Message from Mr. Dickens

Puma News
“Everything Legacy”
Volume 1, Issue 3
November 2014
Message from Mr. Dickens
Everyday, we’re forced to make choices. We are
responsible for the choices we make and the choices we do
not make. Students, it’s very important to understand that
there are consequences that accompany each choice that is
made, whether the choice is good or bad. As
adolescents, you must remember the choices you make
today may very well have an everlasting effect on your
future. So how do you make the right choices? How do
you know that the choices you made are the right ones?
Just follow your heart and do what’s right for YOU.
Consider the consequences. Always remember to do the
right thing. Because at the end of the day, right will win
out every time.
~ You are the product of the choices you make! ~
“A wise man can play the part of
a clown, but a clown can’t play
the part of a wise man.”
~ Malcom X ~
Cedric Brown
Diamond Burnette
Viergla Cesar
Zarkeria Eliassaint
Darrin Harris
Demetris Harris
Jaden Jennings
Stephanie Lundeen
Jaleel Powell
Jaydon Sykes-Griffin
Ayanna Thomas
Shadaya Waitress
Inside this issue:
Pumas celebrating birthdays in the month of
November are:
Leah Green—2nd
Kryshala Stewart—12th
Ah’johnti Williams-13th
Markeya Joyner—26th
Tomious Kinsler—26th
Staff Birthdays
Ms. Brown—26th
Ms. Capers—27th
Social Skill of the Month
Limiting Paradigms and Paradigm Shifts
We are learning about limiting paradigms
and paradigm shifts in Personal
Development Skills. A paradigm is the
way you see something or a belief about
yourself, others, and the world. Limiting
paradigms hold you back from improving
yourself, getting along well with others, and
having a positive outlook in life. A
paradigm shift, or a change in the way you
see something is needed in order to start a
new and positive beginning.
Faculty Message
Social Skill of the
Campus Buzz
School Involvement
Calendar of Events
Puma Student Spotlight 4
Education — Educational Resources
Free Math
Find helpful math lessons, games, calculators, and
A FREE, online, easy-to-use, Algebra 1 End-of-Course
exam (EOC) preparation resource aligned with the latest
state standards.
Discovery Education
Offers free student resources, interactive games,
videos, homework help and other activities.
Available—Thursday night on the Education Channel,
Bright House 614 and FiOS 32
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Purpose—to help students with Math
Tutors begin taking calls from students at 5:30 p.m.,
Students call in their math problem (813-840-7260)
The Education Channel rebroadcasts the show on
Monday and Wednesday 6pm on Bright House 614 and
FiOS 32. Tutors are not available during the
myON digital library - http://
Free online access to more than 3,000 books
anytime, anywhere – when your device is
connected to the Internet.
Offers tutoring assistance in topics from
arithmetic to physics, finance and history. Khan
Academy's materials and resources are available
free of charge.
Offers a massive amount of educational materials
on its web sites:,,, and
With the click of a mouse, parents can now check on the
progress their student is making in school. To gain access
to your student’s grades, complete the following steps:
Contact the school and provide your email address. Once
you receive your user name and password from, you can quickly log in and see all of
your student's grades.
Please contact the school at (813) 253-0053 if you
are not able to access your student’s grades on
Campus Buzz: Intramurals
Stephanie Lundeen
Lets Go Pumas!
Legacy Preparatory Academy’s (LPA) Boys
Basketball team is shooting their way into
victory. After winning five consecutive
games, the LPA Pumas continue to strive to
Let’s Cheer!!
The cheerleaders at LPA continue to
cheer for the boys basketball team.
With spirit, charisma, and cheers the
cheerleaders support the boys
basketball team at all the home
Congratulations to LPA’s Boys Basketball
team and their
demonstration of great sportsmanship and
Volume 1, Issue 3
Page 2
School Involvement
Armed Forces FUN!
by Jaydon Sykes-Griffin
On November 14, Mr. Rush, our Social Studies teacher, took selected students to the Armed Forces History Museum. It was
fantastic! The Armed Forces History Museum provided students with transportation and door to door service. We arrived early and
upon our arrival we observed a sign cautioning us about alligators in the little pond near the entrance. Everyone debated about if the
alligators were real as we waited for the museum to open. When the museum opened, we entered the gate and were greeted by our
tour guide Mr. Frank Correa. He seemed to come out of nowhere!
Two of our first attractions were tanks the “M60 Trainer Tank” and the “M8 Armored”. Next we saw one of the fastest airplanes,
the “MIG 21 PFM” which was used in World War II. Mr. Frank told students it was so fast that you can get from Tampa to Miami
in 15 minutes!
