April 2016 Newsletter - Dartmoor National Park

Newsletter April 2016
Upcoming Events
Tues 26 April &
Weds 4 May
9.00am – 4.00pm
Mon 9 May
Time TBC
Thurs 24 May
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Mon 6 June
Mon 13 June
9.30am – 4.30pm
Thurs 16 June
12.30pm – 2.00pm
Mon 20 June
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Weds 22 June
8.30am – 10.00am
Tues 19 July
From 9.30am
IT Training for BPS Applications – IT assistance to help you process the
online application for your 2016 BPS Payments. Venue: Princetown IT Suite.
Free of Charge. Booking essential with the DHFP office.
Advanced Cattle Breeding Open Day – St Boniface Vets introduce the
latest in cattle genetics, Wolfgar Farm, Cheriton Bishop. Beef stock. To
book a place and for more info telephone: 01363 772860
Succession Open Evening – Last in the series of open meetings. Potential
Funding available for families attending towards professional advice.
Venue: Betty Cottles, Okehampton
Bottom Lines & Profit Margins – Speakers from Eblex will explain
strategies and tips to make the most out of your farm business. Booking
essential through DHFP office. Venue – East Dart Hotel, Postbridge
Certificated Course in the use of Rodenticides. From June a certificate
will be required by law to purchase and use the majority of rodenticides.
Venue: Runnage Farm, Postbridge. Further details inside. Booking
essential through DHFP office.
Dementia Friendly Awareness Lunch – Venue Tor Royal Farm,
Princetown, PL20 6SL. Lunch provided. Please let DHFP office know if you
are attending
Tax Efficiency and Financial Planning for Rural Businesses – Financial
experts from the Old Mill Accountancy firm will look at new legislation and
also give financial tips for making more from your farm business. Booking
essential with the DHFP office. – Free – Old Inn Widecombe
Farm App Event – Be the first to see the new farm app developed to aid onfarm decision making over breakfast at Fox Tor Café, Princetown. Free
Planning Surgery – with DNPA – Planning issues you need answers to?
Free 45 minute advice meetings run by DNPA Planning Team Manager,
James Aven. Booking essential with DHFP office. We will also need
information on your planning query prior to the surgery with maps and/or
photographs. Venue: DHFP Office, Old Duchy Hotel, Princetown PL20 6QF.
Please call the DHFP office for further details
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Dates for your diary
Contents and Contacts
Paperwork Pile/FG Take the Lead Initiative
BPS Update
Farm Succession
Tax Efficiency/ Facilitation Fund Page
Viability of Small Farms Survey/ Agri Innovation Den
PCF Land Rover Bursary
Hay Meadows & Invasive Species
TB Update
Safe Use of Medicines and Lamb Survival Course
Dementia in Farming
Pumlumon Study Trip/DFF/FecPak
Open Farm Days & Open Farm School Days
Training & Events
Visit to Irish Show
DHFP/Dog Microchipping
‘Just in Case’ Contacts
Dartmoor Hill Farm Project Contacts
Sandra Dodd, Project Officer 01822 890912 or 07513 801272,
[email protected]
Angela Wyke-Smith, Administrator, 01822 890913 or
[email protected]
Dartmoor Hill Farm Project, Old Duchy Hotel
Princetown, Devon, PL20 6QF
01822 890913
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.dartmoor.gov.uk/hillfarmproject
Find us on Facebook
It is with regret we announce that Bob Bearns has decided not to continue
in his post and will be leaving the DHFP on 21 April. I am sure you will join
us in thanking Bob for all his work during his short time with us and also to
wish him well for the future.
Whilst every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, Dartmoor Hill Farm Project cannot accept responsibility
for any inaccurate, incomplete or out of date information, or any loss or damage that may result from reliance on
it. Inclusion of information should not be taken to imply recommendation or accreditation.
The Paperwork Pile and Key Dates
16th April - You must not burn heather, rough grass, bracken, gorse or
vaccinium in upland areas from this date. (GAEC 6)
1st May - You must not carry out hedge or tree coppicing or hedge laying
from this date. (GAEC 7A and GAEC 7C)
1st May - Start of the cropping and fallow period for greening crop
diversification. (Greening: crop diversification on arable land
1st May - If nitrogen fixing crops are being used as a greening ecological
focus area (EFA) they should be in the ground by this date. (Greening:
ecological focus areas (EFAs) on arable land)
16 May – The deadline for BPS applications is midnight on 16th May
Farmers Guardian’s Take The Lead Campaign
Farmers Guardian’s Take the Lead campaign was
launched two years ago to educate the public
about the impact of dog attacks on livestock.
