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Carr Hill Primary School
Inside This Month……...
 Bigger and Better
Senior Citizens
Enjoy Visit
Year 1 and 2 children from Miss Jones’s Key Stage 1 Class
were recently invited to the Residential Home. The
residents were keen to hear the children sing their Harvest
songs and to talk about some of their work.
The children sang two harvest songs for the residents;
‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ and ‘ Waiting for the Sun’. The children
also shared their ‘still life’ artwork with the residents and
were eager and happy to answer questions about their
artwork. Some of the children enjoyed asking the residents
to guess which vegetables they had drawn. The children
asked the residents a few questions about harvest time
when they were younger and they were able to share with
us some of their memories.
The residents were keen for the children to sing more
songs and have already invited them back again to stay in
Healthy Tuck Shop
November ‘15
2nd School closed to children INSET Day
3rd School re-opens after half-term
Jacqui Jones to lead school assembly
Bike Training for F2 and Y1
Travelling Book Fair
Bike Training for F2 and Y1
Open Morning for Parents and Friends
10th Y5/6 visit national media Museum
10th Governors’ Strategic Development Meeting
11th Time Travelling for Y3 children
12th Governors’ Working Group—Policy updates
13th Children in Need Day
16th Start of Anti-Bullying Week
20th PTA Christmas Fair
24th Governors’ Working Group—Solar Panels
26th Flu drops for Y1/Y2 am
27th The Mob Christmas Concert 6.00 pm
December ‘15
2nd Foundation Nativity
Choir Event with Elizabethan Academy
Y5 / Y6 Christmas Production
Jacqui Jones leads school assembly
10th pm KS1 Christmas Production
10th 6.00 KS1 Christmas Production
15th Y3 / Y4 Christmas Presentation
16th Y5 / Y6 Christmas Party
16th Christmas School Lunch
16th PTA Christmas Disco
17th KS1 Christmas Party
17th Early Year Christmas Party and Sing-a-long
17th 6.00 pm Carol Concert for Parents, Staff
and Children
18th Last day before the Christmas holidays
21st School closed for holidays
January ‘16
INSET Day—school closed to children
School re-opens after Christmas
February ‘16
Maths Event for Y6 group at Elizabethan
PTA Bingo Night
12th Last day before school closes for half-term
22nd School re-opens after half-term holiday
March ‘16
10th G. and T. English Event at Elizabethan
17th Maths Event for Y6 group at Elizabethan
24th Maths Event for Y6 group at Elizabethan
 Y5 Enjoy
Art Event
 Senior Citizen
‘a happy atmosphere with high standards’
Multi-Skilled Y2 Children
Recently, Year 2 children had an exciting morning at Elizabethan Academy,
participating in a range of PE based activities which were run by Year 10
and 11 students. The whole event was called ‘Multi-Skills’.
Rather than concentrating on one or two particular sports, more general
physical activities which apply to most sports were organised. These
activities included running, balancing on a wobble board, completing an
obstacle course and working with a partner to improve throwing and
catching skills.
Archie from 2MNe said, ”It was fantastic fun. I especially liked balancing
on the wobble board with 2 bean bags on my head.”
Similarly, Isabel from 2MNe remarked, “I liked working with my friend to
throw and catch a ball. Working together was fun!”
The wonderful behaviour of the children was commented upon by a variety
of staff from other schools, and we are looking forward to attending other
sporting mornings at the Elizabethan Academy.
Carr Hill Primary School
Money for Old Clothes
Our very own Clothes Bank continues to operate and is available during school
hours for all your old clothes, blankets, pairs of shoes, curtains and sheets.
Last half-term we received £70 from Savannah Rags, the company that
collects the unwanted items for distribution overseas.
Our simple clothes bank does three things;
It provides money which we can then spend on our children
It helps keep your house clutter free
It provides clothes and other items for developing countries!
Please continue to support our very own Carr Hill Clothing Bank.
Carr Hill Primary School
Year 3 Class Go Green
On Friday 16th October , 3AB went to visit Mansfield Materials Facility. We had a
fantastic morning learning about recycling.
