ISTITUTO: Scuola Primaria CLASSE: IV MATERIA: Inglese Starter

ISTITUTO: Scuola Primaria
MATERIA: Inglese
Modulo n° 1
Contenuti Cognitivi
Lessico: Ripasso degli ambienti lessicali presentati in terza elementare: vocaboli
sulle stagioni e il tempo, edifici in città, numeri alti, cibo e bevande, parti della casa e
mobili, sport, vestiti, oggetti preferiti.
Countries: India, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Albania, Ukraine, China, Egypt,
What’s your name?
My name is…
How old are you?
Have you got…?
Where are you from?
I’m from (Albania)
Are you form (Egypt)?
Yes I am, No I’m not
Modulo n° 2
Contenuti Cognitivi
Fantasy world characters: a knight, a prince, a dragon, a queen, a princess, a
wizard, a king, a witch
Fantasy world
What’s his name
His name’s ( Bertie)
What’s her name?
Her name’s (Hazel)
Is he a (wizard)
Yes, he is/ No, he isn’t
Is she a (princess)
Yes, she is/ No she isn’t
He’s a (prince)
She’s a (witch)
His name’s (Harry).
Her name’s (Olivia)
Modulo n° 3
Contenuti Cognitivi
Family members:
Mum, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandma,grandpa,cousin
Family life
Have you got any brothers or sisters?
Yes I have/ No, I haven’t
How many?
I’ve got (two) sisters
I’ve got (one) brother
Culture: Castles in Britain
Modulo n° 4
Contenuti Cognitivi
School subjects: Music, Science, Geography, English, PE, Maths, Italian, History;
Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Do you like (PE)?
Yes I do / No, I don’t
I like (Art and Maths) but I don’t Like (PE or Music)
When’s (Maths)?
On (Monday)
(Maths) is on (Monday)
Modulo n° 5
Contenuti Cognitivi
Physical appearance:glasses, curly hair, straight hair, braids, short hair, long
hair, freckles, blue eyes
Hair colour: Blond, red, grey, brown, black
He’s got (straight hair)
He hasn’t got (glasses)
She’s got (long hair)
She hasn’t got (blue eyes)
Has he got (black hair)
Yes he has/No, he hasn’t
Has he got ( curly hair)?
Yes she has/ No she hasn’t
Culture: Schools in Britain
Modulo n° 6
Meal Times
Contenuti Cognitivi
Food: jam, toast, biscuits, pastries, cereal, meat, potatoes, pineapple
Meals: breakfast, lunch dinner
Time: O’clock, half, past, quarter
What do you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
I have (cereal) for (breakfast)
What time do you have breakfast/ lunch/ dinner?
At (eight) o’clock
I have (lunch) at (half past two)
What time is it?
It’s half past (three)
Modulo n° 7
Contenuti Cognitivi
Wild animals: a lion, a tiger, a monkey, a parrot, a fox, an elephant, a snake, a
bear, a swan
Animal characteristics:spots, a short tail, a trunk,wings, a long neck, stripes, a
beak, big ears
Wild Animals
It’s got four legs
It’s ( grey)
It’s an (elephant)
It can (run)
Can it (fly)?
Yes, it can / No, it can’t
Has it got a beak?
Yes, it has/ No, It hasn’t
Culture: The seaside in Britain