Malcolm X

Malcolm X
By: Meryl Katz, Alyssa Lee and Hannah
Biographical Information
Born in Omaha, Nebraska
Lived among foster homes and went to jail for 7 years
Only African-American student at his high school
Son of a baptist preacher who was threatened by the KKK
Human rights activist and African-American nationalist leader
Supported violence as a way of defending themselves
Biography Continued
● Became a prominent minister and national spokesman for Nation
of Islam (NOI)
● Worked with Elijah Muhammad as part of NOI and Malcolm had
strictly adhered to the teachings of Muhammad
● Malcolm decided to start his own religious organization, the
Muslim Mosque, Inc.
Actions to Bring About Change
Used newspaper columns, books, the radio and television, to communicate
and promote the NOI’s message across the U.S.
Vivid personality-->captured the government’s attention
He was featured on a television special-->explored the fundamentals of
Emerged as a leading voice of the Civil Rights Movement
Took part in inspirational speeches for African-Americans
Held the Unity Rally in Harlem, a civil rights event
Changes Their Actions Helped to Bring in
● Nation of Islam grew from 400 members in 1953, to 40,000
members by 1960
● Malcolm X persuaded blacks to cast off the shackles of racism
"by any means necessary,"
● Glorified African American history--> racial pride
● Help show the symptoms of prejudice and how it can be solved
● Opened people up to the idea of racial tolerance
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