy slacks/pants are prohibited.
Skort (Ladies)
 Mayfair pattern skorts must be ordered from Dennis Uniform. Ladies may also wear khaki or navy twill
skorts. These can be purchased at any store. All skorts must be no shorter than 3” above the knee.
Jumper (Ladies)
 Mayfair pattern Jumpers must be ordered from Dennis uniform. Navy and Khaki jumpers may also be worn.
All jumpers must be no shorter than 3” above the knee. An approved polo must be worn under the jumper.
Shorts /Capri Pants
 Solid navy blue or khaki dress cotton shorts or capri pants are only allowed during the first and fourth quarter of
the school year (or at the discretion of the principal.). Cargo style shorts are acceptable. The length of the shorts
must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. (No denim, nylon, velour or athletic capris/shorts.)
 All shoes must have closed backs.
 Beach Shoes/Rubber Sandals/Flip-flops are not acceptable.
 Sandals (with a back strap) may only be worn during the first and fourth quarter.
 Athletic shoes or sneakers are allowed.
 No work boots, combat type boots or western style boots allowed. No boots of any kind are allowed except for
jeans days. Winter boots may be worn before school, during recess and after school but must be changed into
dress code approved shoes.
 All heel and sole sizes should be two inches or less.
 Leggings and tights are acceptable if worn under appropriate length skirts. No fishnet stockings are allowed.
 Must be worn in a style that does not impair vision.
 Must be neatly groomed at all times.
 No extreme haircuts. (Mohawks, spikes, shaving designs, etc.) and no extreme hair color or colored hair
extensions such as blue, orange, green etc.
 Males’ hair length must be above the shirt collar, sideburns no longer than earlobe, above the eyebrows and
clean shaven.
All pants/shorts/skorts with belt loops must be worn with a belt. (grades 3-12 only)
Inappropriate for All Students
 No jackets/coats/non-approved sweaters are worn inside the building except for official Schlarman
Academy logo fleece jackets.
 No Wallet chains, heavy chains, frayed clothing, hats, sunglasses, untied shoes.
 No Clothing or Jewelry that suggests behavior or ideas that are contrary to Catholic Christian teachings.
 No Gang symbols, Satanic symbols
 No visible piercings are allowed except on the lower earlobe of females. Tattoos may not be visible.
Gym Clothing
 Shirts-gold, cotton t-shirts with short sleeves and round neck. No cut-off or midriff tops.
 Shorts-navy or royal blue athletic shorts.
 Socks-white or black.
 Shoes-all tennis shoes must tie and be secure on the feet. No platform or slip on shoes will be allowed.
 Footwear-non-marking sole tennis shoes
Dress Code violations will be taken care of at the beginning of the day by the students’ teacher/home room teacher.
All faculty members are expected to enforce the dress code. Students who are out of uniform code will be sent to
the administration.
1st offense - warning
2nd offense - detention
3rd offense or subsequent-will result in one of the following; detention, unexcused absence from class until corrected
or parent meeting.