FG’s latest research shows attacks have
continued to rise, with more than 2,000 attacks
reported to police in the last two years.
The initiative, which urges people to keep their
dogs on a lead when walking around farm
animals, has been supported by the National
Sheep Association and the British Veterinary
The FG team is currently lobbying MPs to see the
issue debated in Parliament and are calling for
tougher penalties for owners whose dogs harm livestock.
For your free gate post sign (see above) please either collect from DHFP
office at Princetown or send an A5 stamped addressed envelope to
DHFP, Old Duchy Hotel, Princetown, Yelverton, Devon PL20 6QF
If you receive the newsletter by post you will find included in your mailing
the Livestock Worrying article by PC Will Young, Ashburton, (previously
featured in our October 2015 issue) outlining farmer rights. If the
newsletter is sent to you by email the article will be an attachment.
BPS Payments & RPA Update
The RPA is now open for 2016 BPS applications, using the online
procedure or paper registration if preferred. (Deadline midnight 16 May
Please see included in this newsletter mailing important rules which
have been signed off by the RPA for sheep movements on commons
recorded by JT Rural Services.
Also follow the link below outlining the greening rules. Failure to follow
these guidance notes could result in losing a percentage of your BPS
1 hour one to one IT sessions available with a trainer from BIP
to guide you through the RPA online applications system at
DHFP Office
Tues April 26 and Weds May 4
Please telephone the DHFP to book a session
Supported by Princes Countryside Fund
https://www.gov.uk/guidance/guide-to-cross-compliance-in-england2016 This link details the rules that you must follow if you are claiming
the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), a stewardship scheme or the English
Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) in 2016
Please see the back cover of this newsletter for the number of
the Rural Payments Helpline and also contact information for
farming community organisations who can offer advice and
support for those needing help or experiencing difficulties.
Farm Succession Planning
One of the key areas of concern for farmers is Succession which can
force families to have to face an array of decisions to try to ensure all
those concerned are catered for, including those who wish to carry on
the farm business and those who want to pursue completely different
Dr Matt Lobley from Exeter University, an expert in Farm Succession
Planning, and Dan Knight, an accountant with Old Mill Group, will take
attendees through some of the technical and legal aspects of this
complex issue. James Small, a Somerset farmer, who has been through
the process, will give his own personal insight into the potential pitfalls
and also the many benefits in putting a plan for the future in place.
Following this meeting participants will be invited to confidential family
sessions at DHFP offices with a national expert to gain insight into their
individual requirements and get some initial advice on how to approach
an agreeable outcome.
Through the money provided to DHFP by the Prince’s Countryside Fund,
we are able to offer financial assistance up to £500 towards professional
fees for three families during 2016 as they embark upon turning their
succession planning into reality. Two families took up this opportunity in
2015. In return the families will feedback aspects of their experiences to
us so their knowledge can be shared with other farmers on Dartmoor
facing similar difficult decisions.
Succession Planning – Open Meeting
Tues 24th May 2016, 7pm – 9pm
Betty Cottles, Okehampton
Open meeting to discuss passing on the family farm.
Hear from James Small, a farmer who has gone through the process plus
Dr Matt Lobley of Exeter University and Dan Knight, Chartered Accountant,
Old Mill Group
Tea and coffee provided. To book a place please call DHFP office on
01822 890913 or email [email protected]
Tax Efficiency & Financial Planning for 2016
We will be running a session on Monday 20th June with Old Mill
Accountants identifying some positive approaches and tactics that
farmers can adopt to plan constructively for the future and make the
most of their businesses. Philip Kirkpatrick, a manager in the Exeter
Rural Team and Stuart Coombe, a Financial Planner will be the
speakers from Old Mill Accountants.
The evening will take place at Old Inn, Widecombe. Refreshments from
7.00pm and meeting starting at 7.30pm. The evening is free of charge.
Please call the DHFP to book your place.
Facilitation Fund
35 farm businesses have applied to be part of the facilitation fund
application. A huge thank you to everyone who turned their maps and
paperwork around so promptly, this enabled the application to go in on
We know that the application is going through the process of scoring and
are told we should know sometime in May.
There will be opportunity for other farms to join as the project
The Viability of the UK small farm – a call for evidence
The Prince's Countryside Fund has commissioned the Centre for Rural
Policy Research at the University of Exeter to undertake research on the
performance and prospects for the small farm sector in the UK. For the
purposes of the research a small farm is defined as a one to two person
farm, i.e. requiring less than 2 Full Time Equivalent Standard Labour
Requirements (SLRs).
