Noodle Soup Strip Exchange A noodle soup is

Noodle Soup Strip Exchange
A noodle soup is where you exchange fabric strips of a predetermined size – 2.5 inches for this one. One yard of 45” fabric will yield 14 – 2.5 inch
noodles. For every noodle you bring in you will get a different one back. This allows people to get a great variety of fabrics for a coordinated scrap
1. All strips are to be Batik – your choice of colors
2. Bring equal number of LIGHT and DARK noodles
3. Please use good quality 100% cotton fabric
4. Please do not use novelty prints
5. You do not have to bring in a yards worth of noodles to participate. You can bring in more or less but the yardage should be a split of
light and dark fabrics. For example, you can bring in 7 strips of deep green and 7 strips of light gold. This would be approximately oneyard of fabric and give you 14 different strips at the end. The more you bring the more variety you get back.
6. You have your choice of two quilt patterns shown below.
The 1600 quilt – (many web sites for this)
Sew all 2 1/2” strips on a diagonal into one long strip. (Like sewing binding together).
DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP… From one end, cut off 18″ of the sewn together strip and throw it away. This will randomize the location of the
diagonal seams throughout the quilt.
Find the beginning and ending of the 1,600″ long strip. Placing each of the ends right sides together, start sewing. This will be the longest
seam. When the end is reached, cut the jelly roll strip apart and finish the seam.
The strip will now be 800” long. No need to press; it can be all be done at the end.
Locate the beginning and end of the 800” strip and start sewing them together. When the end is reached, cut the jelly roll strip apart and finish
the seam.
Repeat the same process a total of five times! Each “lap” will take half the time to sew as the lap before!
Press all seams the same direction and trim sides even. Borders are totally optional. I personally like the size that this quilt finishes without
adding anything extra. Just quilt and bind as desired.
Noodle Soup Quilt Instructions (as shown in the County Line Quilters web site – activities)
All Strips are 2.5 inches in width.
Additional black fabric is needed to replicate the quilt as shown. Amounts will vary based on the sizeof your quilt.
1) Match four light 2.5 inch strips and four dark 2.5 inch strips and piece them
together. Thesecan then be cross cut into 2.5 inch widths to create the
centers of the block. If a scrappier lookis desired the strips can be cut in 2.5
inch squares and four of them pieced together. Be sure todo four lights
together and four darks together.
2) Pick light and dark strips that will be the borders. From each strip cut two
8.5 inch strips andtwo 6.5 inch strips. Keep these together.
3) To one light set of squares attach the dark borders. The 8.5 inch borders
are attached first thenthe 6.5 inch borders. This completes the block.
4) Repeat with a dark set of squares using a light border.
5) When you have the desired number of blocks play with the arrangement
and piece the rowstogether alternating the light and dark blocks.
Liz's demonstration quilt is done with a 2.5 inch cut black inner border. Pieced to the leftover pieces from her blocks. The leftover blocks were pieced together and cut
as 1.5 inch width strips. The final black border is a 3.5 inch strip of black. These can be made and pieced together as one unit. This unit can then be trimmed to the
appropriate size of your quilt and your favorite method for mitered corners can be used to attach them. If you need help with mitered corners there are people in the
guild ready to help. The picture above is slightly different and can be a new alternative, in the quilt above the leftover blocks in the border are cut at 2.5 inches.