The Success Story of Mr. Ravi Ratnasabapathy

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Deloitte Digital named a leader by
Gartner in CRM and Customer
Experience Implementation Services,
Worldwide Services……………………....01
The success story of
Mr. Ravi Ratnasabapathy……………….01
Voice of the voiceless largest minority
by Dr. Ajith C.S Perera………………......02
ISACA and Deloitte Visits
SJMS enriches underprivileged children
with school essentials….………………...04
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Deloitte Digital named a leader by Gartner in CRM and
Customer Experience Implementation Services and Worldwide
Services for the fourth consecutive year
Limited (DTTL) is pleased to
announce that Gartner, a leading
information technology research
and advisory company, has
named Deloitte Digital a leader in
CRM and Customer Experience
Implementation Services for
the fourth consecutive year.
The December 2015 report
entitled, Magic Quadrant for
CRM and Customer Experience
Worldwide, positions Deloitte
Digital highest in execution. “It’s
an honor to once again be
recognized for our clients
post-qualification experience.
He is broadly experienced, with
exposure to stockbroking,
manufacturing / agribusiness,
and printing.
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component of Deloitte member
firm consulting practices, has
pioneered a new model for a
new age – the digital consulting
agency. As an agency and a
consultancy, Deloitte Digital
combines leading digital and
creative capabilities with the
deep industry knowledge,
innovative thinking, business
transformation, organizational
change, domain and versatile
technology experience Deloitte
member firms are known for.
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The Success Story of Mr. Ravi
Sharnila Henry
[email protected]
Kasun Mendis
[email protected]
as a leader in Gartner’s Magic
Quadrant for CRM and Customer
Services, Worldwide report,” says
Andy Main, Leader of Deloitte
Digital US. "As a digital consulting
agency, we strive every day to
help our clients achieve their
ambitions by finding answers to
complex challenges, and to do it
in new ways that benefit them,
their brands, and their customers.
To be acknowledged for what we
believe is our vision, agility and
ability to deliver differentiating
CX solutions is truly significant
ourselves. ”Deloitte Digital, a
In this article we introduce yet
another of our alumnus who has
excelled in his career, Mr. Ravi
Ratnasabapathy, CEO of Ceylon
Printers PLC.
Ravi is a management accountant
who counts 25 years of
He holds an MBA from
Diploma in Computer Systems
Design from NIBM.
He is an old boy of D S
Senanayake College, Colombo 7
where he
By Kasun Mendis
primary education. He came to
know about SJMS through his
cousin Ms. Sarojini Jayarajah
who knew Mr. Jayewickreme
and recommended that he start
work at a firm while doing his
CIMA exams.
As an experienced professional
telecommunications, power and
printing, he also has in depth
expertise in winding down of
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“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.” - Arthur C. Clarke
Read more: – Vince Lombardi
‘Every day must be Human Rights day’
Voice of the voiceless largest minority
By Dr. Ajith C.S Perera
Today we badly need the ‘Rule of Law’
that goes beyond the nominal
existence of legal institutions and
policies that gather cobwebs without
getting implemented in society.
All citizens, regardless of the degree of
ability, require the basic protection
enshrined in the constitution to
guarantee that no class of persons
shall be denied the same rights that
are enjoyed by other classes in the
same society in similar circumstances.
However, the reality is different.
Marginalisation and denial of rights of all
human beings, derived from the inherent
dignity of the human person concerning
most of the necessities in daily life such as
education, employment and recreation,
continue to escalate for the majority of
the 20% of Sri Lanka’s population who
are experiencing restricted ability – the
largest minority of people.
Participation restrictions
Failure to provide safe and equal access
to a facility or equal treatment in a
service constitutes discrimination.
The right to enjoy access is the single
essential pre-requisite right for
protection, promotion and enjoyment
of all other human rights.
All of us, for different reasons, is certain to spend some
of our time living with our mobility, sight and stability
All people; regardless of the degree of mobility in particular,
have the right to participate in the decision-making
processes that affect their lives and well-being.
Participation restrictions with activity limitations are now
recognised internationally as a human rights issue, causing
denial of the democratic rights to become equal partners in
development programmes.
Imperative investment for all businesses
Evidence shows that when barriers are removed and access
is promoted, the entire community benefits and the
customer bases increase. It also minimises the colossal
wastes a country incurs.
When the ability of a person gets restricted, still, he/she
should enjoy the right to equal treatment in accessing all
facilities including entrances, toilets and washrooms, and
services such as those provided by hotels, restaurants,
shops, hospitals, places of education, banks, sports stadia
and movie theatres.
Businesses have a moral duty, social responsibility and a
legal obligation to make their facilities accessible
equally to everyone. It should be recognized as an
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Contd from page 1… Deloitte Digital named a
leader by Gartner in CRM and Customer
Experience Implementation Services, Worldwide
Services for fourth consecutive year
Discussing the CRM and Customer Experience (CX)
implementation Services market worldwide, the
report notes, “selecting the right CX and CRM
implementation service provider requires focused
and deliberate evaluation. The market for CRM
implementation services is maturing, but the ability
to address complexity from business perspectives, as
well as achieve complex technology integration, will
be highly differentiating for the next few years.
These factors have led providers to re-establish their
CRM strategic focus, market strategies and
competitive aims, forcing new approaches to
differentiation and, thus, leading to changes in
positions of providers included in the 2014
According to Gartner, “leaders are performing well
today, gaining traction and mind share in the
market; they have a clear vision of market direction
and are actively building competencies to sustain
their leadership position in the market.” Gartner
evaluates service providers on their Ability to
Execute and their Completeness of Vision.