We would encourage farmers to take part. Use this web site for more
One of the things that will probably be investigated is what can be done
for farmers with no successors who are struggling.
Agri-Innovation Den
Back for the second year running, entries are now open for the share of
£250,000 of a Dragon’s Den-style investment. The competition is being
run by Briefing Media Agriculture, owners of publications including
Farmers Guardian, in conjunction with The Co-operative Food.
The competition invites anyone with a ground-breaking business idea for
agriculture to pitch to a selected panel.
In addition to winners receiving a share of the £250,000 funding pot,
they will also get advice, support and mentoring to develop their
concept. For details follow this link:
Entries are now open and will run to the beginning of July.
PCF Landrover Bursary 2016
Open to 21 to 35 year olds pursuing a career in farming or related
profession, Princes Countryside Fund together with Land Rover are
offering five inspiring young people the use of a Land Rover vehicle for 1
year. Closing date for entries is April 29th
Haymeadows Project Update
The Postbridge and Dartmeet Haymeadows project (part of the Moor
than meets the eye Landscape Partnership Scheme) is working with
farmers and meadow owners around Postbridge and Dartmeet. 97% of
traditional haymeadows have been lost nationally but the hope is to
develop a farmer led collective to use those that remain here on
Dartmoor as a potential seed source for enhancing and re-creating
haymeadows both locally and further afield. Meanwhile we will be
contacting meadow owners within the Postbridge and Dartmeet area
currently not under AES who may benefit from help with additional
Non-native invasive species
As part of the Natural Connections project (focussing on habitat
connectivity along the Long Lane and West Webburn wet valley
systems) Moor than meets the eye is working with owners and tenants
to help control non-native invasive plant species.Two species causing
particular concern are Himalayan balsam and American skunk cabbage.
We are aiming to work from the top of catchment to get to the root cause
of the problem including practical help with volunteers and advice. If you
are currently farming in the locality of the Long Lane and West Webburn
systems and are experiencing problems with either of these two invasive
plant species please contact [email protected]
TB update
Additional measures designed to protect England from bovine TB are
being introduced in April as part of the government’s comprehensive 25year strategy to tackle the disease. these include:
 All herds in the High Risk Area of England affected by a new TB
breakdown will need to pass two strict tests before movement
restrictions are lifted, with the aims of increasing the chances of
finding all infected animals in those herds, reducing recurrent
breakdowns, and protecting other herds..
The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) will start offering the
option of private Interferon Gamma blood tests to diagnose TB
under certain conditions and subject to prior approval from APHA.
Further information about the new measures and how they will affect
farmers can be found in the Guidance section of the TB Hub website.
Remember to apply for your derogation for the Dartmoor TB plan if you graze cattle
on Dartmoor, or risk the planning difficulties of every movement on and off
commonland and consequent testing.
Safe Use of Medicines Course – 8th March 2016
What better use of a wet day could there be than ‘upping’ training (Continuing personal development). Vet, Ruth Wotton, from Penbode
Vets discussed with a mixed group of farmers both young and old the
legalities of medicine administration, storage and disposal. We touched
on withdrawal dates, cleanliness, needle sizes and the what’s and why
nots of over or under dosing both with antibiotics and drenches. Ruth
went into detail explaining worm drench resistance and how to avoid it if
possible, which was very interesting and Ruth also explained how live
and dead vaccine worked. All types of livestock were discussed at some
stage in the day, from poultry to cattle. After a pasty lunch we checked
out medicine and drench storage methods, locked cupboard and fridge
for vaccines. Our certificates arrived two weeks later, another one to
add to the cross compliance file!
Justine Colton
Lamb Survival Course- 1st March 2016
Rachel Rissdon, vet from St Bonifice practise, shared practical ideas
with 15 farmers to promote lamb survival and development as well as
ewe recovery. We also learnt when to tube feed hypothermic lambs
and about the brown fat deposits which give new lambs their energy
supplies. This was followed by learning how and when to use the
peritoneal injection of glucose! On dead lambs we used dye to see if it
had gone in the right place as there is an empty cavity that is where the
needle should go! The vet dissected the lambs which allowed us to see
how an infection can track up the umbilical cord to the liver and this
helped me to understand the importance of hygiene following delivery.
Richard Coaker
‘ We all have found healthy lambs turned out with their mothers, become
cold and almost unconscious after bad weather. A glucose injection into
the abdomen has an almost miraculous effect, with complete recovery in
a short time - no need for heat lamp or milk by stomach tube. Some fluid
may be retained in the abdomen but this gradually goes. Well worth
trying!’ Janet Roskilly
Paper copies of Rachel Rissdon’s powerpoint presentation are available
from the DHFP office. Please phone us if you would like a copy.
