Discover Frankfurt in one week
Discover Frankfurt in a Week
Day 1: Discover Frankfurt
City Tour of Frankfurt
Become better acquainted with Frankfurt am Main, the cosmopolitan city
in the heart of Europe, with one of our special city tours. Those interested
in discovering the Main metropolis on foot may take part in one of our
guided city walks, starting daily at 2:30 pm. Tickets are available at the
Tourist Information Offices. Alternatively, you may discover Frankfurt on
your own by way of our Hop On-Hop Off double-decker busses.
Sightseeing attractions along the way include the Römerberg, St. Paul’s
Church, Frankfurt Cathedral, the Goethe House, the financial district, the
Old Opera House, the Palmengarten botanical gardens, the museum
embankment and Sachsenhausen, the city’s popular apple-wine
district.For further information, please visit
Lunch at Schwarzer Stern*
If you need to regain some energy after all the impressions you’ve taken in
of our fine city, we suggest you enjoy a hearty, home-cooked lunch at
Schwarzer Stern, one of the city’s most traditional restaurants.
Römerberg 6, Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 29 19 79,
Visit of the Emperor’s Cathedral
Dip into German history by paying a visit to the place where German kings
were crowned and emperors were chosen for hundreds of years! Frankfurt
Cathedral was for many years the city’s tallest structure. Today, it is of
course dwarfed by countless modern high-rises and skyscrapers.
Domplatz 14, +49 (0) 69 / 2 97 03 20,
Visit of the Kaisersaal at Römer City Hall
In former times, Emperor's Hall was a regal venue for coronation banquets
of German emperors and countless civic functions. Its walls were lined
with the 19th-century portraits of some 52 German emperors, beginning
with Charlemagne (crowned in 800) and ending with Franz II, who
abdicated in 1806. The "Kaisersaal" has been rebuilt in a stark modernistic
Summer Tip: Coffee Breaks on the River Main
A river runs through Frankfurt am Main – through the name and through
the city! Discover Frankfurt from its famous waterway during the course of
a river cruise with one of Frankfurt’s cruise lines. Tours last 50, 60 or 120
minutes, departing from and returning to “Eiserne Steg” footbridge. Coffee,
cakes and meals are served on board.,
Walk along the River Main to Sachsenhausen
Having already taken in a variety of new impressions of Frankfurt, we
suggest you make your way from the Römer down to the River Main and
stroll along the beautiful riverside promenade. Crossing the river to the
southern side you will arrive at the city district of Sachsenhausen, where
you will find a superb range of pubs and restaurants serving traditional
Frankfurt cuisine and delicious apple wine, the locals’ beverage of choice.
Dinner in Old Sachsenhausen
Old Sachsenhausen stands for typical German “Gemütlichkeit”, or
cosiness, and features time-honoured apple wine pubs, narrow alleyways
and beautiful half-timbered architecture. Conclude your day with a glass or
two of delicious Frankfurt apple wine.
Day 2: Frankfurt – A City of Culture
Breakfast at Café Karin*
Café Karin is well known for its bountiful breakfasts, with each of the
delicious combinations named after a different Frankfurt city district. Enjoy
your start to the day in the cosy city centre of Frankfurt, just a stone’s
throw from the Goethe-House.
Großer Hirschgraben 28; +49 (0) 69 / 29 52 17,
Walk along the Museum Embankment
After enjoying a substantial breakfast, how about taking a walk along
Frankfurt’s unique museum row at the banks of the River Main? Cultural
enthusiasts will find a superb variety of genres, ranging from architecture
and film to modern art, Jewish history and antique sculptures. Here is a
selection of museums that may interest you:
Städel Museum
The Städel, situated directly on the bank of the river, is known to be one of
the oldest and most significant museum foundations in Germany and one
of the world’s most outstanding art museums. The Städel’s collections
present masterpieces spanning some seven centuries of art.
Deutsches Architektur Museum (DAM)
The German Architecture Museum, founded in 1979, is the only museum
of its kind on the European continent. Throughout the year the DAM
presents modern German and foreign architecture by way of major
changing exhibitions as well as smaller presentations.
Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung
The Liebieghaus Sculpture Collection with its idyllic garden is undoubtedly
one of the jewels of Frankfurt’s Museum Embankment. The museum
offers a unique overview of the evolution of sculpture, with outstanding
masterpieces representing 5,000 years of statuary.
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst
The MMK Museum of Modern Art is one of the most spectacular museum
buildings of the post-modern age and one of Europe’s leading modern art
museums. The collection includes everything from superb works of
European and American art of the 1960s to current positions of
international contemporary art.
