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Carlton Arms of Magnolia Valley in New Port Richey
Waterfront Patio View
Carlton Arms
The Mahaffey Plan
The Mahaffey Company is a well-established family enterprise that specializes
in Developing, Building, Managing and Owning large Apartment Developments.
Carlton Arms Apartment Communities are Owner Managed which enables
our Residents to enjoy Country Club Living at Competitive Rental Rates.
The goal of The Mahaffey Company is to Develop, Build, Manage and Own
Real Estate as a Long Term Investment.
Proven Formula. Established in 1962, the Florida-based firm has Developed
and Built 20 Apartment Communities with 16,080 individual apartment homes
in Central Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently located solely in Florida,
Mahaffey Communities bear an easily identifiable brand known as Carlton Arms.
Colonial Williamsburg Architectural Design as well as fair, consistent and
constant Management Practices distinguish our Communities. This trademark
approach rewards our Residents with High-Value Living at Below Market
Rental Rates. The cities in which we build gain a partner with a long-term
commitment to their community.
Total Involvement. The company is distinguished by the total involvement
of its principals in the creation of each Community, from initial site selection
through Architectural Planning, Development, Construction and Marketing.
This plan continues as The Mahaffey Company retains Management and
Ownership Responsibilities.
Lasting Value. The result of this strictly disciplined strategy from nearly half a
century of steady, well-paced growth, is a collection of attractive, well-managed
and well-maintained apartments that bring Long-Term Value to the Communities
in which they are Developed – and to the Residents for whom they are built.
James W. Mahaffey
Dan Esterline, Tom Mahaffey, Jane Link, William Mahaffey
Mark T. Mahaffey
Rob Wolfson, Suzanne Gray, Rick J. Barry
Carlton Arms
Three Generations of Experienced Leadership
A sound family foundation keeps company principals active in all phases and functions of the enterprise and creates
stability and continuity that eschews titles and narrow lines of responsibility. In addition to varied experiences
throughout the company, each family member also enjoys a resident’s-eye-view, as each has lived in a Carlton Arms
Apartment Community.
Brothers and Partners
James W. Mahaffey and Mark T. Mahaffey are sons of company founder Thomas Mahaffey, Jr. (1910-1990).
Jim Mahaffey was attracted to the apartment business through the Genius, Energy and Magnetism of Tom Mahaffey.
Bidding farewell to Tulane Law School and Indiana School of Law, he chose to join his father in the creation of the
Mahaffey Company. Carlton Towers in St. Petersburg was the first Mahaffey Apartment Development. Since 1962,
Jim has directed the Development, Construction and Management of all Carlton Arms Communities.
In 1969, Mark Mahaffey, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a U.S. Naval officer veteran, decided to
follow his father and brother in the family business. He became totally involved in all phases of the various Mahaffey
Company Communities. Planning, Development, Construction, Marketing and Management of all Carlton Arms
Communities are under the brothers’ joint control. Their most recent challenge is to prepare the third Mahaffey
generation for continued sound leadership for the present and future years to come.
Third Generation
• Dan Esterline, grandson of founder, Thomas Mahaffey, Jr., possesses both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business
Administration from the University of Florida. He began his Mahaffey management career in 1989 as Executive Director
at Carlton Arms of St. Petersburg. Upon transferring to the construction division, he gained valuable experience as the field
superintendent of Carlton Arms in Ocala, Lakeland and Winter Haven. Dan now heads the construction division and has
overseen the completion of almost 3000 apartments since 1998. He advises in thedevelopment and management divisions.
• Jane Link Ferguson, granddaughter of Thomas Mahaffey Jr., began her career in 1979 after graduating from the
University of Vermont. After procuring leasing and management experience in Indianapolis, she was transferred to
Florida as the assistant property manager during construction of Carlton Arms of Bradenton. Moving to St. Petersburg,
she became Executive Director of Lynn Lake Arms and Coquina Key Arms. Currently, Jane is involved in planning
and execution of marketing and development.
• Tom Mahaffey, son of Mark Mahaffey, joined the company in 1997 after graduating from Elon University, first at
Lynn Lake Arms, and then as Executive Director during the construction of Carlton Arms of Ocala. Afterwords he
became the Executive Director at Carlton Arms Bradenton. Now based in the St. Petersburg office, Tom is involved
in supervising management, planning and development.