Dementia in farming and rural communities
Dementia is a growing health problem, with an anticipated increase in
the number of cases of 156 per cent between now and 2051, according
to statistics from the Alzheimer’s Society.
This equates to two million people, and the burden will fall on rural areas
where there are significantly higher proportions of elderly people.
The burden will impact farming businesses, communities and the rural
economy, yet little is known about how this impact will manifest itself and
what kind of specialist care networks will need to be in place to tackle it.
“Farming, Dementia and Networks of Care” is the first project of its kind
to focus specifically on farming communities and dementia, and its
results will be useful for farming communities, healthcare and service
providers, and academics researching the condition.
Funded by the Seale Hayne Educational Trust, the project will be carried
out by Dr. Richard Yarwood and Dr. Claire Kelly from the School of
Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. They will be guided by a
steering group including Joanne Jones from the Farming Community
Network and chaired by Ian Sherriff, Academic Partnership Lead for
Dementia at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and
The project, which will begin as a pilot in Devon, will investigate how
farmers, their families and carers cope when they are affected by
dementia. There are three main objectives – to consider the impact of
dementia on farming businesses; to evaluate how dementia affects
farming families and communities, and; to consider how voluntary and
state agencies can support farming families with dementia
“This project is a starting point and we hope that it will be useful to care
agencies and provide support for farming families affected by dementia.
We will be making our key findings public and we hope in turn that this
will lead to a wider understanding of dementia in rural places. We plan to
build on this small-scale project to develop applications for future
research into the care of those with dementia in the countryside.” Dr.
The research team are interested in talking to farmers who have or
have had a family member suffering from dementia.
Please contact Dr. Yarwood ([email protected]), Dr. Kelly ([email protected]) or
Ian Sherriff ([email protected]) for more information
Do you care for someone with dementia?
Is someone in your family affected by it?
Come and join us for lunch at Tor Royal Farm, Princetown, 12.30-2.00pm for a Dementia
Friendly Awareness presentation from Claire Puckey, Dementia Friendly Co-ordinator
Pumlumon Study Trip
The proposed trip to Pumlumon was postponed in February due to
hazardous weather conditions and will now take place on June 9th /10th.
The trip is to look at the innovative project in this area of
Montgomeryshire in Wales to revive the ecology and economy of the
uplands. Of specific interest is their approach to peatland restoration
and Payment for Ecosystem Services, as well as how they market the
environment and landscape through local produce. There are still 4
places available so please contact the DHFP office for more details and
to book your place. We will provide a report of the study trip in a future
Dartmoor Farming Futures Update from Jen Manning
‘First of all, many thanks to everyone I have spoken to so far, I’ve had
some great input for the evaluation. I’m now looking at the analysis of
the data and pulling out the key themes from the interviews, following
this I will be talking to key stakeholders involved to look at how they are
finding DFF. If there is anything anyone would like to add towards the
evaluation please feel free to get in touch.’
Jen Manning
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01626 831051
FecPak Hire
DHFP have two FecPaks (faecal egg count kits) available to hire for £30
for a 3 month period.
These allow you to test your flock to see if they have a problem with
resistant worms and then allow you to make your worming strategy more
efficient and cost effective.
We received the following feedback from Farmers who have used
‘The amount of wormer used has been reduced since discovering what
products the sheep were resistant to and also that they did not require a
worm drench before tupping.’
‘If the Fecpak was not available to me no doubt it would have been
much longer before the worm burden and the resistance to white
drenches would have been rectified. The FecPak will have saved me
money and improved the welfare of my lambs.’
Please contact the office for more information and to discuss hiring a
Open Farm Sunday
Open Farm Sunday has been managed by LEAF (Linking Environment
And Farming) since it began in 2006. The first Open Farm Sunday
welcomed around 30,000 visitors. Since then, Open Farm Sunday has
achieved visitor numbers of over 100,000 each year and on 7th June
2015 had a record 291,000+ visitors!
To date over one million people have attended Open Farm Sunday and
our developing Open Farm School Days events - a huge achievement
we can all be proud of.
Registration for Open Farm Sunday 5th June 2016 is now live through
this website, https://farmsunday.org/ There are many resources
available through LEAf, and if there are specific things then please
contact the office and we can discuss further possibilities.
