New My Choice Menus! My Choice Menu Benefits Features and

New My Choice Menus!
Our new My Choice Menus offer a wide range of healthy choices for assisted
living and nursing facilities. My Choice Menus are available in 2 formats:
eMenus or hard copy menus.
Cloud Based eMenus - Our new cloud based menu system is easy to learn
and easy to use! The Menu Publisher module allows you to access the Becky
Dorner My Choice eMenus. You can simply customize them to meet your
facility’s needs or you can create your own menus in the system. More than
5000 recipes available to meet your needs. Reports are available at the click of
a button: Week at a Glance, Diet Spreadsheets, Nutrition Analysis, Cost Analysis, Ingredient or Recipe
Frequency. For more information including sample reports, pricing and a free web-based demonstration,
please visit
My Choice Menu Benefits
Features and Advantages
Saves time and relieves added stress
Tracks food costs so you can implement cost
saving measures to meet your financial goals
Enhances production & increases efficiencies
Provides information to help you meet survey
inspection criteria
5000+ standardized recipes linked to USDA
data base & manufacturer’s nutritional data
4 week cycle menus with diet extension:
Regular, Mechanical Soft (NDD Level 3), Puree
(NDD Level 1), Reduced Calorie, Consistent
Carbohydrate, 2 Gram Sodium, Heart Healthy
and Liberalized Renal
Vital reports at your fingertips to assist in
managing your department
Integrates with SNO Resident Manager Module
(tray tickets, weights, documentation)
Hard Copy - This traditional format includes a paper
copy of the weekly menu overviews, the diet
extensions, menu notes and suggestions, always
available menus, and diet guidelines in a binder, along
with a one year subscription to access the nutrition
analysis, cost reports and recipes through our website.
You can download this information onto your computer
and print if you wish. You have the option of renewing
your subscription yearly which also includes a newly
revised hard copy of the menus to keep your menus up
to date. Choose from 2 seasonal 28 day cycle menus:
Cycle 1 is Fall/Winter or Cycle 2 is Spring/Summer. Purchase both for the best value and savings! For
details, please visit
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Continuing Education and Publications
CDR Accredited Provider: Programs for RDs, RDNs, DTRs, NDTRs (CDMs can easily obtain
subsequent approval)
Webinars: Live presentations and recorded
programs available at
Self-Study Programs: Hard copy and e-books
available at
View ALL of the publications on our website for full descriptions, photos, tables of content, and sample
pages. Our most popular publications include:
Diet & Nutrition Care Manuals (Comprehensive or Simplified edition)
Top Seller! Choose comprehensive or simplified edition. Includes
guidelines for evidence based practice, including the US Dietary Guidelines
for Americans and MyPlate. Use this best-seller as a reference to provide
nutrition care, interpret diets, write menus, meet federal regulations, and
define physician diet orders. Easy to use tools, charts and guidelines!
Subscription service for online manual and CEUs are also available
separately. Please visit for
complete details and Table of Contents. Approximately 450 pages. (2016
Comprehensive or Simplified edition).
Policy and Procedure Manual
Top Seller! Includes a customizable CD-Rom! Excellent for nursing homes
or hospitals. New information on food code, food safety/sanitation
(F371), nutrition/unintended weight loss (F325), person centered dining,
Nutrition Care Process and more! A great time saver, includes step by step
guidelines to ensure that regulatory, nutritional, dietary needs are met for
optimal health of individuals in your care. More than 65 sample forms
included! This best-selling manual covers a wide range of topics to meet
federal and state regulation requirements and assure quality products and
visit for complete details and Table
of Contents. Approximately 450 pages. (2013 Edition).
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Disaster/Emergency Plan for Food and Dining Services
The focus of this practical and easy to implement 15 hour CPE self-study
program is on helping dining and food service departments to plan and prepare
for emergencies and disasters. This best-seller includes: An emergency
preparedness checklist, Staff inservices and handouts, policies/procedures and
forms; information for before, during and after a disaster – specific to multiple
types of disasters/emergencies; and emergency menus for 3 days without
utilities and 7 days with utilities (including emergency menus and supplies for
regular and pureed diets), recipes, buying guides, therapeutic diet extensions
for liberalized diets. (2014 Edition).