• William Mahaffey, son of James Mahaffey, started in 1983 learning construction coordination at Carlton Arms in
Bradenton. After honing his management skills in Indianapolis, St. Petersburg and Tampa, he then became Executive
Director at Carlton Arms of Magnolia Valley. Working from the Winter Park office, he now directs site selection, land
acquisitions, development and construction activities working closely with municipalities on zoning and legal matters.
Additional Mahaffey Leadership
• Suzanne Gray (1976), Executive Vice President of the Mahaffey Company. Her responsibilities include financing,
legal documentation, insurance, employee relations and management supervision for all properties.
• Rob Wolfson (1987) is responsible for company-wide operations and management issues, focusing on streamlining
processes while encouraging each community to run as independently as possible.
• Rick J. Barry (1987) concentrates on land acquisitions and development, consults with municipalities on land use,
zoning and is involved in supervision of property management.
Carlton Arms of Bradenton
Colonial Williamsburg Architecture
Uniquely Spacious Living Room
Carlton Arms
Carlton Arms: Difference by Design
Signature Architecture. The warm hues of cast red brickwork and colonial
architecture on Carlton Arms’ buildings defy Florida vernacular, yet their constancy
through the years has proven to be a winning choice. The Colonial Williamsburg
Design recalls traditional structural details, including low-pitched roofs, large
symmetrically set windows with shutters, narrow sidelights flanking the front door and
circular accent windows. In addition, our apartment homes feature Large Fenced
Private Patios and Balconies, designed to increase living space and to celebrate the
natural beauty outside our doors. This recognizable style has become an inviting open
door to all of our current and future Carlton Arms’ Residents.
Reasonable Rental Rates. Through years of experience we have been able
to minimize building costs and control overhead expenditures through volume
purchasing and sound Management. Construction materials and technologies
are regularly updated to assure durability and low maintenance for long term cost
effectiveness. This practice creates a high level of occupancy which reduces expenses
and results in a more efficient operation. These results are achieved year after year,
Community after Community. Carlton Arms offers Apartments at Below Market
Rates for a Better Product at Superior Locations.
Broad Market Appeal. With rental options that range from compact Efficiency
and Studio Apartments to spacious three-bedroom Town Homes, that door stays
open throughout a resident’s lifetime. It is common for Residents to join one of
our Communities in an Efficiency Apartment and adjust their accommodations
as their careers and families change. From the 500 square foot Efficiency to the
1,650 square foot 3 bedroom, 21/2 bath Townhouse, a family can grow and never
have to leave a Carlton Arms Community. Resident retention is the ultimate goal of
apartment management and many Mahaffey Residents choose to live 10, 20, and
even 30+ years in our Apartment Communities. Due to the fact that our Residents
are content living in a Carlton Arms Community and consider their Apartment As
Their Home, we are proud that Mahaffey Properties’ turnover rate is well below the
national average.
Carlton Arms of North Lakeland
Patios and Balconies View Serene Settings
Stucco Brick on Concrete Block Two Story Quality Construction
Carlton Arms
Carlton Arms: History of Continued Rental Success
Planning with a Purpose. While family is at the core of The Mahaffey
Company, we are guided by a straightforward business plan: Develop, Build,
Manage and Own rental apartments that have Broad Market Appeal and LongTerm Viability. Buoyed by more than 45 years of constantly refined processes,
procedures and products, we have developed a formula to carry out this strategy in
a way that maximizes efficiency and reduces waste. Each Carlton Arms has its own
on-site Management team to tailor services and solutions to individual Community
and Resident needs but at the same time stays consistent with the constant
standards of Mahaffey Company practices and procedures.
Strategic Land Acquisition. Carlton Arms Communities are known for
their expansive acreage, enhanced by natural or man-made water features. Our
concept, therefore, begins with procuring well-located land – at prices that allow
us to Build and Rent at Very Competitive Affordable Rates. In these days of
increasingly scarce land, this principle means pursuing properties at the fringe of
urban expansion, but it is always based on projections that support local community
development standards and residents’ needs.
