Playing Cards - Echo Horizon School

The name "California" came from a
16th century romance novel that was
about an island paradise where
beautiful Queen Califia ruled.
True,or False?
On September 9, 1850, which U.S.
President signed the Bill that gave
California statehood?
(President Millard Fillmore)
Which city was home to America’s first
Which famous New York baseball
team left New York City in 1958 to
make Los Angeles “home”?
(San Francisco)
(The Brooklyn Dodgers)
What is the name of California’s most
dreaded “Rock”?
(Alcatraz! When the three-story cell house was completed
in 1912 it was the world’s largest steel-reinforced concrete
structure. It stands to this day.)
How did California learn of Abraham
Lincoln’s assassination?
(The fastest Pony Express delivery on record, six days
from Missouri to Sacramento, delivered the news of
Abraham Lincoln's assassination)
Who was the first American woman,
and the time the youngest ever
American, to enter space?
(Sally Ride, born in Los Angeles in 1951, entered space
on Space Shuttle Challenger in 1978 and 1983
accumulating, over 343 hours in space.)
In 1854 the largest gold nugget ever
found was in California at Carson Hill
above the Stanislaus River. How
heavy was it?
(It weighed 195 pounds (90 kg) and was valued at
$43,534 in the currency of the day.)
More than 80% of the gold in the
Mother Lode is yet to be mined. True
or false?
FACTOID: 40 years ago, the first Earth Day
(The city of San Francisco met its goal of recycling a
was celebrated April 22, 1970. It introduced
the concept of recycling to the public. The
same year, the Environmental Protection
Agency was established.
quarter of its waste in 1986. All of the paper we have
used in these handouts is from 100% recycled materials!)
Totaling nearly 3,000,000 acres,
which county is the largest
county in the country?
Castroville is known as the Artichoke Capital
of the World. In 1947 a young woman named
Norma Jean was crowned Castroville's first
Artichoke Queen. She went on to become a
famous actress. What was her stage name?
(San Bernardino)
(Marilyn Monroe)
More Turkeys are raised in
California than any other state.
True or False?
In Pacific Grove there is a law on
the books establishing a $500
fine; For what?
(molesting butterflies!)
Which part of California is
recognized at the hottest, driest
part of the United States?
The Hollywood Bowl, is the
world’s largest – what?
(Death Valley)
(The world’s largest outdoor amphitheatre)
Which city in California is ranked
the fourth largest economy in the
United States?
Approx. how many detectable
seismic tremors are estimated in
California each year?
(Los Angeles)
( 500,000)
The State motto is “Eureka!” and
alludes to the discovery of gold
in the Sierra Nevada. What
does “Eureka” mean?
Which city proclaims itself “The
Raisin Capital of the World”?
(“Eureka” is a Greek word, meaning “I have found it”)
Ice Cream May Not Be Eaten On
The Sidewalk In Which California
Every Plant in Disneyland’s
“Tomorrowland” is edible. True
or False?
(True. Guests are welcome to help themselves to
bananas, strawberries, tomatoes and more.)
Persons classified as “ugly” may
not walk down any street in
which California City?
Mt. Whitney is the highest peak
in the continental U.S. at 14,495
feet. True or False?
(San Francisco)
The General Sherman Tree,
weighing more than 6,000 tons,
is the largest tree in the world.
Where is it located?
San Diego, San Jose, San
Francisco, Long Beach, Fresno,
Sacramento, Los Angeles, Oakland,
Santa Ana, Anaheim are the ten
largest cities in California, which is
the largest?
(Sequoia National Park)
When did California become a
Republic, independent of
(Los Angeles)
During the Gold Rush of 1849,
where did miners send their
shirts to be laundered?
( Honolulu in Hawaii! It was deemed more feasible due to
high costs in California!)
(June 14, 1846)
In Walnut, before wearing a
Halloween Mask, children are
required to…what?
(Get a permit from the Sheriff)
What is California’s Nickname?
(The Golden State)