Open Farm School Days - June 2016
Welcome to Open Farm School Days – a
nationwide initiative to get children out onto
farms and learning about where their food
comes from. Throughout June, farms will be
opening their gates and hosting educational
visits for children to learn about how their food is grown, where it comes
from and meeting the farmers who grow it. Open Farm School Days run
alongside the annual Open Farm Sunday on 5th June 2016. A number
of farmers do both! Thanks to the support from our sponsors, it is free to
participate in Open Farm School Days and Open Farm Sunday. For
more information and to register your farm go to this web site.
More Training & Events
Knowing your margins……
…an eye opening evening with Eblex looking at the implications that
knowing the margins in your business can make to the overall profits!
Open to all farmers . Mon 6th June 2016, 7.30pm, East Dart Hotel,
Postbridge. Please book with the DHFP office.
Safe Use of Rodenticides
From June 2016 the regulations affecting the use of rodenticides will
mean that only people who hold certificates of competence in rodent
control will be able to buy more than 1.5Kg of rodenticides at a time for
professional use. There is, however, a derogation until December 2017
for those in farm assurance schemes with a rodent control requirement.
What baits come under the new regulations?
Find out more: http://www.hse.gov.uk/biocides/eu-bpr/rodenticides.htm
Or ask your local merchant.
Call The DHFP office to book on the forthcoming course 13 June 2016,
Runnage Farm, 9.00am – 5.00pm. Discount cost £75 + VATpp for first 8
registering. £125 + VATpp thereafter.
Decision Making!
Do you ever wish information on all aspects of your farm business could
be at a touch of a button rather than hidden in the depths of paperwork
or web sites? Business is all about making informed decisions at the
right time for you. Come along to breakfast on 22nd June at Fox Tor
Café, Princetown, 8.30am – 9.45am to learn more of an innovative app
that once fully developed will encourage, assist and support your
decision making. You have the opportunity to input into what is important
for your business too! Hope to see you there…….
Safe Use of Pesticides
If you still haven’t completed ‘Safe Use of Pesticides’ training we are
considering running another set of courses in theAutumn. Choose from a
combination of PA1/PA6/PA2, with weed wipe if required. Prices vary
according to which combination you choose and DHFP should be able to
provide a small amount of subsidy to Dartmoor farmers. Please register
your interest with the DHFP office and we will set up the training if there
is sufficient demand.
Study Trip to One of Europe’s largest Outdoor Exhibition
and Agricultural Trade Show – Sept 20–22 2016
The National Ploughing Championships, Europe's largest Outdoor
Exhibition and Agricultural Trade Show, saw the most successful
Championships ever last year with 281,000 attendees and over 1,500
delighted exhibitors. The 85th National Ploughing Championships will
take place in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly from Sept 20th – 22nd
We are investigating possible accommodation and travel options. DHFP
will be able to subsidise the visit to some extent.
This is a very popular show in Ireland so although tickets are not on sale
until August, it is possible to buy vouchers to exchange for tickets. The
earlier we book flights etc the cheaper it will be, so let us know if you are
interested ASAP by calling or emailing the DHFP office so we can get
rough prices and make provisional bookings.
We plan to visit the show as well as plan visits to innovative local farms.
Future of DHFP
The DHFP has been having in depth discussions with its Steering Group
concerning ongoing funding to keep it in existence. These discussions
were also held at the Farmers Forum in November and also reported in
our recent newsletters
However to continue to attract the funding required to cover our core
costs we really do need to show that we are supported by the farming
community with a level of match funding. We will be writing to you all in
June/ July with more details following further discussion with the
Steering Group
Compulsory dog microchipping regulations
From 6 April 2016 almost all UK dogs over the age of eight weeks must
be microchipped and registered on an authorised database.
If you receive our newsletters in the post and you use email you can ask
us to put you on the electronic list as well so that you hear about grants,
training and other opportunities that come up at short notice. You can still
get the newsletter by post, if you like to keep it on the kitchen table. Just
send us an email to get on the list stating that you would like to receive
our communications by email and by post.
The Farming Community Network
Helping farming people through difficult times
Open 7.00am – 11.00pm every day of the year
03000 111 999
Devon contacts: Joanne Jones 07897 540 278
Colin Smallacombe 07999 711 950
[email protected]
ARC – Addington Fund
Supporting Britain’s Farming Communities
02476 690587
[email protected]
Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
Supporting Farming Families
General Enquiries: 01865 724931
Welfare Enquiries: 0300 303 7373
[email protected]i.org.uk
The Samaritans
“Talk to us if things are getting to you”
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
UK: 08457 909090
Rural Payments Helpline
03000 200 301
Mon – Fri 8.30am-5.00pm