Schirn Kunsthalle
Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt is one of Europe’s most outstanding exhibition
halls. The exhibitions present major overview themes such as the female
impressionists, expressionism, Dadaism and surrealism.
Lunch Suggestions:
Emma Metzler at the Museum of Applied Arts*
During the day, this fine establishment, which features an idyllic terrace
and minimalist design, takes on the form of a comfortable café catering to
the numerous museum visitors. The broad culinary range comprises
everything from sandwiches and salads to shrimps on herb risotto, steak
and mushrooms, saltimbocca and monkfish.
Schaumainkai 17, +49 (0) 69 / 61 99 59 06,
Table Restaurant at the Schirn Kunsthalle
The restaurant at the Schirn Kunsthalle offers good food at reasonable
rates. The chef Milan Seidenfaden and his team only use the best and
freshest ingredients, without preservatives and flavour enhancer.
Römerberg 6a, +49 (0) 69 / 21 99 99 52
Holbeins (Städel Museum)*
This restaurant, situated scenically in the heart of the Städel Museum
Frankfurt, serves light cuisine with regional and international influences.
The daily specials provide fine culinary experiences for one and all.
Holbeinstraße 1, +49 (0) 69 / 66 05 66 66,
Alte Oper, Oper Frankfurt, English Theatre
Alte Oper, Frankfurt’s time-honoured Old Opera House, welcomes back
national and international stage stars year after year. The award-winning
Oper Frankfurt, meanwhile, is an integral part of Frankfurt’s cultural life.
And the English Theatre, founded in 1979, is now the largest Englishlanguage theatre on the European continent.,,
Day 3: Modern Frankfurt
Walk through the Financial District / Tour of the Stock Exchange /
Visit of the Main Tower
Stroll through the streets of “Mainhattan” and discover Frankfurt, the
financial capital of Germany. Frankfurt Börse is Germany’s most profitable
stock exchange. The building, erected at the end of the 19th century,
features many statues, figures and reliefs. Tours of the German stock
market are available after prior registration.
Börsenplatz 2 – 6; +49 (0) 69 / 21 11 15 10,
While in the financial district, make sure to pay a visit to the Main Tower’s
rooftop observation platform, which offers spectators breathtaking bird’seye views of Frankfurt and its surroundings some 200 metres above the
city streets.
Neue Mainzer Straße 52, +49 (0) 69 / 36 50 47 70,
Lunch on Frankfurt’s most popular culinary mile
Having concluded your exploratory visit of Frankfurt’s financial district, we
recommend you recharge your batteries with lunch at one of the many
fine restaurants on the Fressgass’ or Schillerstraße in the city centre.
You’ll find a superb variety of cafés, restaurants, bistros and delicatessen
shops on these two car-free culinary avenues.
Westhafen / Osthafen
Quite a bit of urban development has occurred at both ends of Frankfurt’s
city centre over the past few years: Modern offices, residential towers,
trendy restaurants and a small marina now line the West Harbour area,
while East Harbour is now home to an alternative scene, featuring factory
outlets, theatres and nightclubs. A stroll through both quarters is highly
Dinner at the Long Island Summer Lounge*
The Long Island Summer Lounge is a unique Beach Club with pool on top
of the roof of one of the most famous locations in Frankfurt and is open
from April to September (in good weather). Long Island Summer Lounge:
Parkhaus Börse,
+49 (0) 69 / 29 72 35 96
Clubbing and Bar-Hopping in Frankfurt
Those of you who still have some time and energy left over will be happy to
know that Frankfurt has a countless array of clubs and bars on offer, mostly
located in the city centre or on Hanauer Landstraße, one of Frankfurt’s
main boulevards. One thing is certain: you will definitely find a
location that is suitable for you!
Day 4: Discover Frankfurt Rhine-Main
While in Frankfurt, make sure to also take some time to discover the city’s beautiful RhineMain region. Nearby cities like the Jugendstil centre of Darmstadt, the time-honoured spa
town of Wiesbaden, the cathedral city of Mainz and Bad Homburg with its famous casino offer
countless sightseeing attractions and recreational opportunities. The same holds true for the
surrounding regions, such as the Taunus with its numerous hiking trails, mountain-bike paths
and historical remnants.
