Order of Omega Application Fall 2016

Application Form
Submit completed applications to Student Activities (112 Memorial Union Building) by October 31st at 5:00PM to be eligible
for consideration. Please note that applicants must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) or higher at the time of
submitting this application. Any member who has been a student at Michigan Tech for one full academic year and is Junior or
Senior standing are eligible to apply.
Name Initiated Date into own Chapter Current Year Local Address Major Greek Affiliation Expected Graduation Email Answer the following questions in typed format and attach them to this form.
1. Indicate all chapter, IFC/Panhellenic, or Greek life related offices you have held. For each office, include a two to three
sentence description of your contributions/accomplishments. If not applicable, please describe examples of when you have
demonstrated leadership in your Greek organization.
2. List your involvement in both on and off-campus organizations outside of Greek life and describe any offices, positions or
leadership roles held (i.e. student government, Blue Key, etc.). For each role held, include a two to three sentence
description of your contributions/accomplishments.
3. In two to three sentences, describe your involvement and impactful contributions to the university and campus life (i.e.
campus jobs, Wellness, Title IX, Preview Day, etc.).
4. In two to three sentences, indicate any service, volunteer work or philanthropy events that you have participated in while in
college (on and off campus).
5. In three to four sentences, describe how you have made education a priority in your college career. Include any
awards/honors that you have received (i.e. Dean’s List, Greek Student of the Month, etc).
6. In four to five sentences, describe how you incorporate the values, rituals, and/or purpose of your Greek organization into
your daily life.
I have attached my resume to provide further information. (Optional) ⃞ Yes
⃞ No
I am available to attend the required bi-weekly Order of Omega meetings that take place on Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:00 PM
⃞ Yes ⃞ No
I have applied for Order of Omega before. ⃞ Yes ⃞ No
I hereby certify that all information I have provided within this application is truthful and accurate. I understand that providing false
information will reflect poorly upon myself and my organization and may jeopardize my eligibility to join the Order of Omega. In addition, I
hereby authorize the Office of Student Activities to release my cumulative GPA to the officers of the Order of Omega for the sole purpose of
confirming my qualifications.
If selected for membership in the Order of Omega, I agree to pay a $60.00 initiation fee and $10 for dues each following semester (checks can
be made out to Student Activities).