We began by having a classroom session where we learnt about the importance of
recycling and what materials you can and cannot recycle. Following this, we had a tour
of the recycling facility which was very interesting.
We had to wear safety equipment which included hard hats, high vis vests and a sound
system so we could hear our tour guide as it was very loud in the building! We watched
paper arriving by lorry which was then moved by a 360 machine. Another machine
higher up in the building was used to allow people to sort through it to check it was all
paper and recycleable. It then emerged as a bale at the end of the process.
From being picked up to becoming a bale took only fifteen minutes. Lorries were then
ready to be loaded to take the bales away to be reused. We saw a range of materials
going through the process including paper, cardboard and cans. We had a very
interesting day and learnt a lot about recycling.
Year 5 Art Day
1940’s Visit for Y3/Y4
As part of this term’s topic work, children in Year 3 and 4 recently travelled back in
time to become WWII evacuees for the day.
Recently, the Year 5 children from 5RD and
5RB took part in a specialist Art Day at the
Elizabethan Academy.
Children visited Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire which was used as a Listening
Station during World War 2. Upon arrival at the Hall, children were immediately in
role as evacuees as they were taken to the Billeting Hall where they learned many
things about 1940’s etiquette such as removing hats indoors and gentlemen
always letting the ladies go first. They were also warned to be on the look-out for
potential spies and shown one way of identifying a suspect.
Children then became code-breakers, intercepting
German radio signals and deciphering their
messages. They visited a 1940’s Greengrocers to
buy ingredients with their ration books so they
could make typical war-time food such as Woolton
Pie and Rabbit Stew.
With art-shirts at the ready, we embarked on
a whirlwind tour of Van Gogh style painting,
collecting patterns from nature using
microscopes, textile design, painting with cars
and an art detective quiz.
The whole day was a great success in that it provided a great deal of fun and
some new experiences were tried out. The opportunity to work in a
secondary school environment and of course get a little messy also meant
that the day was rather a special one for our children.
As usual, the staff at the Elizabethan praised the children’s attitudes and
behaviour and wanted us to pass on a big well done to all of the children for
the way they participated and represented the school.
The day ended in dramatic fashion when an air-raid
siren signalled a move towards the safety of
Beaumanor’s cellars where the children experienced
what an air-raid would have been like during the
From the work that was produced, we can see that there are some budding
artists here at Carr Hill.
Healthy Tuck Shop
Following requests from our children to widen the range of items sold in the school’s own
healthy tuck shop, we have been able to source a more varied number of items for sale. All our
‘tuck’ needs to be healthy and free of sugar so that we can maintain our ‘Healthy Schools
Award’ status and provide a healthy environment for our children.
All the produce is sold at cost price to promote healthy eating and each item is sold for the
princely sum of 15p! Since we’ve broadened the range on offer, sales have improved
enormously so that even more of our children are able to eat a healthy snack at break-time.
Pictured are Ella, Archie and Grace, our tuck shop organisers. On sale are fresh apples, pears,
carrots and oranges along with our packs of Raisins and Sultanas, Sultanas and Apple,
Raisins and Apricot, Sultanas and Grape and our very popular Blackcurrant Fruit Gummys.
Our Tuck Shop, run by the children for the children, is open every morning break time at the
Dining Room entrance.
Fruitful Harvest Assemblies
Our annual harvest assemblies were organised this year in aid of the Retford Bassetlaw Food Bank. Key Stage 1 and Year 3
presented their assembly to parents and friends in the School Hall showing the audience the importance food plays in our lives and
how fortunate we are to have access to the range of food we do.
This assembly was followed by children from
Years 4, 5 and 6 showing even more parents
and friends their work that they had done around
the theme of ‘Harvest’.
As usual, our parents donated generously and
all the produce collected was passed to the
Bassetlaw Food Bank. The school received
great thanks from Carol Freeman, on behalf of
the organisation, and received a certificate
recognising the fantastic generosity of our
school community.