Wine-lovers have the opportunity of discovering the famous Rheingau region by way of
special a motorised tour through the wine-growing districts of Kiedrich, Rüdesheim,
Assmannshausen and St. Goarshausen, including the legendary Loreley Cliffs. Visits of the
Niederwald Memorial and the mediaeval Eberbach Monastery, which gained fame as the
shooting location for the film “The name of the Rose”, may be arranged in advance. (Duration:
7 hrs.) The tour is bookable online on
Day 5: On Goethe’s Footsteps
“On the 28th of August 1749, as the midday bell struck twelve, I was born into Frankfurt by
the Main. The stars were favourable...” This is how Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described
his own birth in “Poetry and Truth”. Although Goethe’s relationship with his city of birth was
later ambivalent, it would always remain the place of his childhood and youth. Here he would
roam the streets in the old part of the city, experiencing the excitement around and the
preparations for royal elections and the crowning of emperors.
Breakfast at Café Wacker*
Start your day at one of the oldest coffee houses in Frankfurt. In former
times J.W. von Goethe, Frankfurts most famous son, used to buy milk at at
the corner store am Kornmarkt 9. 1914 the Café Wacker opened and it has
been family-run ever since. The homemade cakes and the freshly roasted
coffee will ensure that your day starts off right.
Am Kornmarkt 9, 60311 Frankfurt/Main
The Goethe-House is the birthplace of J.W. Goethe (*28 August 1749). He
spent much of his early life here, writing literary works such as “The
Sorrows of Young Werther” and the beginnings of “Faust”.
Großer Hirschgraben 23-25, +49 (0) 69 / 13 88 00,
The Goethe Museum
The Goethe Museum is directly connected to the Goethe-House and
contains an extensive collection of paintings and documents
representing Goethe’s life and times. Works by contemporary artists who
influenced Goethe are on display as well as manuscripts and portraits of
the poet.
Großer Hirschgraben 23-25, +49 (0) 69 / 13 88 00,
Lunch at Gerbermühle*
Aside from the Goethe House, the Gerbermühle (tanning mill), scenically
set on the banks of the River Main, is the principal place of remembrance
of Germany’s most famous author and poet. It was here that Goethe, at
the tender age of sixty-five, met young Marianne von Willemer and fell in
love with her. Today, the Gerbermühle houses a quaint hotel and a fine
restaurant. During summer, the large gardens offer a romantic setting
under spreading chestnut trees and beautiful views of the River Main.
Deutschherrnufer 105,
Special summer tip: Take a nostalgic river cruise to the Gerbermühle.
Boats leave the city centre from Eiserne Steg footbridge on a regular
The Old Town of Frankfurt-Höchst
As a young man, Goethe often sailed to Höchst with his friends on the
market boat in order to spend the evening at one of the many inns
around Höchst’s castle square, or to pay a visit to Höchst’s porcelain
manufactory. Höchst’s old town hasn’t changed much since Goethe’s
time. Tradition-steeped inns around the main square, the fortifications on
the Main embankment, the 16th-century castle, the Romanic-styed, 8thcentury St. Justinus Church and the world-famous porcelain manufactory
all beckon for an idle stroll around this western part of Frankfurt.
Special summer tip: Take a nostalgic river cruise to Höchst. Boats leave
the city centre from Eiserne Steg footbridge on a regular basis.
Goethe Menu
Stay in Höchst or return to Sachsenhausen and enjoy Goethe’s favourite
meal at one of the many cosy apple wine restaurants: Frankfurt Green
Sauce with corned beef and potatoes. Delicious!
Day 6: Shopping and the Animal Kingdom
Breakfast at the Paris Bar Café*
This small but comfortable café in the district of Sachsenhausen is located
around the corner of Schweitzer Platz. Come and start your day with a
bountiful breakfast in quiet surrounds.
Oppenheimer Landstr. 27, +49 (0) 69 / 96 23 38 11,
Shopping in Frankfurt
Enjoy the special flair of the shopping city of Frankfurt am Main. Stroll
through the city’s most popular shopping promenades: the Zeil, the
Fressgass’ – Frankfurt’s culinary mile – and Goethestraße, Frankfurt’s
most luxurious shopping street featuring exclusive boutiques and designer
shops. More cosy shopping areas include Schweizer Straße in
Sachsenhausen and Berger Straße in Bornheim. You’ll find souvenir
shops at and near the Römerberg. If you’re in search of fine food, we
suggest you visit one of Frankfurt’s many excellent outdoor farmers’
markets or have a look at Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt’s popular indoor
grocer’s market, which is open all day from Monday to Saturday!
