How to Print a Check

How to Print a Check
**NOTE** In order to print checks via NetSuite, when the check is being booked, the “To Be Printed”
option must be selected
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Hover your mouse over “Geo Unit Financials” on your NetSuite toolbar and go to “Transactions”
 “Print Check and Forms”
2. On the left hand side of your screen you will see various options to select from. Click on
3. Select the bank account from the drop down menu the check you intend to print was booked to.
How to Print a Check
4. Once the correct bank account has been selected, all the checks booked to that account with
the “To Be Printed” option selected will populate below
5. Locate the check you wish to print and select the box under the “Print” column. You may select
multiple checks at once.
6. To print the checks, click the print button.
7. The check will print to an Adobe PDF file at which point you can send it to your printer.
To order check stock for Concentration Banking accounts only, please contact the IEEE
Treasury Department at [email protected]