Long Term Relationships. The far-reaching appeal of the company’s stability,
continuity and good business practices is evident in the Long-Term Relationships
we enjoy with Residents, Employees, Investors and Lenders. Not only do many
of our Residents call Carlton Arms home for years (some for decades), many stay
for generations. Our family of Carlton Arms Communities allows us the ability to
offer flexibility beyond comparison. All Mahaffey Residents have the opportunity to
move from one Carlton Arms Community to another. Employees also often remain
and grow with the company – the average length of employment for our Executive
Directors is 20 years. Financial Lenders and Investment Partners also return again
and again to share in our success. Second Generations of the Same Family or the
Same Company have Partnered with us in our New Developments.
“Since the opening of our first community in 1962 to the
present, we have received hundreds of letters yearly from our
residents - some of whom have been with us for over 30 years.
Following are a few examples that span decades of happy and
satisfied Carlton Arms Residents.”
- Jim & Mark Mahaffey
From 1970 - Mrs. O’Neill in St. Petersburg said...
At long last I am at Carlton Arms of St.
Petersburg. What a pleasant change from the
Patio Views Enhance Backyard Living
cold and snow of the North! The apartment
is so convenient to shopping, restaurants,
and various types of entertainment. All this
while living in the midst of these beautifully
landscaped grounds. They have experts year
‘round to care for the grounds, pool, clubhouse
and the apartments. The management and
maintenance staff are gracious and friendly,
always ready to help with any problem.
Waterfront Tennis Courts
From 2000 - Mrs. Trask in Tampa said...
I have been a resident of Lake Carlton Arms
since December 1995. I am writing this on my
patio, another glorious day - the aroma from
the jasmine is lovely, the grass has just been
mowed and the garbage has been collected
today. I commend you on the staff here, the
office staff and the service staff are great!
Their wonderful attitude and great service make
Lakefront Apartment Living
living at Lake Carlton Arms a complete pleasure.
And in 2008... One of our residents was so impressed
with the lifestyle at Carlton Arms of Bradenton
he told the local newspaper...
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Lakefront Vistas
Bill Roberts: Why I Live Here in
Carlton Arms
By Bill Roberts - Special to the Herald
My bride and I moved into Carlton Arms of Bradenton in
2002. Our apartment, which is situated on an inlet of the
Braden River, has a large patio that is great for cooking out
and entertaining. We also have a boat dock that is right
in our backyard where we keep our boat. We spend many
glorious days sitting outside watching dolphins, manatees,
herons, osprey and eagles. We have many great friends,
Heated Luxury Swimming Pools
some of whom work and live here, and there is always
someone dropping by to say hello. The mixture of young
and old keeps everything lively. Activities include weekly
coffee and pastry parties, bingo, game days, pizza nights
and a huge Christmas party. Two swimming pools, one
heated, are also great places to socialize and meet people.
Where else can you live where you can keep a boat, fish in
your backyard and have wonderful friends? I think the best
way to sum up what it is like to live here is to repeat what
our neighbors, both walking and in their boats, say as they
go by: “Just another day in paradise.”
Back Door Boat Docks
Lake Carlton Arms in Tampa
Large Sparkling Pools
Nature Views
Carlton Arms
Carlton Arms Community Lifestyle
Space – and the Time to enjoy it. We can think of no greater luxuries than the
two singular indulgences our Communities offer: Time and Space. Worry-free,
maintenance-free living and convenient locations allow Residents the time to make
the most of their lives – and plenty of space (indoors and outdoors) to enjoy life.
Community Standards
Waterfront Locations: Lakes, Rivers, Bays and Ponds
Low Density with Expansive Green Space
Affordable, Spacious & Functional Apartments
Lush, Well-Kept Landscaping
Pets Welcome
Spacious Fenced Private Patios and Balconies
Guest Suites for Visitors
Fitness Centers
Heated Swimming Pools
Lighted Tennis Courts
Volleyball and Basketball Courts
The Apartments
Affordable Competitive Rental Rates at Superior Locations
Colonial Williamsburg Architecture
Two Story Garden-style Apartments and Townhomes
27 Unique Open Floor Plans
450 Square Feet to 1,650 Square Feet
Owner Managed
Full-Time On-Site Administrative Staff
24-Hour On-Site Maintenance Crew
Quick Repairs – Measured in Hours, Not Days
Valet Trash Pickup (no unsightly dumpsters)
Carlton Arms of Winter Haven
Current Communities - Since 1962, The Mahaffey Company has Developed, Managed and
Owned 16,080 rental apartments in 20 separate developments.
