A giraffe was given to Lorenzo di Medici by the Sultan of Egypt in 1487;
sadly, it died soon after when it was led through a low doorway
and hit its head.
—Museum wall text, National Gallery, Washington, D.C.
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Renaissance Realism is composed entirely of found material. In the summer of
2008, as part of my job classifying data and building taxonomies for online
contextual advertisers, I came across several web pages composed entirely of
machine-generated text.
A-ha! A manta ray is much more positive than an intimate rat.
Ugh! This sober mastodon indiscreetly awoke that dramatic
Oh! The dolorous husky remotely touched some watchful iguanodon.
Such “nonsensical” language was designed to attract automated advertisements
from programs such as Google’s Adwords or Yahoo’s Sponsored Search
programs; as such, they were designated spam. Naturally, I thought it was the
perfect language with which to write a children’s book.
The sentences from these webpages, despite their strictly commercial intent,
remain fascinating. They are odd in the ways only machine-generated text can be.
Each sentence begins with an interjection and follows a similar syntax: animal X
is compared to, interacts with, or otherwise corresponds with animal Y. The
sentences are elliptical and suggestive, juxtaposing each animal type with the
anthropomorphic narration of their actions.
Fifteen sentences were illustrated by the artist Scoli Acosta and compiled into an
as yet unpublished children’s book called As Above, So Below. The sentences
compiled here in Renaissance Realism are the unused “outtakes” or “rejects”
from that project.
An excerpt from Renaissance Realism was previously published in Nightpapers 7
under the title Renaissance Humanism.