“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” – Ray Kroc
Contd from page 1. The Success Story
of Mr. Ravi Ratnasabapathy
settlements with banks, disposal of assets
and winding down of activities at closed
He has also been instrumental in
restructuring underperforming business units
at Ceylon Grain Elevators Ltd (CGE) and
Ceylon Printers Ltd (CP). At CP he was able to
implement processes that returned the
business to profitability after several lean
years. His future aspirations are to restore
the fortunes of Ceylon Printers and to
ensure it has a solid foundation for future
Apart from his busy schedule, he has wide
ranging interests outside work from
economic policy, politics and governance
to music, as he would like to devote more
time to these pursuits once work
pressures ease.
We wish him all the very best in his future
ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter & Deloitte Visits SLIIT
One of the world’s leading IT security governing bodies ISACA® Sri Lanka chapter visited SLIIT on 8th February 2016 to
conduct a presentation on their credentials, and educate students & staff about ISACA accreditations & certifications.
The ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter team led by its global director Ms. Jo Stewart-Rattaray, which also included its Sri Lankan
Chapter President Mr. Parakum Pathirana and Vice President Mr. Kumar Manthri, and Mr. Akshay Lamba Director of
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu-India; one of the big four global auditing firms, hosted a Q&A session with valuable career
advice for SLIIT students. The photograph below depicts the interactive session that was carried out.
“The greatest opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job.” – Zig Ziglar
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‘Every day must be Human Rights day’
Voice of the voiceless largest minority
Without convenient and safe access complying with design
standards to products, facilities and services at business
establishments, what genuine customer care and customer
delightedness are there?
Understanding dis-ability
Legislation defines a Person with dis -Ability (often
still termed injuriously as Differently -abled) as:
citizens facing discrimination, unable to enjoy access to society on an equal basis
with others.
However, it is NOT their impairments, but the man-built social environment that
renders people dis-Abled. Hence, this trend is reversible.
The following remedial measures are practical, low cost and is an imperative
(1). Activate the important dormant legislation
Activate immediately the dormant legislation; Accessibility Regulations No. (1) of
2006 and Supreme Court Orders of 2011 April under SCFR: 221/2009.
Set-up the framework and ensure that the law is effectively implemented in
society to strengthen the rule of law in Sri Lanka.
(2). Extend the constitutional protection for dis-Abled People.
“Any person who, as a result of any restriction in his physical or
mental abilities, is unable by himself to ensure for himself, wholly
or partly, the necessities of daily life”.
Access and empowerment of people of all abilities, hence, is a
human right in itself. We need a holistic approach encompassing
not only physical but also electronic accessibility and access to
services, including information and communication technology
It will empower people of ALL ABILITIES to equally integrate into society for full
participation in all spheres of daily life as useful and equal partners with dignity.
(3). Ensure an inclusive Mega-polis agenda
Laws must be empowered and enforced, and proper plans should be effectively
implemented to ensure that future cities, towns, basic urban infrastructures and
public facilities and services, are environmentally accessible to everyone and
Accessibility experts – our missing link
(4). Establish the services of experienced accessibility experts
Accessibility experts perform a highly specialised job, which is
still, under-estimated and unrecognized in Sri Lanka.
Absence of the services of experienced accessibility experts to guide you is the
missing link in Sri Lanka fuelling social exclusion and denial of enjoying several
It requires a good in-depth understanding of intricacies backed by
adequate practical experience and thorough working knowledge
that goes far beyond what our university courses on architecture
and civil engineering teach.
It is NOT one where standards and specifications can just be read
and applied in vital tasks.
Proposed plan of action
Many Sri Lankans with restricted ability often are third class
Editor Adds:
Dr. Ajith C. S. Perera - a former senior manager in industry, was left instantly a
Paraplegic for life by a fallen way side tree in 1992. Despite this personal adversity
he has bounced back to serve humanity as a fervent advocate of design for
inclusion and safety most importantly as a widely experienced and highly
competent accessibility advisor and accessor - as has been befittingly recognised
by reputed bodies overseas. For further information see
Contact Email: [email protected]
SJMS enriches underprivileged children with school essentials
The CSR arm of SJMS Associates launched yet another CSR initiative by way of distributing school essentials
to needy school children in Kuliyapitiya, Neriyakulam, Yakawewa and Mannar areas on 17th and 18th January
2016. The school essentials which comprised of books, shoes, school bags and other school accessories were
distributed to needy school children at Moragane Maha Vidyalaya – Kuliyapitiya, Rankethgama Vidyalaya –
Neriyakulam, Maradamadu Vidyalaya – Yakawewa, Yakawewa Vidyalaya – Yakawewa, Mannar
Moonarampiddy G.T.M School, Kovilkulam G.T.M School and Mannar Koorai G.T.M School.
The objective of the SJMS CSR arm is to uplift the literacy level of underprivileged children, especially those
living in deprived localities. The CSR arm of SJMS has been able to carry out many CSR initiatives
demonstrating its commitment and respect to the social obligations. Under the CSR initiative, the firm has
carried out various programs such as distribution of school essentials, and arranging seminars for GCE OL)
and year 5 scholarship exam revision programs, and provision of books and furniture for libraries in rural
areas for needy school children.
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