Visit of Frankfurt Zoo
If you want to get away from the big-city hustle and bustle, how about
visiting Frankfurt Zoo and relaxing a bit while walking through one of
Germany’s oldest zoological gardens? Established in 1858, Frankfurt Zoo
has also gained renown as one of Europe’s most significant zoological
gardens. It features two highly interesting exotic and nocturnal animal
Alfred-Brehm-Platz 16, +49 (0) 69 / 21 23 37 35,
The Apple Wine Express
Take a nostalgic ride through downtown Frankfurt on a historical and
merry streetcar while seeing the sights and enjoying music, pretzels and
Frankfurt’s delicious apple wine. The Apple Wine Express is a must for all
visitors of Frankfurt am Main!
Please note that the tour is only available on weekends. For groups
bookable every day.
+49 (0) 69 / 21 32 24 25,
Tigerpalast Varieté Theater
Let yourself be enchanted by the inimitable atmosphere of the Tigerpalast
Variety Theatre. Exuding the atmosphere of a classic music hall, the
Tigerpalast presents some of the most fascinating acrobats of our day and
age. Before or after the show, make sure to enjoy the award-winning
gourmet food of the Tiger-Restaurant, the Palast-Bistrot or the Palast-Bar,
all part and parcel of the internationally renowned Tigerpalast.
Heiligkreuzgasse 18, +49 (0) 69 / 92 00 220,
Day 7: Relaxation
Palmengarten Frankfurt
The Palmengarten, Frankfurt’s famous botanical gardens, was founded by Frankfurt’s
citizenry in 1868. Discover flora representing a wide variety of climatic zones within a
park area of over 200 hectares and 9,000 sq/m of greenhouse space. Round off your
Frankfurt weekend by taking in one of the concerts held at the Palmengarten’s music
pavilion. A popular series of concerts, known as “Jazz im Palmengarten”, has been
attracting jazz legends to the stage since 1959.
Siesmayerstr. 61, +49 (0) 69 / 21233939,
Spa Visit in Nearby Bad Homburg or Wiesbaden
Frankfurt is surrounded by several historical spa towns, all offering a wide range of
relaxation and recuperation opportunities. Visit one of Bad Homburg’s renowned spa
facilities, for example, and take some rest from the hustle and bustle of city life! The
Taunus Therme is a renowned bathhouse featuring a beautiful and spacious sauna
and massage landscape, while Kur Royal offers high-end luxury services and
products. A visit of the Kaiser-Friedrich Therme is an extraordinary experience, even
for seasoned sauna and bathing veterans.,
Alternative: Theme Tour of a Frankfurt City District
If you don’t want to leave the metropolis and instead would like to gain further insight
into Frankfurt itself, why not book an individual tour of one of Frankfurt’s city districts?
The East End and Station quarters are both very interesting, especially when
discovered together with a guide providing insider information that even most of
Frankfurt inhabitants don’t know about.
+49 (0) 69/21 23 89 53,
Frankfurt Events
Frankfurt am Main has a wide range of exciting special events for locals
and visitors throughout the entire year. The Museum Embankment
Festival and the Frankfurt Christmas Market, for example, are the two
largest and most popular events to be held in the Main metropolis. Other
events, such as the street festivals held regularly in Frankfurt’s many city
districts and the excellent range of national and international sporting
events, are equally exciting. For information on special events taking place
in Frankfurt am Main during your stay, simply visit:
Are you visiting Frankfurt as a group? Then why not take advantage of our
individual guided city tours, which are bookable in advance. Regardless
of whether you are interested in a basic tour for Frankfurt newcomers or
special theme tours such as “Goethe in Frankfurt” or “Frankfurt and its
Apple Wine”, our individual tours will help you to become better
acquainted with the many sides of the Main metropolis! Interested? You’ll
find our complete guided tour
program at:
The Frankfurt Card is a special super-saver card that allows you to use
the city’s public transport system free of charge while also offering
numerous reductions on admission to museums, sightseeing tours and
many other attractions. A free glass of Frankfurt apple wine is also
included! Frankfurt Cards are available as single or group tickets at our
tourist information offices, located at Main Train Station and the
For further tips and helpful hints, please contact:
Frankfurt Tourist+Congress Board
Kaiserstr. 56, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 69 / 21 23 88 00, Fax: +49 (0) 69 / 21 23 78 80
[email protected],
* Please note that all restaurants and bars mentioned herein are only a sample of the
hundreds of wining and dining establishments available in Frankfurt am Main. Information on
further restaurants and bars of the same quality and standard as those mentioned herein
may be found in our special online restaurant guide at