#2 – Which sentence below is written correctly

De Guire Final Review - Answers
Part I – Persuasion and Research
1. Rhetorical means – being persuasive
2. Before I write, I should always: organize and pre-write
3. An anecdote is a short story
4. You should always research both sides of a topic
5. Using evidence without a warrant (explanation) is NEVER
6. If you make a claim without evidence, you are not
7. Blogs are not good sources.
8. Flag Waving
9. Attack Ad Hominem
10. Average Joe/Plain Folk
11. Target Audeince
12. Bandwagon
13. Celebrity Endorsement
Effects of Global Warming
by Alina Bradford, Live Science Contributor | December
17, 2014 11:15pm ET
Global warming is expected to have far-reaching, longlasting and, in many cases, devastating consequences for
planet Earth.
For some years, global warming, the gradual heating of
Earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere, was a topic of
heated debate in the scientific community. Today, the
overwhelming consensus of researchers is that global
warming is real and is caused by human activity, primarily
the burning of fossil fuels that pump carbon dioxide (CO2),
methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
A major report released Sept. 27, 2013, by the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated
that scientists are more certain than ever of the link
between human activities and global warming. More
than 197 international scientific organizations agree that
global warming is real and has been caused by human
14. Create a Works Cited entry based on the webpage shown
15. (Bradford).
17. Author’s last name
18. Quotation marks and a citation
19. When you use a direct quote or paraphrase material.
20. Shakespeare.
21. Tragic Heroes are high born, have a flaw, but have
extraordinary talents.
22. stage directions.
23. foreshadowing
He realizes his friend has stabbed him.
To speak at the funeral
A soliloquy is:
Brutus is killed by:
Character speaks to the audience, but the other actors
don’t hear.
31. Long poem
32. Moral with talking animals
33. Story with Gods and Goddesses
34. Meant to be sung or chanted; praise
35. Cuneiform
36. Rosetta Stone
37. Torah
38. A paradox is opposites expressed as an idea.
39. Rig
40. Ravanna kidnapped Sita
41. Gabriel
42. The Qur’an cannot be translated into other languages
and still be a holy book.
43. frame story
44. Old Testament and New Testament
45. Catholics have extra books in their Bibles.
46. Jesus used many parables
47. A letter
Part V - Night
48. Memoir
49. Prejudice
50. Foreshadowing
51. Personification
52. A-7713
53. Pick who died
54. diarrhea
55. Loss of faith
56. Prevent it from happening again
57. Matter of fact
Part VI – Grammar and Writing Conventions
58. Ordeal,
59. Novels, I believe,
60. He replied,
61. Correct
62. Rest,
63. Run-on
64. The choir
65. Boys’
66. Needs many commas