Making Mealtime Magic with Person Centered Dining
This publication includes information on the many aspects of enhanced dining
to help you implement and/or build upon your own dining program - while
meeting regulatory requirements: a book full of information with lots of
practical, easy to implement ideas to get your team started, a review of dining
styles along with sample policies and procedures for each (buffet style,
restaurant style, family style, room service, etc.), sample restaurant style
select menus and templates with suggestions for daily special food rotations,
how to help residents choose a healthy meal, sample holiday menus,
inservices for staff training, regulatory and survey compliance information, and
policies/procedures on how to implement. Packed with ideas and tools to help
you implement and/or expand on your own person centered dining program!
Includes 10 CEUs (2013).
MNT Made Easy: for Health Care Communities
Comply with new MDS 3.0, CMS regulations and guidance, incorporate Academy
of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Care Process into your documentation system,
and stay current with standards of practice and competencies. Provides the
information you need to implement MNT medical nutrition therapy (MNT) including
policies/procedures and resources for everything from calculating nutritional needs
to BMIs, significant weight changes, enteral feedings and TPNs; information on
malnutrition, nutrition focused physical assessment, pressure ulcers, dehydration,
fluid restrictions, dysphagia, end of life nutrition and hydration, and much more.
Forms for clinical and food service documentation such as diet preferences, food
intakes, nutrient intake studies, nutrition screening and referral to the RDN,
nutrition assessment and care planning, MNT related recommendations, obtaining
accurate heights/weights, adjusting for amputees, tracking weights, quality
improvement resources, and more! And best of all: MNT forms for Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, and
Hospice/Palliative Care and Group Homes with instructions. Includes 18 CEUs (2015).
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Obesity Challenge: Weight Management for Adults and Older Adults
Provides essential tools and knowledge to meet the evolving needs of this growing
population. Includes information on obesity trends, health issues, nutritional needs
calculations, sample screening, assessment and care plan clinical documentation
forms, and almost 90 fabulous copy ready educational handouts you can use with
your clients, patients, and residents! Includes helpful tools to set up inpatient and
outpatient programs for older adults in various settings- hospital based systems,
long term care or private practice. Includes a CD-Rom of almost 90 pages of full
color, copy ready educational materials with lessons for healthy eating and
lifestyle suggestions to help your clients, patients, and residents reach their
The Complete Guide to Nutrition Care for Pressure Ulcers
Written by nationally known experts on nutrition care and pressure ulcers, Becky
Dorner, RD, LD, FAND, Mary Ellen Posthauer, RD, CD, LD, FAND and Liz
Friedrich, MPH, RD, CSG, LDN, FAND. This spiral bound hard copy book
includes detailed information on evidence based nutrition care for the prevention
and treatment of pressure ulcers; copy ready diet instructions; information on
fortified foods, recipes, and other appropriate nutrition interventions; the CMS
surveyor guidance for F314 pressure sores; and sample policies, procedures,
protocols, and forms. You’ll also receive a 15 hour CPE self-study module with
case study, plus a CD-Rom of an Educational Inservice with slides, presenter
notes, handouts, and pre/post-test for participants (60 pages). (2015).
All of our inservices are downloadable, ready-to-present and include presenter notes, slides, and copy ready
handouts. Please visit our website under “Staff Education” for details on each inservice.
 Dementia and Nutrition
 Hydration – It’s a SPLASH!
 Disaster Planning
 Liberalizing Diets
 End of Life Nutrition and Hydration
 Providing a Superior Dining Experience
 Food Allergies and Intolerances
 Respecting Residents Rights at Meal Time
 Food and Fluid Preparation for Dysphagia
 Nutrition for Pressure Ulcers
 Food Safety Made Easy
 Sanitation Solutions
 General Nutrition for Older Adults
 Unintended Weight Loss
 How to Obtain Accurate Heights/Weights
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