Mr. Frank then took students inside the building where it was filled with different artifacts and human models of war. We saw a
variety of uniforms in the military, weapons and lethal equipment used in war, a memorial dedicated to Pearl Harbor, replicas of
different war zones, and shelters where soldiers would live during war time. All of these exhibits were high quality. The museum
even had a document with the real signature of former President Theodore Roosevelt!
Last but not least, students enjoyed not one but two slices of pizza with an ice-cold beverage for lunch. The Armed Forces History
Museum even provided us with a delicious brownie as a dessert! With our stomachs filled and our brains stocked with knowledge
students ventured to the gift shop to get personalized dog tags , got on the bus and headed back to Legacy Preparatory Academy!
Overall the trip was GREAT and students were thankful for the experience.
Donors Choose Zephir!
by Diamond Burnette and Demetris Harris
Diamond Burnette and Demetris Harris had the pleasure of interviewing their science teacher, Ms. Zephir. She recently received
monies from to support science exploration and experiments. We were curious about Ms. Zephir’s journey
to becoming a science teacher. The first question was asked by Diamond: “What made you want to become a science teacher?”
Ms. Zephir responded, “I have two science
degrees and there was a need for science teachers in Hillsborough County.’’ Demetris followed by asking ‘’have you always
wanted to be a science teacher?”Ms. Zephir replied ,“No, I wanted to be a pediatric infectious disease specialist.” Demetris also
asked “how does it feel when you help a
struggling student in science?“ Ms. Zephir answered, “It makes me feel good to know that I’m helping a struggling student
succeed.” Diamond asked the last question. “What was your reaction when the company donated science supplies?” Ms. Zephir
said, “I was very happy that the school was able to get supplies and surprised that my project was funded. Seltz Foundation
funded the science project.”
Ms. Zephir is also the leader of the B.E.S.T club which is a Science program that teaches students about life science, through
Volume 1, Issue 3
Page 3
Legacy Preparatory Academy
Mission Statement
Calendar of Events
Nov. 7—Report Cards go Home
Nov. 10—Early Release Day
Nov. 11—Verteran Holiday
Nov. 13—Legacy Prep vs. Bell Creek [Volleyball]
Nov. 14—Legacy Prep vs. Pepin [Boys Basketball]
Nov. 17—Early Release Day
Nov. 18— Legacy Prep vs. Winthrop 2— Home [Volleyball]
Legacy Preparatory Academy will create positive
learning and work habits in order
to prepare our students for academic
success. We teach students to be responsible
and informed citizens and to be able to
communicate effectively. Finally, we want to
instill in our children a strong desire
for lifelong learning.
Nov.19— Legacy Prep vs. Henderson— Home [Boys Basketball]
Nov. 20— Legacy Prep vs. Pepin— Home [Volleyball]
Nov. 24— 28— Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 1—Students Return to School
**Home games are played at the Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Recreation
Pumas Run by Jaden Jennings
Puma Student Spotlight
Legacy Preparatory Academy in
conjunction with the City of Tampa Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation
Complex (the home site for LPA sports)
is participating in the Florida Blue
Kids Running Program. This 12-week
program provides students with
incentives, prizes and running shoes
for the 2015 Publix Gasparilla Half
Marathon on Sunday, February 22,
Students will learn about fitness,
nutrition, teamwork and what it takes
to train for a race.
by Cedric Brown
JaMarcus Robertson is an 8th grade student at Legacy Preparatory Academy.
He is also an unstoppable basketball player, an outstanding academic student
and is heading straight for a bright, shiny future! I recently sat down with
JaMarcus to find out more about his passion and inspiration for the game.
CB: What position to you play in basketball?
JR: Point Guard
C.B: How long have you been playing basketball?
J.R: Since I was 8 years old
C.B: What motivated you to play basketball?
J.R: It was an interesting start. I didn’t have anything to do and just decided
to play one day.
CB: Who is your favorite basketball player and what position do they play?
JR: Dwayne Wade, point guard and shooting guard.
CB: I know you want to play professional ball, but if you ever get injured what
will you do as a backup plan?
Legacy Preparatory Academy
1906 N. Rome Avenue
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 813-253-0053
Fax: 813-253-0182
Ms. Yolonda Capers, Principal
Dr. Mary Wynn, Assistant Principal
JR: I will probably help my dad with his
CB: What is your own opinion about your
basketball skills?
JR: I am a Baller!