Learning Targets Biology

Learning Targets for
Energy Photosynthesis Respiration
I can…
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1. Draw out the three parts of ATP and understand why it is needed by my cells.
2. Give examples of heterotrophs and autotrophs.
a. Describe the form of metabolism it undergoes to get its energy.
b. Describe an overall flow of energy through living things giving specific
3. Explain why photosynthesis is important to ALL living things.
4. Describe the three factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis.
a. Explain how the rate of photosynthesis would be affected by these
factors (high and low temperature, high and low light intensity, different
wavelengths of light)
5. Write out the reactants (inputs) and products (outputs) of photosynthesis
a. Draw out the chloroplast, name the two stages of photosynthesis,
locations, and inputs and outputs of each stage.
6. Describe why it is important for plants and animals to cellular respirate
7. Draw out the mitochondria and label: outer, inner membrane, cristae, and
8. List the three stages of cellular respiration and locations.
a. List the inputs and outputs for all three stages of cellular respiration
9. Explain why the Electron Transport Chain produces so many ATP molecules
compared to the other stages.
10. Explain the role of PPT and the role it had in our Production of CO2 lab.