Apartment Community/Mahaffey Partners
Total Units (8,565)
Year Completed
Average Occupancy
*Carlton Arms North*
*Lake Carlton Arms*
Carlton Arms of Winter Park
The Helmsley Group, NYC
Carlton Arms of St. Petersburg
The Helmsley Group, NYC
Carlton Arms of Bradenton
†Intereal Company†
MetLife Insurance Company
J. W. Conner Family and Associates, Tampa, FL
Totally Owned Mahaffey Community
Carlton Arms of Magnolia Valley
Hardaway Group, Columbus, GA/Walter Pursley
Carlton Arms of South Lakeland
Demetree Group, Orlando, FL
Carlton Arms of North Lakeland
Demetree Group, Orlando, FL
Carlton Arms of Ocala
Demetree Group, Orlando, FL
Carlton Arms of Winter Haven
Demetree Group, Orlando, FL
*National Life Insurance was a General Partner in the Original Development and Ownership of Lake Carlton Arms and Carlton Arms North.*
†Intereal Company was a General Partner in the Original Development and Ownership of Carlton Arms of Bradenton.†
Previously Developed & Owned Communities - Over the years The Mahaffey Company has
sold 7,515 rental apartments in 10 different locations.
Apartment Community
Mahaffey Partners
Carlton Towers (184) St. Petersburg
Edward Tietig
Lake Howell Arms (276) Casselberry
Intereal Company, Nashville, Tennessee
Lake Nora Arms (588) Indianapolis
1978 National Life Insurance Company of Vermont/Joseph Sexton
Carlton Arms of Egypt Lake (650) Tampa
*National Life Insurance Company of Vermont*
1989 †Intereal
Company†/American General Insurance Company
Carlton Arms South (560) Orlando
West Lake Arms (1,380) Indianapolis
Lake Magdalene Arms (800) Tampa
National Life Insurance Company of Vermont
Coquina Key Arms (1,006) St. Petersburg
Hardaway Group, Columbus, Georgia
Lake Castleton Arms (1,265) Indianapolis
Lynn Lake Arms (806) St. Petersburg
William Demetree and Jack Demetree
†Intereal Company†/Wayne Nelson/Joseph Sexton
American General Insurance Company
†Intereal Company†/Wayne Nelson
Travelers Life Insurance Company
Hardaway Group, Columbus, Georgia
*National Life Insurance was a General Partner in the Original Development and Ownership of Carlton Arms of Egypt Lake, transferring their interest to Intereal in 1986.*
†Intereal Company was a General Partner in the Original Development and Ownership of Lake Castleton Arms and West Lake Arms.†
Carlton Arms of Bradenton
5200 Riverfront Drive
Bradenton, FL 34208
Carlton Arms of Ocala
5001 SW 20th Street, Suite 100
Ocala, FL 34474
Carlton Arms of Magnolia Valley
7212 Carlton Arms Drive
New Port Richey, FL 34653
Carlton Arms of St. Petersburg
6699 31st Way South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Carlton Arms North
6400 Markstown Drive
Tampa, FL 33617
Carlton Arms of Winter Haven
7676 Carlton Arms Boulevard
Winter Haven, FL 33884
Carlton Arms of North Lakeland
4500 Williamstown Boulevard
Lakeland, FL 33810
Carlton Arms of Winter Park
300 Jamestown Drive
Winter Park, FL 32792
Carlton Arms of Lakeland
1000 Carlton Arms Drive
Lakeland, FL 33811
Lake Carlton Arms
17701 Lake Carlton Drive
Tampa, FL 33558
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The Mahaffey Company
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William H. Mahaffey
Dan Esterline
Rick Barry
Patrice Kotlaba
Mark T. Mahaffey
M. Thomas Mahaffey, Jr.
Suzanne Gray
Jane Link Ferguson
Rob Wolfson
731 Jamestown Drive
Winter Park, FL 32792
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